Saturday, 29 September 2012

Do you think it's worth it?

Salamu alaikum~ September is almost at its end~ TT^TT
Another year will be coming soon.. Inshaallah..
My friend's birthday is actually today~!
Isn't that nice? More celebrations to come please..
Before September leaves.. ;))
Oh now i remember..
The person I hate [not really] will also be having birthday soon..
This month.. -_-
Anyywayysss~ XD
I'm a little bit kind of not doing any posts anymore..
But I've piled alot of things I want to post that needed
some editing before showing it to u guys.. hehehe..
Oh btw, I recommend ya'll to read this~!

Come on~ It's WATTPAD!!
I know you'll LOVE it! XD
So here's one of the first stories I've read!!
And WATTPAD's having THE BEST authors!!
Don't you think? ;))
I've finished reading it~! Hope the author would continue and upload as soon as possible..
Inshaallah~! ^_^ ;))

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Album Art

Salamu alaikum~
Okay, I just managed to fix it now..
Coz it didn't bother me much..
But I wasn't also counting on changing it also..
My WMP (Windows Media Player) is not changing its
Album Art.. Some of the songs that I play are not changing it's album art
even though they have the right album cover/art.. It's always
Dream High's... it's when SamDong saw JinGook kiss HyeMi album art.. TT^TT *hate that part*
Even though I still love seeing it every now and then.. lol! But I just got bore seeing it always.. >.<
Now it's fixed thanks to Cnstnc680.
I dunno if it will come back.. But inshaallah I will update this post if it does come back..
So here's how I did it..
> press ALT
> Tools then Apply media information changes
> A dialog box [or wtvr you call it] will appear..
> If changes didn't occur if it's finished loading..
   Close the WMP and open it again..
   Try to open the songs that would appear different in album arts..
Mine, alhamdulillah, it's fixed! ^_^

Surprise! Britney Learns 'Gangnam Style' from Psy!

Monday, 17 September 2012

About Gmail ~ 2

Salamu alaikum.. How are ya'll? ;))
Hmm.. Let's see.. Things have been busy around me..
So I guess, it's life.. My COLLEGE LIFE!! I mean like OMG!!
I still can't believe it! I'm already in College.. except that I'm not in my hometown ..
;( That's one part I didn't like.. But much of it; I love it here in YUC!!
Atleast I got to be a part of such a COOL school University!!
Aren't you YUC students? ;)) Hmm..
So I'm just going to tell you about what I found out today in Mozilla;
I'm rarely using this.. since I'm getting used to in google chrome..
I think it's much easier to use.. But I also love firefox..!
I just found out on how to remove the ads on GMAIL!
Okay, so what I did was, I downloaded the Adblock Plus Element Hiding Helper
and installed it.. It worked on the Inbox.. But when I click an e-mail,
it still appears on the right side.. But I'm grateful to dejitarob! ^_^
The Adblock plus link isn't working.. So I guess, it can't be downloaded.. I think..
So what I did to remove the ads on the right side.. I went to the
Settings > Web Clips > unchecked the 'Show my web clips above the inbox'
Checked if it was gone.. But it wasn't..
So I installed; Gmelius - Ad Remover and Better UI for Gmail™ 5.6 
I got the link from him again.. hehe..
So I guess that's all for today~
Need to sleep.. Need to wake up VERY early tomorrow..
K.. Byers~ ^_^

Friday, 14 September 2012


Her first Henna! ;)

She also knows Henna!!
That's wonderful! hehe..
It's sunnah in our religion!
Wow! This is just soo great!! ;)))

Lizzie Velasquez

She's a special person..
And she has a very rare syndrome..
But even though she's like that..
MASHAALLAH! She has a great and motivating life!
Isn't she just one of the GREATEST people?? I mean I feel she is! ;D
I just found her out on Yahoo!News.. which I often go to and find out news..
and I'm impressed.. She's also one of the modern-ed girls.. lol!
She has Tumblr and YT channel! Be sure to check her out!
I would really love to buy her books..
If I could and know how to buy online.. >.<
also.. if there's available in this place.. ;DDD

Thursday, 13 September 2012


It's annoying! IK!
I saw a solution that may remove it forever,
or maybe not.. I'll just have to update this post..
I just did it today.. and it's actually like this..
The moment I saw that my Firefox isn't
using google as my default search engine whenever
I search in toolbar.. I changed it in about:config..
and typed in the keyword.URL..
I would always changed it to
And now it came back again to babylon..
Seriously, it never gives up.. >.<
How can this be? So I searched for a solution.
And thank goodness Christina made an easy solution..
Delete the babylon.xml file in Program files\Mozilla firefox\searchplugins
Easy Peasy~ XD ;)) 

Updated: 9/14/2012
Okay, I've done this yesterday..
Today it came back again.. >.<
Annoying! Hmm.. I'll check again tomorrow..
Before going to school..
I just fixed the keyword.enabled to true..
Which I set it to false before..
Coz I thought it was related to babylon.. XD
Thanks to an AnonymousUser

Logitech Speakers

I wanna try vlogging like the previous post I shared you guys!! ;))
But if this involves with drawing.. I might hafta be good in arts..
Inshaallah, Allahumma Ameen!! I'll learn about those things too!
It's just that I'll have to worry about what's on my hands right now..
What's updating your life online means to people?

Okay, that's new.. Wasn't planning to put that here..
Anyways.. Here's what I've done this evening/morning..
My mom bought a pair of speakers before..
Way long~! And it's been bothering just now..
that why it isn't working here on my laptop.. >.<
so crazy, but I didn't mind.. Coz earphones/headphones
are more useful for me.. coz I can hear videos/songs more clearly..
Now that it has come to annoy me, I told myself;
I just need to fix this then share it THEN sleep.. lol!
So in the end! I got it fixed alhamdulillah! ^_^
It has been here with us for like a year now..
I think.. The brand is Logitech..
I love that! Thankfully, ljthomas share his thoughts about it..
And here's what I did..
I already connected it..
>Right click the loudspeaker  icon on your taskbar
>click Playback Devices..
>click your speaker just once, then click Configure..
>Just follow the instructions and if you hear voices on the speakers
then it's done already! ^_^ YATTA~! XD

I tried it twice.. and also made it as a default one too..
So I think i'll just have to stop here..

Makeup Tutorial - Natural Digital Look.

Girlie yet geeky~ I ♥ it!!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Manga Lovers!

Assalamu alaikum!!
My Manga Downloader~
A very huge thanks to my dearest friend, Ate Dimple!
Has been updated!! ^_^
Now I can download again..
Except I just can't find time to read these..
I still have lots of them here.. >w<
Anyways! Love lots! ♥

Private Post =(

"You can only mark the whole blog as private or public, not individual posts.

I added the feature request on the Google forums for Blogger but I have seen it has been asked before.
It's a pity Blogger does not support it as WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous supports private posts.

For Blogger the only workaround would be to save the post as draft."

Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm loving COLLEGE! ^_^

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu~
How are ya'll? lol.. I just figured it out that I'm already doing
the redundancy thing.. =))) XD Okay, LOL! Another news story from me..
Hmm.. Let's talk about me officially studying in College!
XD WOOT! Alhamdulillah! I got my results just this day!
I took a Promotion test, that's what they call here, yesterday
and MASHAALLAH!  Who knew that it was that fast?!
Mashaallah! and I'm gonna say that as many times as I want.. XD
Inshaallah I'm gonna get my schedules "PERMANENTLY" and hopefully
tomorrow inshaallah! ;))) I'm sooo glad.. Coz classes started already and
I'm still worried about missing some lectures.. especially when it comes to Math..
I miss math so much! It's just that I forget things easily if I don't review them
especially in a long time! I'm worried that everything I've learned from my greatest ever
Math teacher's gonna go away.. TT^TT
So enough drama.. lol! Let's go on my story...
*I actually have alot in my mind right now lol*
This week! Has been the greatest!
I've met new friends Mashaallah! They're GREAT!
But there's this incident today, that I didn't very well much liked it..
This is the second thing that I didn't like on what happened to me in that university..
The first thing was that there was 2 girls going my way..
and well.. They stopped for a moment..
The other girl carried her friend and when I was about to pass them..
They accidentally *or not* tripped on me.. So I was sooo irritated..
Not knowing what to do.. I left them.. I wanted to talk to them..
"There's a PLACE and TIME in everything you do"
and "PLEASE GROW UP"! If you're just with your friend and no one's looking
then you can fool around with her! >W<
That also happened to me within this week.. Just didn't want to take it personally..
But that day YES i did take it personally.. Now just thinking about it.. makes me not irritable..
But IT is not a proper way to act as a lady! *Yes, I may act childish sometimes too*
We're all human.. But I just want you guys to know this..
Okay the second one.. *FULL STORY AHEAD*
Today, I took the classes in English..
So at the end of our 2nd period in ENGLISH..
Our instructor/teacher told us to stand up and go around and meet every one
we don't know inside that classroom! Or else we won't go to our break..
Don't TALK to those who you know already.. lol! *this is actually funny* XD
I was like OMG! OMFG! I'm like NO WAY! I have people here
that I don't want to meet.. SO SORRY and NO OFFENSE!
But I just have my OWN rules and regulations in meeting friends.. (CONFIDENTIAL)
So yeah I started with the nearest one I can find.. XD There!
But then our teacher, introduced me to someone.. She's cute btw.. ;))
I was like thinking nothing in my head.. I just don't know what to do & what to say.. 

I just wanna THANK MY VERY FIRST CLOSE FRIENDS I MET again there in that University!
for being & having such wonderful friends.. ^_^ I feel that we're close already .. ;))

I kept on smiling at her.. But I'm glad too, that I met her! ^_^ I was counting on it! ;))
Just then, I noticed some girls, a herd/flock/group of girls are like coming towards my place..
In the corner! I was sitting there.. They came and introduced their selves.. The first one
was like a tomboy; she shook my hands and said 'Hi I'm ___.
(I didn't hear her name correctly so I said 'sorry?' but I don't think she heard me and continued on).
How are you?' and replied her too.. and told me if I don't know how to speak arabic.. I told them I know how to speak few.. with a hand gestures.. ;DD Then ended our meeting with 'Nice meeting you!'..
Then they talked to each other, her friends.. Suddenly one of them came to me and said..
 'Hi how are you?' .. She didn't introduced herself yet.. Coz one of them suddenly asked me..
'Where are you from?' I said.. Philippines.. then...... *BAM*
They walked away.. without saying any goodbyes.. I mean no offense.. But I don't think this is a good way to keep a good relationship with new people and foreign ones too.. It's rude you know..
I've talked to some people about it already.. I just don't know what they're thinking about those moments..
Coz right after that, they all went outside the room as if it's suddenly OVER and like nothing happened.. -_-
I think it was because another class/section are coming to take over the room.. XD *just realized it* .-.
So then.. I headed to our next period.. Still the same but different room.. We learned new things...
And study.. But for me it was just a review.. ;DD So when our last period was about to end,
our adviser really didn't let this chance/opportunity to escape and meet all of us..
So we all went out the room.. and just outside the building.. Somewhere in shades..
We formed a circle.. including our teacher.. So we started in a clockwise rotation..
I think I was like 7th from where she started the interview.. Like tell us your name, where do you live,
hobbies, and what do you like to be (occupation)... Like those stuff.. So when it was just about my turn..
for like.. they were already listening to the 5th girl.. I moved to the left.. LOL!!
*SCARED and I don't want to do THIS kind of meeting* maybe if I'm confident.. Okay no prob..
But I wasn't.. so for sure.. teacher has seen me moved.. Moving from my place to the 2nd on my left..
Sorry for that.. really.. I wasn't usual self when I did that..
*I've been having these butterflies on my stomach! Since last week! 
That's why I'm not THAT much confident!*
When it was finally my turn.. I told them about myself basically.. I was like thinking..
I love many things.. what if they only want to know ONE thing..
So when I told them about my hobby.. I said.. I like crochet.. and nail polish... (DUMB!) but i like the idea..
Just then my friend reacted.. nail polish.. isn't a hobby she said.. lol.. *actually I just realized it now*
If she meant the cutix/colorful liquids.. Then she must have corrected me.. But I wasn't really thinking,
anything about that.. I was just giving them the idea.. so no need to be so literal! COME ON!
So before telling them about what I like to take.. I thought that I wanted to be a photographer, cosmetology, and computer science.. I want all of these! I planned on studying them!
So I just told them that I wanted to be a computer engineer... LOL!!
*didn't know what I was really saying those moments.. >.<*
So it was like people are already chatting.. when it was about after my 3rd/4th friends from me..
Teacher actually came closer to the students coz she was beside the first girl who introduced herself..
I think that it's only our adviser who's REALLY interested in meeting all of them.. and some students too..
I guess.. XD

Okay.. LOL!! That's a long story don't cha think? XD
It took me long to type them all in.. Tired.. didn't sleep yet ever since I arrived from the university..
So I was also thnking about the way I am now.. Handling with the skirts and all..
LOL!! In fact, I'm like satisfied already.. Maybe because I can AT LAST show my clothes to anyone..
Unlike before.. wearing such cool,beautiful, and maybe even ugly clothes.. that are just not being shown
to everybody.. LOL!! Hidden within the abaya.. >.< so now that I'm getting used to this feeling.. WOOT!
Feel like I'm back at elementary.. ;))) i love it! So now I'm aiming to buy for more skirts..
That are of course FIT me perfectly, no need for belt.. >.< and Necklaces that are catchy and
hairstyle.. XD ;))) *I like fashion too*

And also my ideas about our notebooks-to-be... I thought it would be the same in our home country..
Coz it's like.. Your professor are just going in on your lesson.. Explain.. Lectures.. Maybe not even write
on the board! Just dictate! And there, in Philippines, the students' notebooks can be anything you want..
As long as you can write on it.. XD ;DDD So we have these binders, we call it.. I bought 2..
that are amazingly CUTE and small.. But here in this university.. I guess the teachers would like it if,
their notebooks are as large as A4.. and also springs .. I was like.. again.. NO WAY! I can't..
I've already experienced having 13 to 14 notebooks in like 10 years of studying in my life..
AND IT IS VERY heavy on the bag.. I can't have these.. I brought 3 bags to school..
If I hafta bring notebooks and books plus my lunch! I can't afford to lose such a free food in my life..
LOL!! XD ;))) Alhamdulillah! Food at home is much better.. ;DD 

NEW word(s) learned today:
Argot - secret language!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Share some codes

LOL! This is my continuation from my previous post..
Just didn't want to put it all in there.. ;DDD
Okay, I thought it would be easy to show people the codes
you put in HTML but I tried and its not easy.. kidding..
With just a few clicks and there I found it..
Many thanks to James.Elsey and Greg Houston.
So I just copied the HTML codes that I would like to share
on Greg's link.. and pasted it on my composed post.. ;))
Hope you get it.. ^_^

No Title on my PAGE please!

Salamu alaikum! ;)
How are ya'll? ^-^

Okay, since I've put a new 'Page' on my blog..
Here's another one of the tutorials I saw that solved my problems..
hehe.. And in that page, it's needed to put a title..
Unlike whenever you want to make a new post,
you can exclude the title..
To remove that here's what I did..
  1. Pages > New Page > Blank Page
  2. Make your choice of putting in whatever you want.
  3. Then if you're finish.. Click the HTML beside the Compose..
  4. On the very top.. Paste the following;
.post h3 {display:none !important;}

     5. Preview to make sure it worked
     6. Don't forget to comment me too.. ;DD

Thanks to

Thursday, 6 September 2012

3 Idiots Full-Movie

Salamu alaikum~! All is well? ;))
Oh God? You've watched this one?
This has made me cried over and over!
Totally not watching that again.. lol kdding..
I Loved it! The one who has done this movie,
invented this movie, and the director of course,
IS EXCELLENT! TT^TT Totally gonna rate that one as
LOL!! TRUE??!!! Every time my sister would come in the room,
I would tell her; Why do you keep on coming here in such a bad timing..
XD In most of the parts, I would really like to wail like a kid..
I just can't.. lol.. not with my sister around.. >.<
*sniff* *sniff* ;'(
I would've never thought of such a beautiful and thoughtful
movie.. I learned so much from it.. *not really*
I know those what he said except, me thinking to take
engineering.. No way.. lol! But maybe.. ;))) He's a great actor too..

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cake Contest

Which one would you prefer on baking FABULOUS cakes?
That would make you SCREAM? XD kidding..

I've started out with Cake Boss so I prefer much from it.. Coz He's fun!
And much likely not girly-girl.. XD kidding.. But I know he's the best! ^_^

Here's another Cake Master that I watch not long ago..
I don't know much in Fabulous Cakes.. So i'm sorry but I really like Cake Boss most of all! ;D

Along with some awesome Chocolate bowls on how to do them;
more chocolates?

*she talks too much* >.< ;D
So what do you think of this post? XD

Rainbow Recipes

Hungry? Want to bake some rainbow foods? XD *These are desserts btw*
Just click on the links! You'll be send there to check it out! ^_^

Epson Stylus TX117

Okay! So here I am again..
I just did it this morning.. Didn't got any chance to blog it..
We were in a hurry this morning so yeah..
I GOT my OWN printer now! Heck Yeah!
and ALHAMDULILLAH! my Epson Stylus TX117
worked! XD It was because I can't print a document..
But I installed it already with the CD..
So here I thought that it's all just like that..
Automatic.. But I looked at my 'Devices and Printers'
it wasn't there.. It just showed, I don't remember the "particular"
name but is says something with 'scan' on the 'Devices' group..
So I searched on the internet how was it like that?
Is the CD wrong or something?
then the day after installing it.. which is today..
I found the solution.. It had to be done manually..
>.< RATS! XD But I was really hoping that that is the answer!
And ALAS! Alhamdulillah! It's just in there in the CD..
Just needed to install the part 'printer' so that you can print out
documents.. Coz yesterday I only saw the 3 programs that were
installed on my desktop.. EPSON Scan, Epson Stylus SX110_TX110 Manual,
and Epson Easy Photo Print... So I thought "so it's only for printing pictures?"
And here's what I did..
                  > Open Computer
                  > Right click on the Epson CD, then Open
                  > You see lots of folders there. Click on Printer folder
                  > Again there's 2 folders you'll see. Click on the folder depending on what *system type
                     you have.. I chose 'WINVISTA_XP_2K'
                  > Click on the 'SETUP' folder
                  > Click on 'SETUP' again.. But this time it's the program..
                  > It'll popup a window letting you choose your printer model..
                      'EPSON Printer Utility Setup'
                      I chose mine as 'EPSON TX117_119 Series'

Then it'll tell you to somethings, plug in your printer and open it..
If it showed you that it's not connected.. Close your printer without
unplugging it on your laptop/computer.. then open it again.. and retry..
There it's installed! And we can HAPPILY use printer again! ^_^ XD

*Don't know your system type is.. Go to Control Panel.. type in the search box; system..
And click the 'System' and it'll show you your system type below..

Sports Club Building F

Okay~! XD ;)) Just came back from our university.. WOOT!
guess what I saw today??
I saw the Sports CLUB already!!! WOOT!
Can't wait if it's our Physical Education already! >.<
I'm sooo gonna enjoy this! XD
I was soooo bored waiting for my friends to come..
*but they didn't come so it's just okay with me..*
So I told myself, okay fine.. I'll just have to visit it myself..
Though it would be more enjoyable with friends.. ;))
So I came and saw the Gym first..
It was good.. But I didn't see the whole thing..
So the next I saw is the Basketball court!
Inside the building!!! OMFG!! It's sooooo freaking cooool!!
Can't really wait! XD I saw 2 girls playing badminton during those moments
*this is all my first time seeing except for the gym XD*
I just had to make that big! XD
It's just like in the movies.. LOL!
*japanese dramas*
same with the basketball court..
I AM REALLY not gonna wait! lol kidding..
But the swimming pool's close so I can't really explore more
of that certain place.. ;)))

But you know what.. I was planning on sleeping on a couch..
XD and I didn't actually did it! was just planning anyway.. XD
I saw Howazain? I shook her hands.. TT^TT but not her friend!!
What a shame!! TT^TT Sorry *whatever her name is* ;D
Can't believe it! I'm already in college!
How time flies so fast? >.<
*suddenly missing my friends*

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Assalamu alaikum!
Okay it's not my type!
Why do we have to wear it?
* rhetorical question*
I mean it's not comfy for me!
It feels something's missing!!
It just doesn't fit me!
Me and father bought today again!
so while I was buying, I was like;
LOL! not literally saying it! duh!
I was like UNBELIEVABLE but I'm here
BOUGHT it already! and actually,
I was like wanting to buy the jeans-style skirt
but the 2 stores I went so far I didn't like the style they have..
So I was like thinking to myself; I MUST BUY ONE!
But it turned out to be like this..
My father who almost knows the people around our house..
Before going to one of the stores we went,

and he told me that we should check the other store too..
and I said okay.. sure why not.. ;)

So were already inside the 2 store
THE HECK! I just checked if I have ANY of their styles I like!
and my father together with the salesman was like
chit-chatting! like GIRLS!
*saying it offending-ly*
seriously~ BAD!
So I got irritated and went home bringing what we bought..
Leaving him behind.. So I was like MAD!
He called me through cellphone and said;
"You're there already"
and I heard our gate door
making the squeaking noises if you close it..
which means he's heading home..
and I was like! Yeah! and dropped the call..
Then called him again and said some mean things..
That I didn't bought any jeans-style skirts..
And right after I told him that I dropped the call..
TT^TT Coz you know what he did..
He actually went to the 3rd store and check if there are
the style I wanted to buy! and he actually bought somethings too..
TT^TT and seriously! I don't like saying sorry's!!
I just have this very bad feeling!
You know, being ashamed SOOO ashamed of what I've done..
Compared to the other people I'm with.. >.<
This is what I would like to change in My New Year's Resolution..
I think.. But I guess I'm not fond of changing anything..
Coz Time Will Tell everything.. ;D

Personal story!
*Being in japanese mode again*

Glad I met new friends today!
But I feel sad of not having my
schedules yet~ INSHAALLAH!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Searchin On The Address Bar 2

Assalamu alaikum!
How are ya'll again? ;)
I kept on repeating that.. I can't log in yet on my account!! TT^TT
Can't wait! I wanna check on my sched NOW! >.<
Okay now I have alot of problems on my laptop..
I dunno what to do but thankfully my sister.. 
Thanks to her.. My lappie's working just fine now.. ^_^
I was having this slowmo or it takes too much time to load..
I didn't know what to do.. I wanted to print my siblings' project?
But then I can't print.. and then my laptop went buffering!! >.<
So my sister just took their files so that they could print it in the school..
She just logged on my laptop using the Safe Mode!
How it made it more easier! ♥ Thank you! lol!
So I've logged in already using safe mode;
then this Safe Mode instructions popped up;
then I just pressed the Recovery Button
ALHAMDULILLAH! It's all but okay now..
But then my Java isn't working this time..
>.< still looking for that answers..

But here's my main reason for this post..
In Google Chrome.. Want to search in the address
bar with your favorite search engine..
Here's how I did it;
> Right click on the address bar
> click 'Edit search engines'
> Below the 'Other Search Engines'
   scroll down and add a new search engine..
> Type in ""
> and clicked on 'Make default'
   on what you just added..

In my case this is my No. 1 favorite search engine.. ^_^
Google ROCKS! XD
Don't forget to type in also; %s
or else you can't make it as your default search engine..
Thanks to pehxinyi