Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Assalamu alaikum!!!
>_< I'm sow sorry.. it has been a very long time since my last visit..
but I haven't forgotten about blogging..
Believe me.. I want to keep this updated every time but I'm not the type of person
who can handle this, then updating another social site.. ^^"
Anyways, Eid Mubarak to all!! *sorry for the very late greeting*
Lez just go and talk.. haha..

Yesterday my Visual Studio 2008 Express Ed ended its trial version. Thought that I would have to pay for it. Turns out I just needed to put the registration code. The program is free after all. And as I started working on it again, when I wanted to Debug(ctrl+F5) it was responding slowly. Like for 1 minute! Unlike how it's usually been. So yeah I didn't had the time to restart, was busy, so I just did it today. And guess what.. when I tried it now, it works perfectly fine just like how it used to be!!! ♡^▽^♡
InshaAllah I hope there won't be any like that anymore!!! XD

This is my story today.
Please do come back!
This has been KawaiiLovah~
/signing out

Thursday, 26 September 2013

New Extension for Google Chrome

Assalamu alaikum and how are you all?
Just a quick post once again!
I found out this new extension in GC..
It looks amazing and quick..

Checker Plus for Gmail
I saw it when I opened my gmail acc here in my laptop..
It suggested me to install this..
I think it's appropriate for me coz I really dun mind all my emails..
Unless someone or something will make me remember it..
So you get to see how many UNREAD emails you have
beside the Settings Button of GC..
You can get to view ur email even
though your not on the Mail Box..
Also on the Notification Bar, on the taskbar..
It'll pop out a window saying you have a new mail?
Idk.. It just pops up.. haha.. Well it's the first time I've encountered..
Will talk more about it later on how AMAZING it is.. *or not* :)>-

Oh and they added something new on the bookmarks bar..
The Apps.. It looks efficient.. But I don't really have any apps..
What I have are loads of BOOKMARKS!! =))

Well Enjoy Your NIGHT! =))
IN DREAM LAND!! hahaha.. ;P
Till next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Monday, 23 September 2013

Restore My Tabs

Assalamu Alaikum Guys~
How are you all?
Hope all's well and good!

I've been searching on how to restore my tabs in Google Chrome!
Whenever it would react.. or something like, just resets itself..
All the tabs I've been saving will be gone after I opened it..
Then the bookmark tab will be gone too..  Also my Speed Dial..
and those extensions.. and the theme..
That's why I don't put it back again.. >_<
Anyways.. The solution has been here all along..
I just didn't realize it would be just this easy..
Thanks to this blogsite..

But before I did this, I logged into my Gmail account..
Just to be sure I didn't loose anything..
Or it may be the caused why I lost all my tabs..
But it seems it wasn't.. hehe..
So yeah~

I just right click on the tab and saw Reopen Closed Window..
Or you can just click the shortcut keyboard.. Ctrl + Shift + T
And VIOLA! All the tabs are back!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

and if you're having the same as mine..
The Speed Dial.. You'll see the Recently Closed (Tabs) below..
And maybe you'll find your closed tabs there.. But I'm not sure with that though..
Oh and even though if you do not have the Speed Dial Extension..
The New Tab will still have that Recently Closed on the corner.. ^^

So yeah~ This is what I have done today..
Short and Fast.. I'm so sorry I haven't fixed the Tutorials Tab til now.. >w<
In shaa Allah will find time!! and my mood should be at it too~ haha!
TC and Good Night!!

Friday, 13 September 2013


Well I might as well tell you a little of what happened today..
Guess what I did......... I cut my hair once again!!
And I was like planning on going with the Side-Swept bangs!!
But it turned out to be STRAIGHT FULL BANGS!!
I didn't want to have this look again!!! GAHD!!
Once my friend in college told me I looked like JanDi...
AND now even my sis told me that.. =))
I told her our looks are totally different..
I can't tell whether it's for real or not.. haha..
But both of them said I looked nice in it..
Oh well.. BUT STILL I wanted to have side swept bangs FOR SOO LONG now!!
and I have to wait for another 2 months at least? For it to grow long again..

And yeah.. Oh and I got shot today.. =))
The last time I got an injection was like when was it???
I forgot.. haha.. Before injecting the needle on me I can already feel
HOW it would pierce through my skin.. XD =))) Like ridiculously thinking about it..
But then after getting it.. *my siblings also got it* I realized that the needle our mom
poked in was ONLY ONE INCH LONG!! Ahahaha!!
I was soooo worried (more like scared) that it would hurt me..
But in the end it was just like they said..
It's just a bite of an ant to you.. XD
And yeah.. This is all for today..
I also need to learn PHYSICS soo hard..
Because our ms. isn't that kind to us.. T^T
I seriously want you back, Ms. Saadia!!
You're much more better understanding person than THAT ms..
Hmmph!! Kung pwede lng magpalit ng teacher gagawin ko na NGAYON!!
Just sadly that I can't choose the time I want..
or even know the ms before choosing the section I want to be in..
I think this has been the worst schedule I've gotten from this college YET! haha..

*sorry for the rant* ಠ_ಠ 

My sister's phone

Assalamu Alaikum~
Hey y'all! What's up? ^^
For today I fixed my sister's phone..
She recently got a new cp.. Nokia Lumia 620..
I didn't know you had to activate the child security
just so she can just install apps freely from the STORE!!
Gahd!! Why do they hafta make that option?
Android is much more better.. I dunno for iPhone.. hehe..
*I also need help*

They also recommended me to allow the Xbox Settings..
But I didn't do after that..

As soon as I had Fixed that problem...
The first thing I wanted to install in it was the WhatsApp..
*WhatsApp in Microsoft*
Then I can't recieve the confirmation number!! It's like, the hell!!
Why does this hafta happen?
But after a few tries, it sent.. haha..
*Got that problem too?*

I also searched for Samsung Note 2 settings about Access Points and Settings..
Well this is what I've done today.. In shaa Allah..
I am almost done with fixing those tiny errors for my Tutorials Tab.. (/_\)
I'm so sorry for the delaaay~ T^T

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Exciting Day!!!

Assalamu alaikum!!!
Guess what~ Guess what~
Guess what happened today? XD
Haha.. it was one good experience!!!
I wasn't able to dream that this would come~~
Sitting in a class which I'm not a student in..
Haha.. it's just awesome!!! Usually they allow such..
But learning that they don't allow it here.. (in our college)
I was sad and didn't hoped it would happen EVER!!
So yeah.. hahaha... Soo my BEST friends kinda forced me to come to their class... XD
I was already having the feeling that I can join in with them ..
With a less feeling of "uncertainty"~ =))))
And so... I told them I'd ask a permission to the Ms.
And turns out I really did ask her!!! 
*I wouldn't normally do anything as simple as that coz I'm also a scaredy-cat*
Btw, she's also my ms. in math... so no worries.. XD
I already got to know her since I was in the first semester..
*Meaning during my Prep year and 1st sem..*
And so she allowed me!!! XD and told me not to talk to them.. XD
But it was more like telling me not to be noisy okay? Haha..
Yeah somehow the feeling or experience was sooo F-U-N!!!! ♥♥♥
Doing nothing in the class.. just watching my friends write... XD
Their math was realllllyyy easy... for now..
Coz it was only a review on our previous lessons last year.. haha..
And so Zubaidah said... "Just like the old times!"
We used to be together in math class!!!
Now I'm missing it more!!! T^T
Now on the second thing... XD
We're finally going to do something in Computer Club!!!
Everything's soo MashaAllah!!! Haha..
Just soo good!! (●´∀`●)
Now I am also starting to participate in the club!! And InshaAllah it'll continue that way..
But not that it would make me busy to the max!!! NO!! Hahaha..
But hey, we have already started serving our community! Right?
So InshaAllah let's all just pray that everything will go fine!!  (`・ω・´)
And yeah I am in the process of I-should-be-doing-the-project NOW!!
TC and God Bless!!
Take care and miss y'all~
P.S. These were all my first time experiencing!!! (*≧▽≦)/
Sooo happeeeh!! Haha.. XD
I'm so sorry for the delay on the Tutorials Tab.. ╯﹏╰

Saturday, 7 September 2013


My purpose of having twitter...
Is to share some of my feelings online?
Talk to friends? But because I seldomly go online there, no one talks to me...
And also even though I really want to converse with you guys..
I'd love too.. but yeah the only thing that's keeping me from doing that is that...
I don't go there every time... I mean seriously..
;D If only someone mentions me.. I'd be gladly going online.... what's this?
Twitter is starting to piss me off now too? ( ̄^ ̄)

Back to School~

Assalamu Alaikum~ and how are you?
Wow!! Gosh!! Sorry I was intending to write a post here like two days ago~
But because of stuff.. I forgot and now I don't think I might say a lot now..
So sorry about that~ Well it's because you know everything's going to be busy now..

So let's talk about my first week in COLLEGE!!
UWAAAAH~!! =)))
It was hella FUN!! Seeing all those people once again!!
Esp Reni-san!! XD Can't wait to talk to you more this sem~!
Inshaallah I hope so that we can get to know each other more!!
And also Marya!! hehe.. ^w^

So first of, the schedules!!
I didn't know I had to apply to the sections myself coz I thought they're the ones
who's going to do it for me.. lol! but yeah right now, I am satisfied with my schedule!!
Alhamdulillah.. Even though we get this 4-5 hours of free time!!
I might as well do something useful inshaallah!!
But because of that.. 1st day... It's okay.. because I think no one really went to the classes!!
also I went home early coz I don't want to wait till the afternoon..
2nd day.. I intended on going to check if the Ms. is there on the first class..
But because of "STUFF" I didn't get to go and check.. But I just checked the room anyways..
After finished doing that stuff! haha.. I saw my ol' fren~ Kholoud!! ^u^
(Old friend as in like I just met her but because she's the only person I know so far in our class)
We spent the whole day together!! It was like a miracle!! X3
It was SOOO FUN getting to know each other.. haha..
But also boring coz we had to wait for our last subject of the day..
Those long 5 hours now seemed like short to me.. haha..
3rd day... I came kinda late~ But I met some of my peeps in that class too..
Told me we'll just have that class the next day.. as in like tomorrow~
So yeah those were like 3 consecutive classes so 3 HOURS!
and another free hours... Waiting and bored~ and after reaching for the next subject..
The Ms. didn't appear and so another FREE TIME!!! till Math time..
GAHD!! It was kinda irritating coz all we had to do was wait and can't do anything we want..
I wanted to play badminton but I can't.. coz the Ms. didn't put out those rackets out yet~
And so.. 4th day~ FINALLY MY FRIENDS CAME!!! =)))
I was like sooo ENERGETIC at this day.. surprisingly!! *HIMALA tlga*
It's like I chatted sooo much with everyone!! ahaha..
And yeah I met those other people whom I haven't seen since last sem..
5th Day.. Well.. I lost the sugar power so haha.. I thought I might as well
be talkative today.. but no... XD

This has been the Summary of my 1st Week in college!!
NOW I can finally call myself "I AM OFFICIALLY IN COLLEGE"
coz I'm already starting on my COURSE that I've always wanted to be good at!!
But sadly it isn't IT(Information Technology)~ I really wanted to take that soo badly!!
But again!! Nothing's impossible.. In shaa Allah! I'll be praying for that too!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Okay then~ Might say my farewells now..
Might update if I remember something I MUST share you guys! haha..
TC! Please include me in your prayers too~ >3<

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sleep Deprived!! [The 300th Post]

Na! From now on I'm gonna sleep very early na tlga... 
maybe like 10pm? I'm really feeling sleepy ~~~ *yawn*
Gosh!!! If only this was still Ramadan... I can go on... 
but after waking up then straight to bath like I did today..
Whew!! That really made me even more sleepier!!! >w<
We really need someone to pick and drive is to school... T^T
If only my bro would do it...
He acts like a girl!!!!!!! Soo irritating!!!

Update: 9/6/2013
I'm still on the process of fixing the links~
Still half way there.. InshaAllah might finish it all tomorrow?
Who knows~ We gonna be busy with a lot of stuff!

I actually went all the way and checked each one!
어떻게? There are lots of Images and Vids that were already gone~
So it's like.. When you read my old posts..
"Owkaay~ What am I supposed to see here? >_>"
haha.. I dun even remember what were those pictures..
If only I uploaded them.. instead of getting the URL..
Oh and I guess for some I won't be adding tags on the old posts! Probably~
Also I think I'll be changing the Tutorial Tab into a Troubleshoot Corner~
With some tutorials on the side~ XD

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Coming Soon!

I shall be spending my day~
Fixing my previous posts in this blog!! hehe..
And so In Shaa Allah I'll be adding links to my Tutorial Tab!
So it'll be easier for every one!! ^_^
As a bonus for myself~
When all reaches to 300 published posts! XD haha!!

Even though tomorrow's the first day of my college~
KYAA~ Arrghh!! Can't believe it!!
I'm gonna go back to college and study and let my brain work till nothing
goes in!! Oh but I hope this would not happen! IN SHAA ALLAH!!
Hmmm.. I better do it now! Or else this nothing will happen! haha!!
Wish me LUCK and to finish this now!

My Nail Polish #2 ~ ♥

Okay call me crazy no problem~
What's up y'all? XD
I'm soooo happeeh~ hahaha!!
To the point that I don't want it to stop!!
Okay so today I wanna show you what I am wearing~
aka. Nail Polish! =)))

Soooo inspired to do this!! XD
Kaitoooo~~ =)) I soo love his voice!!
*there I said it.. Even though I didn't want to let y'all know*
OMG!! KYAAA~ o(≧▽≦)o

Even just hearing people (My sister or maybe my mother)
talk about some particular anime~ I'm beginning to think about them~!!
and scream~ ahahaha!! This might be overboard you say..
But I don't think soo~ ahahaha!! I just really love this feeling!!
My heart would just race every time I remember them!! XD

Oh about  the nail polish~ I love it every time I see them!!
If only I can just pair them with every thing else!!
It's just that in my wardrobe everything's PINK!
I only have less blue ~(T^T)~
And the blue I want is something close to this color!!
U know atleast a pair of earrings I dun have!!
That has the color okay~ XD
I at least want to show the world how I love you~~~
CHAR! lol!! (>y<) Khit isang araw lang!!
Oh on my left hand though.. On the ring finger it's painted with..
Silver and glitter... Dunno why.. but I wanted to leave it there for some reasons
that I dunno~ LOL! XD

I've been having this craving feeling! *or not*
More like 'Doki Doki' feeling~ >▽<
and they're just really making me feel more into them!!
Right now I am having this GREAT sensation on such things
because it helps me kind of "motivate"? haha!!
I wonder if they'll help me even during this college time!! haha!!

And I shall end this post!
Okay so if you have any FACTS about Kaito~

Crazily Overly In LOVE with You~

ahahaha!! XD Naglaway tlga ako!! whahaha!!
Mukha lng adik!! =))) XD
Gus2 q pang kumain ng madaming "KAITO"!!
ahahahaha!! I'm sooo inlahb wid you~ XD
If only you were real~
Eh! Khit n maging totoo ka...
Hmm.. la lng... XD I'd rather like you the way you are now!! XD
OMG!! Gus2 ko pa~!!! =))) XD

#crazy maniac girl over here!

Boses plang!! Matutunaw na tlga ako~~~
I hope this never ends!!! XD
Nagkakainlove ako sa isang multo~! \(♥▽♥)/

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One and only?

Eyy~ lemme tell you something before I go to sleep.. XD
*It took me a long time to upload this post yesterday night.. As I was saying..
I was looking at this picture in instagram...
I was really amazed!!! I loved the way how it expressed its feelings ya know.. XD
Well that was the picture where the girl was seating and she was like under the water..
Sooo super cool!!! And I showed it to my sister..
As always she would always give me this blank reaction... or like a poker face...!!!
I hate it!!!!! I am showing her a piece of art and she's not even giving a single damn about it?
I was really annoyed.. and I was like teasing her.. Telling her that... 
that's why I don't want to show things to you coz all I get are blank reactions.. >_<
"You annoying person, you!!!" =)))
My sister's pick up line sometimes... XD
And so my mom saw me teasing my sis and I told her about the pic.. even showed it to her...
She also gave me a blank reaction...
And I told 'em... don't you guys even like the way how it looks? Don't you feel anything?
And my mom said.. they're just pictures.. they're not real..
*hurt* I told them "that's why I'm the only otaku around here..
Even though y'all watch anime.."
yer not a real otakus... XD
Didn't really said that last part.. just thought of it now.. =))) 
anyways.. gonna go to sleep now..
Need to wake up early.... to catch those "worms"!!!

Oh and congratulations once again to my dearest friend who just got her own laptop!!! XD

I was having a hard time.. Didn't know that it can't upload the picture I wanted to show you guys..
i.e. from my cellphone.. I LOVE YOU VOCALOID!!! XD ♥♥♥

Monday, 26 August 2013

Can't wait~

Assalamu alaikum~
Annyeong minna!! *haha mixed? XD*
Wazzup dude? Haha..
Okay just like the title I really cannot wait..
Right now I'm having this giddy feeling~
Unbelievable!! Haha.. coz I can't wait to see my dearest friends!! (T^T)
Even though I don't seem to remember you every now and then doesn't mean I don't like you.. (to others)
Of course I missed you too~ he he..
I juz tend to remember those who left me a realllllly deep connection somewhat like that..
Or this deep impression that's why I keep on remembering you guys~ ♡^▽^♡
Soo to say this in advance, I REALLY MISSED YOU!!! O(≧∇≦)O

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pesky Folders

OMG!! hahaha!! I can't believe iiiit~
This is really amazing!!
Getting to know more tricks about these technologies sure feels GREAT! I tell you~ haha!! o(≧▽≦)o
Okay another tutorial coming in this blog!
(( Although I might not really say it's a tutorial ))
I didn't get to know that YOU can actually delete those
PESKY files that suddenly comes up in your laptop and
annoys you everytime you wanted to delete it but you can't!!
Well I know, why did I just suddenly thought of that today? haha.. (( the moment ))
So well, let's get going.. Shall we? =))

The number one doctor who always solves our problem is GOOGLE!
then he recommended me some sites..
1st one was;!
I actually love that site.. Every now and then it would help me..
Although this time sadly, it didn't.. But guess what~
I still tried it though~
=)) the feeling of tampering on things!!
and then the feeling of SUCCESS every time you managed to do it right!
It's like CHUCK!!! =))) I seriously want to take IT!!! (T^T)
Until the second part where it goes to cacls it would tell me that it's already
deprecated? then I should use Icacls..
I wanted to try it.. But I thought what happens if something much more worse will happen..
I'd rather not take that road~
So I went on and searched for another website!

The 2nd option was;
Well, I gotta say this though..
Honestly at the first look it didn't look like it'll solved my problem..
haha.. Sorry dude~ But once I checked the comments below I felt like why don't I give it a second try..
*Tried the first time but didn't really followed the instructions well*
And soo~ The MAGIC worked!!! I felt GREAT!! RELIEVED!!
haha!! although it wasn't really a big deal as some of you would say~
But for me IT did!! I am used to seeing that folder in that place then suddenly
this unknown and cannot be deleted folder came out of nowhere!
At first I thought it was a VIRUS! checked it in the Avast! Scan..
It didn't show any viruses.. So yeah~
I talk a lot~ Anyways!
That's just how it is!!
GTG now~

This link will also help you if need to clean out your PC..
Might even do it.. If I really need to~ (^,^)
*will update if needed*

Seeking Love!

I was taken in by a LOT of Shoujo Mangas!! It amazes me every time!!
Of course those that are having the nicely done graphics!! and not those blurry, unclear ones that you see..
I hate those kind of stuff.. Can't read it properly~ >.< Ughh~
I might even start taking those nicely done arts kind of manga than reading those annoying pictures even though they have beautiful stories in them!! For sure now we have lots of mangas that are having beautiful graphics!! Much more better than the olden days? For SOME, it's still okay..
But I'm not saying everything's like that.. Those dark ambiances~ :S

But the point of reading ShouJo Mangas is just to
relieve you from being "Love-sick" or you just want to feel the LOVE u know~
Oh gosh! How I wish to be loved again! *declaring my love already* haha!!
or not... -_- Anyways, I am really longing for that feeling once again~

I may not look like it.. But I am seriously saying this!!
and I don't know why I am declaring it to the WORLD!!
I still have a long way to go though~ *sigh*
Will I have to endure it.. till that day comes??
(( Am I getting impatient now? Argghh~ I hate iiit ))

Oh my~ I seriously need to do something so that I can avert my attention to that.. >w<
But I WILL NOT STOP on reading more shoujo mangas!!
and I just hope that I too, will have that "Happy and giddy" feeling
when I read like those in the manga!! haha..

"Differences can make us STRONGER"
Well that was just "biglaan"~ haha!! In a spur of moment? =)))
and obviously doesn't relate to what I was talking about.. XD


Assalamu alaikum..
And Good Morning~!!
So I juz wanted to try how this blogging on cp will come out.. XD
Owkay~ As I was looking at how my blog would look like in this application..
I read my post.. About learning Arabic on this summer..
But hey guess what... nothing improved in my learning capabilities... (@ ̄∇ ̄@)
This is just worse... Huhuhu.. what should I do?!

Anyways, It's still early to start blogging..
Catch ya later alligator..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blogger in Play Store

Why did I just realize now??
*Maybe because I just came back and start bloggin' once again haha*
From now on I can start and blog from my mobile!!
Oh I meant SmartPhone!! X3 This is really coool shtuff!!
I'm lovin' it more and more!! Since I got this new cp already..
Can't wait to use it when I get the mood to write some "Inspiring Words" here.. haha!!

Innocent or NOT

I guess no one keeps on being innocent as time pass by~
~(T^T)~ Can't believe time has already passed by soo fast..
It's like I was juz a high schooler or an elementary student yesterday..

Now I can finally get that dream course that I've been wanting ever since!!
But being an adult isn't one of my dreams.. haha..
Although I am feeling it already.. *UWAAAH!! Why is this happening??* =)))

Just wanted to share this thought...
TC y'all! Can't tell if I really am excited to go back to college once again~

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Journal of the day!

Eyy guys~~
Okay time for some serious talk now! haha!! XP
Well, let's start up with....

Hope in shaa Allah everything was SUPER FUN and for me, I really enjoyed it much!!
Much better than the rest of the Ramadhan I had!!
This year was the BEST!! Coz I learned some new stuff!!
Eid also was GREAT!! I GET to spend it with my new friends!! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

College is almost near for us ladies!! Are you prepared for another lifetime of a year?
*oh wait~ Did I just say that correctly? ahaha!*
I'm not yet readyyyy!! I might have this 'Butterfly' feelings on my stomach once again!!
Even before reaching the college I'M HAVING THIS SICK FEELING!!
and when I reach there it's gone.. like viola~
But that's not the point!! Am still not yet ready but....
(( There's this japanese expression I'd like to use ))
*Yoroshiku onegai shimasu*
Please take care of me guys!! In this year as well!! Tano zou!

BUT I AM excited to learn NOW that I am officially a COLLEGE STUDENT!! \(*°▽°*)/
But I have already started it.. This summer~ (^ω^)
Still unbelievable I'm already in college! Soon to find a job~
Then a family~ Then a place where I can work!! OMG!!
Thinking all of this stuff makes me want to WORK MORE HARD!!
Gambatte ne minna-san!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
(( not sure if I did say that correctly but you know what I mean ))

Well all of this advance talk makes me think more about mah future now~
Let's move on! Hmm.. Oh yeah!! I was planning on changing the look of my blog once again!
To a cute pink layout this time!! o(≧∇≦o) I'm missing pink all over!! haha!!
Or something light colored.. *thinks deeply*

Even though I haven't studied well on HTML before unlike my friends..
(( I'm really jealous of you guys ))
I will TRY my best in every possible way!
*suddenly sat up straight coz I was slouching*
Oh! I juz remembered that post I made bout that Ergonomics! hahaha!! (。 >艸<)

Sorry for not being active~
I have this problem that I can't just explain all in one go..
honto gomennasaiiii~!
But please hope you guys didn't forget about me!!
Do visit my blog every once in a while.. (( Do a lil check up u know ))
I might cheer you up when your blue~
And this, a hug for you!! \(^ ^)/

Well, I guess I end my discussion over here now..
Lots of things to do but soo little time!!
*Pressured much?! haha.. OA ah*

August Otaku Moment

Assalamu alaikum~
Well I'm back after that looong vacation! =))
Vacation on not opening my laptop, going online, not listening to music, and many more~

Ahhh~ Now it's almost Back-to-College time again..
I just need to say this!
I'm PROUD being an OTAKU!!! (≧∇≦)/
and now I shall begin my reviews~


I just started watching this anime!
and well~ I LOVE IT!! Although I've got to tell you this..
If you're a fond lover of swimming and that you haven't swam for like most of the time
because of some circumstances, like me, then you shouldn't watch this right away and
finish it all in one go! Coz you know it'll really motivate you to swim like HELL!! =))
or maybe not.. but in my case I WANTED TO SWIM RIGHT AWAY!!
I hate it!! coz u know all I can do is watch and not do anything about it... (T▽T)
which makes me gloom all day long!! I hate the fact that my father's being soooo overprotective
about us going outside this house!!! [-(   *For sure he has some reasons which I don't get till now* ( ̄^ ̄) ノ

#Sunday without God#

Hmm.. Why was I interested with this?
Well I wanted to know what kind of story this person want to show the world..
By telling us this~ It's a..... hmm.. how should I say this?
BAD TITLE!!! Okay.. I won't even argue with that.. 
coz all I wanted to do was watch a FREAKING ANIME!
Oh this has a manga!!! and I haven't read it yet! Coz I watched it first!!
3 Volumes I think.. Anyways, Hampnie Humbart is the MAIN FOCUS HERE!! (´ε` )♡ ~
/MAJOR Spoiler Alert  *sorry!! But it is my review right?!*
HOW the hell he says he's an immortal then dies at that episode?! 
*Anyways I changed my mind on telling* XP
It's like ASDFGHJ;KL!!! ahaha!! THE PERFECT character!! (ㄒoㄒ)
U juz killed us all otaku girls!! =))

#Shingeki no Kyojin a.k.a Attack On Titans#

This is the sensation!! This Spring 2013!!
Famous!! Viral around internet!! For otakus!!
and~ Not everyone likes it sadly.. (╯︵╰,)
OKAY! Let's start with the 3 bestfriends!!
Eren Jaeger, Mikasa and Armin!!
The strong willed person, the figther, and knows how play well..!!
They're all GREAT I tell you!! Even LEVI!!! X3 hahaha!!
I started with reading it's manga..
Didn't read much of its information when it showed about this and that..
♪ I believe I can fly~~~♫ hahaha!! =)))
I've seen lots of meme about this stuff on funnymama!! and it's hella funny.. XD
Oh and since people were waiting for its next episode..
They released this sequel~ SO UBER CUTE!! Chibi versions!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!
I WANNA PINCH THEIR FACES!! except Mikasa....... Still scary as hell!! =))))

Oh guess what~ Time's UP for this subject!!
Sorry to end it just like that but I hope you liked my review~
Please comment! Might update sooner or later! ☆~(ゝ。∂)
I'll go now and talk more to ya later~
See yahhh~ \(^▽^*)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shaheen's Chicken Chilli Dry

Eyy~ Assalamu alaikum! *Hayys*
Annoying! Whenever we eat the food from Shaheen..
It's either me or my sister who gets stomach ache!
I don't know if it's because of not saying 'Bismillah' or "Having grudge before starting to eat"
but.. I think it's REALLY IN THE FOOD that has the problem!
It's not because of me.. Coz you know we've already ate how many times..
and now that they have this new "place" I keep getting this heavy, hurting feeling on my stomach..
It's not the bloated and satisfied but the bloated and weak!
It's not that I want to eat more.. but it's like eating my guts!
Freaking hurts! I don't want to say NO but seriously!
I don't want to eat another food from that place the next time and getting this feeling again?
NO NO! I'm really feeling weak! It's like any moment now.. I might faint! Seriously!
It's like taking my energy away! Hmmpph!!
*pouting* Even though it tastes good and it's CHICKEN CHILLI DRY! o(╥﹏╥)o
 But hey~ It won't really last long the hurting and weakening but I don't want
to feel that way whenever I just finished eating FOOD!
Come ON! Like seriously! I want to enjoy the moments
where I have satisfied my stomach! LIKE COOKIE MONSTER!! XD

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sing me our National Anthem!

Okay I seriously wanted to post this today.. This afternoon!
But guess what! I am just about to post it right now.. In the midnight!
Well as what the title said.. It's about our National Anthem!
I have forgotten about it! And thank goodness I remembered it today..

So as I was searching it.. tried to sing it while reading.. XD
and yeah somehow I miss the old times.. While we were in Al-Tawhid..
My old school.. Thank god that we used to do that!!
After changing my school.. The new school I went to, didn't have any time to do that..
and that at that time we didn't have the proper place to be on an assembly..
Even when we had the new premises already..
So it was like gradually loosing in my head..
But now that I've remembered about it.. *all of a sudden*
It really brought me back that time.. *tears of joy*

Oh and while I was reading it all out loud..
I'm surprised that until now I didn't understand the meaning of it!
The Lupang Hinirang and the Panatang Makabayan! XD
I know this is bad.. kind of..
And guess what.. Long time ago.. I read in the newspaper
that if us Filipinos don't even know our National anthem,
we'll be jailed when we get home to our country!
So yeah.. Remembering it once in a while won't hurt.. Aight?

And today, I asked my father if he still remembers the national anthem~ hahaha!!
and he kind of somewhat forgot the first sentence of the last part of it.. XD So as I..
Even though it was just a while ago that I have rehearsed it..

And our Panatang Makabayan:

Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas,
Aking lupang sinilangan,
Tahanan ng aking lahi,
Kinukupkop ako at tinutulungan
Maging malakas, masikap at marangal.
Dahil mahal ko ang Pilipinas,
Diringgin ko ang payo
ng aking mga magulang,
Susundin ko ang tuntunin ng aking paaralan,
Tutuparin ko ang tungkulin
Ng mamamayang makabayan:
Naglilingkod, nag-aaral at nagdarasal
Ng buong katapatan
Iaalay ko ang aking buhay,
Pangarap, pagsisikap
Sa bansang Pilipinas.

I didn't even knew this was the new version..
but oh well.. This is what they taught us..
and so this I shall keep in my mind or heart.. (゜-゜) ヾ(*´∇`)ノ

I give credit to these people for the Panatang Makabayan and Lupang Hinirang..
*Google for the picture!* hehe..

The Versatile Award and some Randomness!

Assalamu alaikum..
My dear readers.. I've been chosen as a Versatile Blogger by Rizumary!!!
Thank you~ Thank you~ Thank you very much~! o(≧▽≦)o
I'm really sorry I delayed on posting this.. (⌒_⌒;)
And so shall we start?

VBA Rules:
If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!) Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
I thought I can make my own rules.. 
I'll be waiting though!!!
Can't wait to see it!! XD hehe..
Okay so about myself..
Well I don't really talk about myself in front of others THAT MUCH!
I might as well participate~ hehe.. This is a good opportunity for them to know more about me, aight?
So let's start?

1. I love to play games! Although I might not be that much of a gamer..
2. I HATE FACEBOOK! But I still keep it.. Everytime I log-in.. I would hesitate! Even if something good happened while I was in there and I would probably tell myself.. Okay maybe FB is fine with me now? but NO!
3. I talk a lot! When it's only here.. texting.. Obviously, I need to practice on being more open to other people
4. I like all PINK and CUTE stuff! That's what everyone can see from me in real person.. But I'm not like the girl-who-has-pink-on-everything! I have a blue cover on my phone right now! I know it's not my style but it's better than not having a cover for my *precious* phone!
5. You might not see this but I LOVE technology SOO MUCH! I still can't believe that the era that we have right now is soo high-tech!
6. I don't know what y'all are thinking so I go with what I am thinking and would end up regretting why I did that.. So I'm seriously terribly sorry! Because of this new habit, I am making new enemies every day..
7. and lasty! I LOVE listening to music every now and then.. Even though they told me it's not good.. Especially for us Muslims.. and tell you what, a kid visited our house.. I was playing 'Temple Run 2' and at the same time listening to music.. I was wearing earphones okay? He took one piece and heard the music.. He kept on telling me 'Music is not GOOD! It's Haram!'..
I kept on telling him.. 'Put it back! Or else I'll go deaf.' Still kept on pestering me.. and in the end I put the music at pause.. and told him.. 'Okay now it's gone.' In my mind I feel like he's going to tell his parents about this and with imagination running wild.. I can see their parent's faces now!
All those! XD

Anyways.. Hope that y'all would still continue reading my blog of randomness!
Haha.. I guess I do really need someone to talk to~ (#/。\#)
So sorry that I just made this post today..
I was busy watching with my family.. =)) CHUCK!! and we're already in Season 5!!
As of tomorrow!! TT^TT We're about to finish watching it.. *sigh*
So sad.. That we might end it soon.. Hmm..
That's why I don't like the endings.. Even though they're both good or bad.. *Again it depends on the person*
And we also watched 'The Lord of The Rings Trilogy'..
Was really surprised to see that the 1st and 2nd were 3 HOURS STRAIGHT!
By the end of these movies I was like.. WTHECK do you have to cut on the good part huh?? Like seriously.. It already killed a lot of our time.. But still good adventures!
and the 3rd one was like 4 HOURS!!Overall!! I love you Legolas~~!! ahahahhaa!! (。♥‿♥。)

I'll end this post with the people I want to tag as Versatile bloggers!! ^_^
Wow this is really surprising.. I only know few of the people who deserves this award!
Hopefully in the future I can nominate 15
and I'll say that I don't know who to choose.. XD *in shaa Allah*

Can I give it to you again, Rizumary and Krystal? XD
But since you both have it already means that you really are the best blogger, for me! hehe..
So the lucky people I voted for are;
Nazihah - Reni-chan - Roudi - Salma - BellaIsabella - Crystal Valley - Sis Eyqa

Monday, 17 June 2013

Ergonomics Posture

Good Morning Folks!
Assalamu alaikum!
Hmm.. So watup?
Today I'd like to talk about our postures in front of the computer or (most commonly today) the laptop!
How can we maintain our posture now that we use laptop like 24/7?!
Day and night! Some might be crazily doing it overboard!
So I don't want y'all to grow up holding cranes with your back curved..  Well, it all depends.. right? But still..
Now that we, youngsters, like to do this most of the time should take this a lil bit serious~
We should care for our future generation, guys!
So yes, just now I realized how important it is..
hehe.. Still might not be too late, right?
I found stuff that are for Desktop Users..
It would be nice to have right now.. *I wish.. That is of course fully updated..
I'm talking about the Desktop alright? XD*
But currently for us laptop users we sometimes find hard time!
Where to place it.. It is said that it's bad to put it on your lap..
I think they said it's because your hormones' growth will slow down..
or wtvr as long as we are being cautious about it.. Right? hehe..
Anyway, here's a good vid that will help all of us!
So I RECOMMEND you to watch it!
For the future nation! (*≧▽≦)

I might as well put some pictures so that you'll see it otherwise it'll
take us a long time to see how the 'Proper Posture' should be..

Just looking at the picture you'll know what you should do right?
So I didn't really pay attention to all of the details since I'm not much of a desktop user right now..
But still the proper way of how to sit, the chair, the height and all that.. We should take note about it..
Well, i'm sorry they're not much of a good looking black and white pictures.. But you get the idea right?
Also, in between hours.. You should take small excercises so that you'll not get cramps, headache, and etc..
Here's a quick guide on how to do it!! Soon I'll also try to do this too~ *In shaa Allah* (╹◡╹)
Btw, I have this habits whenever I'm in front of my laptop like;
☆ I always like to hang my foot on the sides of the chair..
you know like if there's a higher level than the ground..  ahh~ I don't know how to explain this..
But yeah, my feet are very naughty.. Likes to keep on moving.. and also crossing my legs..
Okay just forget that~ =)) It's awkward but I really can't stop this habit..?
☆ and I don't want to lean at the back of my chair..
But I prefer to sit on a chair that has the rest for my back..  hehe..
Kyaaa~ You've found my secrets~ LOL!
Okay.. So let's move on.. (#/。\#)
Here's a website where you get to know more about how to sit properly in front of a computer..

Thanks to Google and those references!
Hope that I'll get to do it all! In shaa Allah! (⌒▽⌒)
Take Care and Don't forget~

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Assalamu alaikum~!
How are you all?
I'm terribly deeply sorry for my readers..
I'm not satisfying y'all in reading my recent posts..
They're all rubbish, you must be thinking.. XD
hehe.. Well what can I say for being a "geek" on these stuff?? (ノ>▽<。)
So what's up there?
Well here in Saudi Arabia they are going to ban the WhatsApp and maybe also Skype
before Ramadan so for those who uses these application, you better get ready or else you might
regret it later! >w<

Okay, Report #unknown for troubleshooting! XD
My father's cell phone.. Nokia E5 can't make a call..
It just happened recently.. Dunno what they have been doing to his cell.. *My siblings*
So yeah.. Whenever he wants to call someone, before hearing the tone..
It disconnects right away.. So I made some searching in Google..
Not much of a help.. But after a few clicks..
I thought that what if I just reset it all over again..
Meaning to shut down.. or maybe even remove the battery and sim card..
But just as I was about to close it down.. in a proper way of course..
I pressed the home button for a long time and suddenly this notification popped up saying;
"Do you want to exit JawalNet package?" or something like that.. I said yes..
and tried to call if it might actually work because of that.. and VIOLA!
My magic worked!!  (●´∀`●) haha!!

 Okay so story time? hehe..
I now know how to serve properly in badminton like our ms!
Strong! Fast and PERFECT curve! ( ^∇^)  *praises myself MashaAllah*
I'm taking Summer courses that our college is offering this time and hopefully
they'll keep on doing that in the future! Coz having summer is much more better than BiSem ..
I don't want to wait that LONG! So 2 months of studying is just worth it and FAST i tell you!
You won't even recognize it! But Inshaallah everything will be easy! ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆
I might stay longer here than what I was expecting.. hehe..
I'm glad though~ I get to know more about Saudi Arabia lil by lil!
and that I will know how to deal around with people who are not the same as me..
Regarding nationality.. It's kinda hard.. coz you know, I have this..
I think they'll not like and but on the other hand it's disrespectful!
Coz I know they are my elders..( >_<)

Okaay~ I've finished in what I came for..
I GTG! Need to do lots of stuff~ (^v^)
Take Care and have a FUN Vacation to all of you out there! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Samsung Netbook Windows 8

Salamu alaikum Guys~
Long time ain't it?
So how are you all?
So sorry for the looong wait!
I was basically and naturally too lazy.. (ー_ー)
Anyways, I'm just here for another "Report" that I have fixed
my brother's problem in his laptop..
Cause he can't go online on other websites..
or access other websites.. He can search on Google and open his FB..
But the rest, even YouTube isn't working..
Even if he use other browsers.. *He only have Firefox and Chrome*
Both doesn't work.. But thanks to Google! *again* that I have found the solution!
After a few search, I opened his IE to check if it's working..
or else it might have been the problem within the browser, Firefox, itself..
So it turns out that it was really the internet.. After searching on the settings/tools..
This showed up in the troubleshoot;  "The remote device or resource won't accept the connection detected"..
and searched.... Your Problem is Solved!

 Aand I'll end this post with two keyboard shortcuts that I just learned!
and that I hope I won't forget again... (*´∀`*)
Do you know how to do the degree sign?
Press Alt + 0176 ...
Note: If you just put 176 it'll turn out like this ░
No need to press the plus sign.. *That's how I usually do it* =D

And the delta sign upside down..
I was searching for the unshaded part inside but I can't find it..
Anyways, it's still good to learn a new keyboard shortcut! XD
Press Alt + 31 ..

Monday, 20 May 2013

The Star Alt Code

Have you been wondering the same question all over
and can't seem to find the answer?
Well I present to you the solution!
Thank you soo much Mike for helping us, unfortunate people! XD
I've been really annoyed.. *not really* that I can't do it on a shortcut!
I have to search for it online then use the technique "the copy and paste"! (BoA) ♪
But here it is! and it's like MAGIC when I FINALLY MADE IT!
with the shortcut keyboard CODE!!
Ahh yes.. Now that I have accomplished this,
I have to memorise it now!! Heart is very easy right? ;> Alt + 3 ~♥
♦♣♠ - 4,5 and 6 for diamond, clubs and spade respectively..
and THE STAR! ☆★
Alt +2606 and Alt +2605
For this I have to press the + sign before pressing the numbers..
But I think now I'm having problems with the keyboard..
Coz just a while ago, I pretty much changed the language again and again..
Then suddenly when I press the letter D, while I was on my browser, it went to the bar.. where you type in the link..
I don't really know if that is causing it.. But I think I'll be keeping this around!
Okay~ That's all for today! See you guys! Wish me LUCK!
Might as well really, badly, need it!

Arabic Time~

السلام عليكم!!!
Yow guys! How did I do it? =)))
I juz searched  it online and typed it myself!
*To get to know more on how they're written*
So how are you all? ^_^
ان شاء الله hope everything's fine!
=))) I'm really enjoying this..
Learning Arabic by my own!
I know... You'd ask..
Why are you learning just now?
*For the people who know about my condition*
They "hated" or just didn't like the fact that I didn't
understand MOST of what they say and I feel that
it would really annoy them to translate(say) everything back to me again!
And that's one of the reasons as to why I am not that "MUCH" good
in learning Arabic, even though I tried.. I want but they keep on letting my self-esteem low!
It's like they're making me go back! or feel the pressure that I wouldn't like when I study a
language! 1 way to help me guys is to let me FEEL..... or make me feel that speaking in Arabic
is F-U-N!! Yes I can see every time you all talk! But after someone sees that I cannot understand
what they say.. It feels like.. owkay... Please pretend you didn't see me at all!
And after a while they actually do forget that I am there.. The girl who didn't understand
our language! We can talk as much as we can! HOO-RAY! *my mind saying it sarcastically*
So now that the school year's about to finish and I will apply for the summer classes ان شاء الله,
That is the Arab's school year.. But I think they're already finished? hehe..
So yeah.. I will try to study arabic while studying for summer classes! Hopefully that I will
accomplish this goal! ان شاء الله!! Can't wait!! hehe!! That I can FINALLY understand people! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

One of those embarassing moments....

Hey guys~ First of all, I'm sorry...
I don't mean any disrespect but I'll be skipping my formalities today..
coz of the topic! DX "As you can see on the title of this post!" ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Do you know those moments where u suddenly remember those
I really can't handle those times!!
It's like I feel that I want die again and again!!
Whether it's just a recently made one or
the most oldest moments that i could've remember in my life!
I want to have a remedy for these kind of symptoms!
I seriously want to kill myself right now!! *haha.. Juz kidding though..*  (^▽^;)
Remembering it again and again!!
I really can't believe I've done those things!!
Like stuttering in front of everyone..
Not knowing what I should do and
doing crazy embarassing stuff infront of the
people that they shouldn't have seen me doing it! TT^TT

Thursday, 2 May 2013

[Update] Google+ Cover Photo

Hmm.. Have you guys checked this out?
It's about my blog post about Google+'s cover photo..
Well what I'm about to say is that.. If you haven't been there..
You'll notice that it juz got updated.. Now you can put a bigger photo..
Which I can say is much more cooler! hehe.. But I don't think I might change it..
But once I've found the COOL, nice, and somewhat cute picture, I'll change it..
Then again, you won't need to open a new link and search how big is their dimensions;
2120 x 1192 pixels
Although right now, this blog isn't that much famous yet so I think that you'll see hers first than mine.. XD
But for those who knows my blog, thank you for reading them out! I'm really happy... o((*^▽^*))o

2nd Time: Reset

Assalamu alaikum guys~~ How are you all?
Well who knew it would be this fast.. My GC was reset again..
Annoying really.. Thankfully, I found how to return some of the settings I used to have with the help of Dingus and nirajw.17.. ^_^
Juz sign-in to your chrome with ur gmail account..
and I think most of the time your extensions and settings are already synced in automatically..
So everything will be back.. I just don't know yet if same goes with your previously saved tabs..
For those users who saved their setting to "Continue where I left off" option..
So that's all I have for now.. and right now I'm in holiday mode.. Kind off..
Until then, TC ya'll!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Google Chrome Updated

Assalamu alaikum guys~!
So how are you all? :)
Hmm.. Tell me, guess what happened to my laptop....?
I think it was juz this morning, i guess... =))
*I easily forgot but I think it WAS this morning... XD*
I remembered that I needed to print the questioners for our PE Health,
*more like our reviewer for our Finals.. hehe.. Wish me(or us) Good Luck! XD hehe..*
So yeah.. I opened my Google browser and surprised to see that everything had been RESET(ed) once again..
Found out that my GC was updated.. Didn't know that everything would go away..
All my extensions were gone... Those extentions and the theme~!! (´╥﹏╥ )
Didn't want to fix it yet coz I was almost late for class~
and yeah... I just fixed it this afternoon which took me a while to blog this.. (*^▽^*)
Watching series! hehehe.. Anyways, for now the extensions that I remember that I usually use are back..
Hopefully I can recover them all soon.. In shaa Allah! hehe..
I'm just here to report what has happened..
I don't want it ever to happen again..
But resetting the settings here GC is good coz there's been some stuff that I really want to remove..
and also some of the extensions weren't removed.. only the extensions and a theme that I always used!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Sloth!

Hey~ Assalamu alaikum guys...
Okay.. Another reckless me, posting at this time of the day..
Again.. I haven't done anything that is concerning what I did the whole day in College..
here at home... Didn't even review... Juz reviewed for Qur'an..
That hopefully I can show that I've done something.. *In shaa Allah*
But honestly I didn't do anything GOOD! RESPONSIBLE! AT ALL!
these days.. and it's really going to kill me...
I KNOW what I must do but my mind/body is telling me or doing the different thing you know?

and For REALZ! It's also killing me right now..
I guess that being my sister and brother just started their vacation,
is also one of the reasons to why my body is reacting differently..
Waking up in the morning is soo hard..
Usually I wake up at 5:20 or 30 then I wouldn't really feel sleepy afterwards..
that was during the times when they still had school but now that they don't..
It's really killing me.. Yesterday and Today!!!
AND I KEPT ON PROMISING MYSELF that I wouldn't do it today..
But here is what I've become... >.< I HATE IT!
I FREAKING HATE IT! That I can't control it..

One more thing... Now that they're in vacation, they can do anything they want!
Especially WATCHING MOVIES or Series..
Chuck especially.. coz I've been downloading it everyday and would watch..
depending on how many I want to watch or how many I've downloaded..
So yeah.. coz here's the thing.. When I watch I WANT to be attentive..
I don't want to miss a PART/SCENE.. EVER! Maybe for the others but most of the time NO!
'Cause before my mom together with the rest of my family would sometimes WATCH TOGETHER!
WITHOUT ME!! Can you believe that?! They don't invite me to come and join THEM!
I mean come on! I'd at least appreciate that you were thinking of me, in the future!
Even though I might have told them to 'Go Away! Can't you see I'm studying?'
So NOW, I tend to join them WHENEVER I have the chance..
coz if I don't watch it with them I wouldn't want to continue watching that SERIES esp once again..
HORROR ones.. I'd prefer watching with them.. I want US to watch TOGETHER!
OKAY! Can't you understand THAT SIMPLE FEELING?
it's really hard for me.. *Kind of* So yeah.. I guess I'll stop here for now...
This is actually good that I give this "TIME" to blog instead of reviewing and doing my homework!
Oh please dearie me, Kill This LAZINESS disease!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Which Style Suits Your Hair The Most?

Assalamu alaikum~
How are you guys?
Fine? Kullu tamam? Alhamdulillah!
haha!! I'm getting the hang of this.. lil by lil!
So I'm just planning on putting a list of Videos I have watched..
That would help me in the future.. More like a preference for me..
When I want to cut my hair again!! Soon INSHAALLAH I'll get the hang of it too..
and who knows.. I might be a good hairdresser for the "BANGS" only.. =))) XD
I am not planning on putting everything now.. cause this isn't supposed to be what I'm doing right now!
*Procrastinating mode again* So I might update this post as many times as I like to know
which are the good ones or more preferred videos I like to share.. ;D
Anyways, Here I go;

For Side Swept Bangs:
cahbayb's How to cut choppy side bangs

For Straight Full Bangs:
danalovesmakeup's How to Cut The Perfect Fringe [She's pinay!]
victoriascloset16's Cutting, Trimming, and Styling My Straight Across Bangs [Long vid and has a lot of tips]

Just for Style:
x3Haha's Trendy Layered Rocker-Inspired Ponytail

Of course there will be more so watch out for them!! ^_~

Btw, I just want to say this...
Does this person even know how to label correct things? O.O

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Beautiful Hairs~!

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Well, I was about to blog you during that moment..
XD We had our Major Theory in CS.. I think it's the second one..
and yeah.. While waiting for the "password"...
The computer I went into was having this Number pad problem again..
And thanks to mariaz90 she has the Most Helpful Reply..

*searching if I have posted a post with a problem like this one*
I thought I have told you people about it.. Seems not...
Before I also searched to why it isn't working...
and the result was different from this one..
It was like... I think it was because of Excel?
with the Screen Lock thing.. idk.. I forgot..
Might remember it someday.. hehe..

Oh well~ Guess what I did TODAY?!
hmm.. I've been really thinking and it's also a bother...
to be having the long BANGS!
Now I made it into straight full bangs!! ;3
I feel it's OK! like right now..
I dunno how I'll look tomorrow.. XD hehehe..
Should have done it yesterday...
People would be sooo surprised to see my new hair.. =)))
Imagine their faces.. hahaha!!
Anyways, I also changed the way how my bangs looked this day..
and only one person recognized it.. he he.. ;DD

Now I'm gonna look when was the last time I cut my hair, here in this blog.. XD
Oh here it is... It was December 4, 2012... Please check out~ hehe... If you like.. (◡‿◡✿)
Now it's already April 20, 2013... By four months my hair grows longer~ Ma shaa Allah!
So what I did today was just to follow them;
*SecretLifeOfaBioNerd's How To: Cut Blunt/Straight Bangs at Home

Oh how much I'd love to share how I look like right now, to you people..
But my conscience is just telling me not to do it.. (*≧▽≦)ノシ
Anyways.. Yeah thanks to them I have this somewhat awesome looks..
But really didn't follow all what they said.. Just did the 'eyebrow' technique..
and VIOLA~! My masterpiece is done! (*´艸`*)

I wanna have the same hairstyle as hers~ I LOVE IT!


FrescurasemCensura's Tesourada na Franjinha
Her technique is also one way to cut.. XD
Which i also like.. Might try that one too.. after this hair has grown *In shaa Allah* XD ;3

Watched this as well..
*SecretLifeOfaBioNerd's Bohemian Waterfall Bangs Braid
I liiiike eeet~ =))) Don't you? X3
Fine! I'll leave it till here! Hope y'all enjoyed ur day today!
Till next time! ^_~

Friday, 19 April 2013


Assalamu alaikum~!!
Well guess what I did..
This whole weekend seemed like as if nothing's going to come for me tomorrow!! XD
See, I have exams this coming week and I'm not yet EVEN ready for it! =)))
Happy happy lang..

I have uploaded the pictures.. *For the first time tinayaga ako*
on FACEBOOK! hahha.. Well this time I opened it without the feeling of heavy burden!
Pheww~ =)) So yeah.. I feel like I have a debt to my friends and teachers coz they've been telling me,
every time I take their pictures.. to upload it on Facebook.. Well.. yeah..
Now is one day.. ke ke ke.. But you also know why?
I realize I take a lot of pictures.. *but not really* so I hate to upload every single of them..
Now that I have... ahemm ahemm.. *Ma shaa Allah* a professional-like camera! XD WOOT! haha!!
Oh yeah okay.. till here lang muna..

P.S. Finally talked with Kayeee~ It has been a REALLY LONG TIME! hehe.. ^w^
Soooo happeee~~ XD

Belated Mother's Day!

Assalamu alaikum!
I thought that this was lovely and wanted to re-post it here from FB. :)

"Your Mother carried you inside of her womb for nine whole months, she felt sick for months with nausea, then she watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear. She struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and even a simple task like putting her shoes on was a huge struggle for her. She suffered many sleepless nights while you kicked and squirmed inside of her and while you demanded that she scoffed junk at 3am, she then went through EXCRUCIATING PAIN to bring you into this world. She became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your agony aunt and your best friend. She's struggled for you, cried over you, fought for you, put herself second for you, hoped the best for you and has driven herself insane with worry for you but never has she asked for anything in return because she loves you and did it all on love alone! Most of us take our Mums for granted but there are people who have lost or have never even seen theirs. If you have a loving Mother who did all of this for you, you are very lucky, never devalue her worth because one day, you'll wish you hadn't."

Monday, 15 April 2013


Salamu alaikum!
Yeah... I've been having this issue with my teacher..
and oh yeah! She's honest that we have those times together but really..
She does that to me and every one does that to me..
Coz of course.. What they see is what they believe right?
Oh okay.. Tell me I'm not wrong..?
Somehow close to that.. Some are like that.. Some aren't..
Yes.. But you know.. I'll never know who they will be if they won't be brave and show everyone..
But oh well.. I wanted to let it all go..
But u know IF and only IF I could have an access on blogspot and can use my cellphone
at that time in class, I would've said a lot of awful things.. That shouldn't be coming out of my mouth..
or here.. XD So yeah.. Kind of had the bad day with the feeling of wanting to finish this day soon..
and have a relaxing VACATION but I know now that I won't be getting it..
Coz I'll be taking the Summer Classes.. In shaa Allah!!
Hopefully it'll be over soon!! I WANT TO HAVE 1 WHOLE MONTH for SLEEPING ONLY!!
Give me a hibernation period PEOPLE! XD
This girl is gonna dieee~ ahahaha!!
Juz kidding.. Anyways, homeworks really are a pain in the *ss!!
*These days thing's just making me want to curse*
H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge

I credit my dear friend @ZubaidahHabeeb for telling me this!! XD
But it's more like wasted on nothing.. TIME!
but if I look on the bright side! WHOA! A lot of advantages!! =)))
I'm really gonna miss this when I grow up..
THAT is if I still become an adult.. Allahu alam..
Okay.. Gonna end it here..
Hope to blog more soon in shaa Allah! ^_^

Oh yeah~ We're the BOSS! XD

Assalamu alaikum guys!!
>w< I knoooow it has been a verrry loooong time!!
*Felt like forever* Things kept on piling up~!
Coz I keep on doing the wants instead of the needs.. XD
hehehe~ Of course I need to;

=))) Don'cha agree? XD For me that's HEAVEN!
This is my peg... my trip kung baga.. hehehe..
As in!! It's like I forget everything.. well not really..
But u know it makes my heart throb for every manga I read..
Of course those that are interesting..
and if they're not I throw/delete them right away!!
Especially those scary drawn once..
Sorry mangakas.. I dun feel comfortable reading those
with scary faces even if the story did have beautiful slots.. or wtvr it's called..
Uhmm.. It depends though.. It's not always the same.. hehe..
Please!! Every thing depends on what the situation is..

Okay juz came by to say few things for this Month!!
Can't leave this month without having to write IN MY OWN PRECIOUS BLOG!
TT^TT Gomen ne~ I dun come here much often now..
Unlike before!! *oooh~ I can use this in my hw in english in "used to"* XD

Well then I'll end it here for now!!
In shaa Allah till next time again!!
Hopefully asap!! >w< TC Ya'll!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Allshare ^w^

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Ey~ Yow Wazzup? X3
I've found a very cooool discovery we had in this house!!! =))
TVLink is so super coool!! XD
Knowing that, now we don't need to use the USB to bring the movies to the TV to watch it..
and later we would find out that it won't work because of it's extension... or wtvr~ XD
But of course in some cases we would still use the USB to watch, see, and maybe even listen to stuff.. ya know~
At first it started with my NX1000 coz I saw that it would work if I just used the TV Link on it's Wi-Fi options..
and yeah~ As soon as I saw the instructions on the TV..
I played with it along with our wi-fi adapter~
And their viola~! There were some obstacles that would make me think why is it like that..
But yeah.. Thanks to the Allshare Program... This will all work!!
Those that are only Music, Videos and Pictures... of course~ XD Hehe..
Still thinking if YT can work via TV.. Maybe soon it'll show me the answer~ hehe...
Well for this time.. Thanks to NX1000 we all got to find out how this new thing works!
Exciting isn't it? I love it!! I didn't know there would be a "THING" that is sooo advanced in this house~ XD
I took pix~ for remembrance.. I'd like to show u guys..
But, because of the "embarassing" things I wouldn't want to show the world..
Ahhh~ I told myself.. nevermind.. haha.. So I hope this documentary of what happened is fine enough to show the world.. XD

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Many people has different likes and different dislikes..
Is that what makes it more interesting?
Why does it make me speechless in cases?
Is it because I don't want to know more about them?
or IS it because i'm weird?
or am I really an introvert?
Why do I really don't like it? Learning arabic?
Why do I say that I REALLY like learning arabic?
If I really do, then I must know alot more by now..
esp within those 3 months before..
now I'm already 6 months there.. just started getting to be interested..
Is this how it is in different cases of mine?


I'm the real, somewhat I think, otaku in this family~
and of course a 2@)0$41.. *snicker*
So whenever I have this troubling times..
I just want to say it somewhere.. as long as it is out my conscience and SOMEWHERE!
I dunno how to cope up with this kinds of attack yet.. ?? Those words that I just said don't make any sense!!

Just where do I exactly fit?

Assalamu alaikum....
OH ye okay..
Till now ba nman?
Hmm.. I am and I have always been the outcast..
The GHOST as I would tell them..
Or if they just tell it to me STRAIGHT to the point..
I'm such an introvert person..

Yeah I can be described as like that..
But then.. I can also be a person who doesn't really approach people much..
Juz bcoz of language? Does this mean, I'm the "BIG" trouble here?
If they knew my blog right now.. or at least one of them would have..
and would visit and READ these entries of mine with patience..
They would really know THE ME who was hiding in this HUGE, VAST crowd..
Who I think is just pretending on the outside... *Being emotional here, needs some comforting*
But then again, because they would tell me.. 
"Why are you not talking?"

Yeah this is where I get my weakness? reason? to why I'm not brave enough..
I'm only like that for a second.. I might not have to stand on my own two feet when I need myself to be..
I sulk! I get jealous most of the time..
But I try not to be.. I must remind myself.. 
hmm.. Juz because they can't do it properly because of me..
They just let it be.. now that I tell them it's okay..
There's such thing as COMMON COURTESY! don'cha know?

*What I'm thinking right now*
I should really promote this blog myself but I'm not showy much!

I prefer not to show off, at times, coz I'm not that kind of person when I think...
The times when show off at people, they won't really recognize it as showing off..
SOME might.. but not most of the time..

I have this feeling that is called LOW SELF ESTEEM right now!! *sigh*

Sunday, 17 March 2013

ChilLax Dude~!

Salamu alaikum guyz~
How are y'all?
Well.. People around my college are already having this relaxed feeling,
even though some of them are still going to have Majors/Tests/Exams that aren't done yet..
Coz you know what? Next week inshaallah will be our 1 WEEK VACATION!
hehe.. I also felt it in the air.. So I, too, am one of them~ XD
Yeah we just had this "Speaking Test" Section 1 and it was FAST!
That's the only thing I can say.. Coz normally I like talking to people..
Especially knowing more about them... Since our teacher told us that it's juz like a normal communication..
Even though I felt the nervousness at first.. Coz I didn't know what kind of test or what will be there..
I'm not thinking of having a full marks.. I too am not a perfect human.. and no one's PERFECT!
I kept on thinking just blab it all out.. But the topic 'favorite dish' ....
I didn't know what to pick.. except ADOBO! XD
That's the only food I can think of..

Hmm.. So yeah.. I wanted to tell you guys..
Maybe inshaallah.. and this time that I'd do it..
I might post new entries within that week!
which I hopefully inshaallah I'll do..
I still dun wan to abandon this blogsite! >w<
and am still trying to have a proper time for everything!!!

and AT LAST! For how many days and weeks now..
I've attended the HTML CLASS!! >w<
Inshaallah I'll learn this fast!! hehe..
Since I've studied this one already before.. *Thank goodness*
and that I'll GET my certificate tooo~~ WOOT!! X3 excited much iz me!! XD
Just now.. while I reminisce the times I made those HTML pages with my friends..
I really am one of the JEJEMONS before!! XD
But during those times, they haven't invented the word jejemon..
So it's like.. =))) WeIrD!!  juz like this
Anyways... Oh! and I went to YEIS todaaaay~ WOOT!!
I really wanted to spend my time with them once more!!
Before they go out this town, this place, this country? TT^TT

Okay so i'll my speech with this..
人◕ ‿‿ ◕人
I haven't watched it yet.. 
but I am planning on doing it too~ =3

Monday, 11 March 2013

Prejudice? Oh no it's not~

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Hmm.. I juz want to say this..
and I juz want to be clear with this..
Thank goodness that ms. told me about that,
Me losing my attention last week..
I juz now realized what she totally meant!!
YEah.. I've been neglecting alot of things...
That would end up piling and making it miserable for me..
There's been this "FEELING" hunting me inside..
Making me think like there's nothing wrong..
and not to be worried about it..
Like it keeps me chilling..
Even though I SHOULD be getting WORRIED about things..
Was it because of what happened during that day?
Did I lose myself to that?
Was it because I let my inner self(?) get the best of me?
Hmm.. This unpredictable happenings... and now..
English Subject is really torturing me to HELL!!
I wasn't tortured like this before...
I mean seriously!! It's just a piece of cake YES!
But it doesn't mean that I am one of the experts..
who can manually, mentally and physically can do it!
I'm just the intermediate.. Who's trying out life..
How's it like to be OUTSIDE the company where I was always have been..

So to conclude this story;
*really dun like this me now*
subject ONLY!! For Pete's sake!! I dun LIKE to be there anymore!!
You might say that this is back-biting... I dunno and I dun care whatever u say!
but I JUST have to say it! I can't let it keep in me all the time!!

Okay.. GTG!! Wednesday's Progress Test and our teacher's really worried
that we [am I included in that too?] are going to fail? or not?
But she really wanted US to get full marks..
I promise you I also want to get full marks but because of SILLY mistakes..
I always get this MINUS points behind me.. WAITING!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ain't ya Hiding something thar?

Salamu alaikum guys~
Oh my gash!! >w<
I planned on posting some of my "Findings" or "Tutorials"
but it seems I still can't find time to do it..
*Coz you know... They won't do it themselves,
Unless I use the copy and paste command from my brain!!*
So I just came here to say that...
It's a reason as to why, my teacher would always come up to me..
with surprising attack questions.. and I would end up..
saying a nonsense? She's making me unprepared all of a sudden
and would end up killing myself..
*Like thinking at what I said 
and would end up telling myself*
=))) hehe.. Juz sayin~ XD

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Problems that have YET to be solved

The Mad Woman of Yesterday

Assalamu alaikum guys~
pheww~ Now my eyes still hurt from crying..
That a delightful sleep of 9 hours would be oh so wonderful!
But I think I won't be having it now coz I've spent those 4 or 5 hours AWAKE! XD
So I'll leaving with maybe a few thoughts or so..
That I'd like to say is that.. This has been a stepping stone!
This "wonderful" experience of mine..
Somehow~ Made me realize more about the world!
But more like the world where I was living in that I didn't know it would like this AT ALL!
okaaayy~ I like to be going now...
Sorry nabitin ko kayo~
(Sorry I left out some of the important infos for you)
Somewhat close to that explanation.. hehe..

Till next time inshaallah?
TC Ya'll! Wabyahhhh~♥

Monday, 4 March 2013

My ranting? BEWARE!

Assalamu alaikum~


*not important but I can say my title in this post
can either be; Her annoying orange? XD*

Ok.. I've been having this bad feeling ALL DAY!
That even the sleep I had just now, didn't help at all~ *4 hours sleep*
I dun wan to say it here~ Esp the way of how I say it!
She might think this is offensive and all~
but COME ON! can't you even take a rest on me?
Juz because I'm easy to MANIPULATE doesn't mean that you'll ABUSE me!
ok.. juz from this single sentence.. THIS is how I think!
So you might think.. "Oh my! really? Is she like that?" or other stuff that's going on around ur mind!
Coz you see~ If you've only known about me.. You wouldn't think of me FOR REALZ doing anything bad..
Nadadala man ako YES.. *sorry I had to say that in tagalog*
If it's in my language I can express it more..

During those 2 days YES I admit I was WRONG!
but today! NO! I didn't even do ANYTHING BAD!
or something that'll drive me CRAZY or AROUND THE BLOCK juz because of that..
COME ON!! I've already learned my lesson NOT to be like that infront of you..
ONLY you I HOPE! It won't even make me loose my attention on wtvr CRAP ur saying!
Seriously! Now it's you who is making me NOT want this..
I may have to endure it.. but it'll be not as the same way as you think it'll be..
YOU think I'm like them? SERIOUSLY! I dun wan to talk to you..
But YOU can consult me you know.. Juz as you would do infront of the CLASS!
but when it comes to being me and her.. I don't think she can do it..
FOR others she may give them a "special treatment" but for me~
NO! Juz bcoz I'm a foreign? who doesn't understand arabic?
COME ON! and SERIOUSLY! is all I can say! REPEATEDLY!

Yes, I'm just driving you all the way until here..
Sorry for letting you read this.. and THANK you~
if you understood my situation.. and for reading it!

I didn't want it.. but bcoz of that!
I've GOT bazillions~ gazillions of things I WANT to tell you!
*or not* You may say a lot of sensible things..
But for me~ I've got of them too.. few actually..
REALLY! Can't you even tell if there is a secret or not?
IS IT your first time MEETING someone like me?
NO I'm not honored! Bcoz you didn't like me AT ALL!
I can see that in ur FACE DUDE!
Annoying really~

NOW what I'm feeling is that;
>I can't play RUBIK'S CUBE infront of you anymore~
Even if you are IN the room.. I won't be DOING it anymore!
Even if I want to learn the LAST STEP of solving 3x3!!
I'm almost THERE MAN! Can't u even let me finish it?
You've given me this feeling! You should take responsibility! *as a joke*
I know I won't benefit from this.. but can't u give me FREEDOM?
>I can't TALK to anyone anymore...
I can't SMILE? or LAUGH? or GIGGLE?
I can't be with her anymore coz you think I might
even though I still want to talk with her more~
*bcoz she's intelligent MASHAALLAH!*
>I can't look at you the same way as I did before..
but hopefully this FEELING won't stay long or else!
I would have to endure THIS ANNOYING, CREEPY FEELING!
all this SEMESTER! and we're almost HALF way THERE the end..

People might not see me as THAT kind of person..
but if they misinterpreted my action..
THEY might think "Oh so she's that kind of person..
I don't like to be with her~ She's a TROUBLE-MAKER!"
*remembers the k-song*

I seriously don't know what to think!
I don't know how to think like an arab!
I don't want TO BE SO MUCH conservative!
I am not that kind of NARROW MINDED PERSON!
I now can understand! You may not understand what I'm saying here..
because all I say ARE CRAP right? u may say it like that!!
COME ON!! THIS is really a BIG hindrance for me..
Being with you people are already a hindrance for me..
Didn't u even think of that? Oh RIIIIIGHT!
It's because YOU haven't experienced it the same WAY I did..
It may not have to be the same as you would say..
But we have DIFFERENT kinds of endurance..
I'm juz starting and you're already THERE!
BOTH of us should understand each other you know..

But I have this feeling of mine all the time,
I DON'T want it anymore!
To be hurt? To be said by those things?
Even though U don't know me AT ALL!
Feeling na close na tayo? AS IF!
I'd change my course RIGHT AWAY if you were to be in my way..

FINE... That's all I can say for now! >w<

Saturday, 2 March 2013

CBOX with Captcha

Okay short tutorial/entry~
I stumbled upon Laila's blog before!
and wanted to leave a short message on her chatbox~
When I pressed enter to send it, this Captcha Menu suddenly popped up!
Then I sparked! XD I also want to have that too~
Super COOL and much more better..
Seriously.. I wonder how this 'Spamming' works? :?

and I just did mine now..
Thanks to Aimad's Tutorial~ ^w^
It really did help me you know~ ;>>
My blog especially.. XD ke ke ke~!

Anyways.. Juz click on the links!
Pretty please! Coz I'm still here in front of my laptop..
Not doing my homeworks and reviewing properly..
So please be kind to me.. ;>>
If you like that same option as I do have right now too..
These are the few people whom I want to thank! hehe..
*Hoped you don't mind me talking about you here* ;D

The reason to why I'm not participating much

took the image from google

Ok~ So some of you who has been with me for 2 months now..
noticed that until now I haven't been participating much in classroom..
One reason? I guess you can say that..
coz in the last semester.. I wasn't really much of a speaker..
and I wasn't close to anyone either..
I was placed on 3 different sections...
So I didn't get to know everyone and met only few people whom I get to know more of before~ ^_^
which made me happy.. and somehow comfortable to have them as my friends..
Now.. in this semester.. Glad to be taking a part or more like having or BEING in the part of English class~
I missed those times when I used to have NEW HARD VOCABULARIES in the lessons..!!
and I had to memorize those~ and POEMS! GOSH! I miss those times~

"I missed those times...." That what really made me WANT to be in English class..
Not because it's english and it's easy for me.. but I WANT to know how they teach English in this way..
So that I'll be ready for the future.... of this college.. hehe.. ;DD

So.. It started.. My classes.. There I met my new teachers..
Happy or not.. I should get used to them.. and then..
OWKAY! MY ENGLISH CLASS for the first time..
We were only 3 students who went for the first class! *that is after getting our sched*
We got to know each other.. But because of my voice? or my attitude? or the way I spoke?
I dunno which part bothered her.. but in an instant.. I felt something..
Something like.. disregarded.. Like.. "Ok.. You know.. Don't speak!"
This was what I felt! I didn't know what to say or do..
I just didn't mind it until one day.. when she told us..
"When you want to speak.. just raise your hands.. Instead of chorusing with each other"
It's something like that.. When it's time to participate.. I wanted to try...
There I started to like the 'RAISING your hands first b4 talking!"..
It made sense.. coz I for one, don't like people saying the answer right away.. *sometimes*
There should a 'tense' feeling.. XD But because we have EASY, SUPER EASY english..
People juz started blabbing out the answers.. XD
I would do it too.. If only she COULD HEAR my voice~ =)))

Yeah that's one thing I didn't like.. EVEN though I know she won't bite..
I still can't seem to make my voice any louder.. aside from my friends..
It's like.. It's always been there.. whenever I speak with my teachers..
It depends with the feeling, relationship.. I may not be like that to the others..
But mostly, I am quiet reserved? hmm.. *I didn't know this word until I encountered Zubaidah~ Thank Youh*
hehehe~ anyways.. It's just the feeling.. So she was infront of me..
I was raising my hands.. I wanted to participate..
Soo badly.. kind of.. but after 2 or 3 weeks?
NOTHING! I would juz participate IF SHE CALLS ME!
Juz then, those were the ONLY times where I would participate because
it'd be very hard to have this opportunity next time.. *I THINK*
Coz for sure she'd give the others more chance.. than for me.. I dunno...
I for one.. don't like talking much (in class) when it comes to serious matters LIKE STUDYING! ;D
*ALWAYS DEPENDS if you see me talking, that's me being lazy-ING around* 

So from then on... I've been still doing a lil 'raise your hand'! whenever she asks the whole class.. ;D
but I don't raise my hand when she WANTS someone to participate.. ;|
There's THIS feeling that is lingering around my body and can't be removed by her..
because I FELT she did this to me... SERIOUSLY!
No offence.. But I guess the toastmaster will have to help me on this one.. >w<
That is all folks~ Sorry for keeping you up.. or not..
reading this~ ;>> I appreciate it much!!! ^w^