Monday, 29 April 2013

Google Chrome Updated

Assalamu alaikum guys~!
So how are you all? :)
Hmm.. Tell me, guess what happened to my laptop....?
I think it was juz this morning, i guess... =))
*I easily forgot but I think it WAS this morning... XD*
I remembered that I needed to print the questioners for our PE Health,
*more like our reviewer for our Finals.. hehe.. Wish me(or us) Good Luck! XD hehe..*
So yeah.. I opened my Google browser and surprised to see that everything had been RESET(ed) once again..
Found out that my GC was updated.. Didn't know that everything would go away..
All my extensions were gone... Those extentions and the theme~!! (´╥﹏╥ )
Didn't want to fix it yet coz I was almost late for class~
and yeah... I just fixed it this afternoon which took me a while to blog this.. (*^▽^*)
Watching series! hehehe.. Anyways, for now the extensions that I remember that I usually use are back..
Hopefully I can recover them all soon.. In shaa Allah! hehe..
I'm just here to report what has happened..
I don't want it ever to happen again..
But resetting the settings here GC is good coz there's been some stuff that I really want to remove..
and also some of the extensions weren't removed.. only the extensions and a theme that I always used!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Sloth!

Hey~ Assalamu alaikum guys...
Okay.. Another reckless me, posting at this time of the day..
Again.. I haven't done anything that is concerning what I did the whole day in College..
here at home... Didn't even review... Juz reviewed for Qur'an..
That hopefully I can show that I've done something.. *In shaa Allah*
But honestly I didn't do anything GOOD! RESPONSIBLE! AT ALL!
these days.. and it's really going to kill me...
I KNOW what I must do but my mind/body is telling me or doing the different thing you know?

and For REALZ! It's also killing me right now..
I guess that being my sister and brother just started their vacation,
is also one of the reasons to why my body is reacting differently..
Waking up in the morning is soo hard..
Usually I wake up at 5:20 or 30 then I wouldn't really feel sleepy afterwards..
that was during the times when they still had school but now that they don't..
It's really killing me.. Yesterday and Today!!!
AND I KEPT ON PROMISING MYSELF that I wouldn't do it today..
But here is what I've become... >.< I HATE IT!
I FREAKING HATE IT! That I can't control it..

One more thing... Now that they're in vacation, they can do anything they want!
Especially WATCHING MOVIES or Series..
Chuck especially.. coz I've been downloading it everyday and would watch..
depending on how many I want to watch or how many I've downloaded..
So yeah.. coz here's the thing.. When I watch I WANT to be attentive..
I don't want to miss a PART/SCENE.. EVER! Maybe for the others but most of the time NO!
'Cause before my mom together with the rest of my family would sometimes WATCH TOGETHER!
WITHOUT ME!! Can you believe that?! They don't invite me to come and join THEM!
I mean come on! I'd at least appreciate that you were thinking of me, in the future!
Even though I might have told them to 'Go Away! Can't you see I'm studying?'
So NOW, I tend to join them WHENEVER I have the chance..
coz if I don't watch it with them I wouldn't want to continue watching that SERIES esp once again..
HORROR ones.. I'd prefer watching with them.. I want US to watch TOGETHER!
OKAY! Can't you understand THAT SIMPLE FEELING?
it's really hard for me.. *Kind of* So yeah.. I guess I'll stop here for now...
This is actually good that I give this "TIME" to blog instead of reviewing and doing my homework!
Oh please dearie me, Kill This LAZINESS disease!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Which Style Suits Your Hair The Most?

Assalamu alaikum~
How are you guys?
Fine? Kullu tamam? Alhamdulillah!
haha!! I'm getting the hang of this.. lil by lil!
So I'm just planning on putting a list of Videos I have watched..
That would help me in the future.. More like a preference for me..
When I want to cut my hair again!! Soon INSHAALLAH I'll get the hang of it too..
and who knows.. I might be a good hairdresser for the "BANGS" only.. =))) XD
I am not planning on putting everything now.. cause this isn't supposed to be what I'm doing right now!
*Procrastinating mode again* So I might update this post as many times as I like to know
which are the good ones or more preferred videos I like to share.. ;D
Anyways, Here I go;

For Side Swept Bangs:
cahbayb's How to cut choppy side bangs

For Straight Full Bangs:
danalovesmakeup's How to Cut The Perfect Fringe [She's pinay!]
victoriascloset16's Cutting, Trimming, and Styling My Straight Across Bangs [Long vid and has a lot of tips]

Just for Style:
x3Haha's Trendy Layered Rocker-Inspired Ponytail

Of course there will be more so watch out for them!! ^_~

Btw, I just want to say this...
Does this person even know how to label correct things? O.O

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Beautiful Hairs~!

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Well, I was about to blog you during that moment..
XD We had our Major Theory in CS.. I think it's the second one..
and yeah.. While waiting for the "password"...
The computer I went into was having this Number pad problem again..
And thanks to mariaz90 she has the Most Helpful Reply..

*searching if I have posted a post with a problem like this one*
I thought I have told you people about it.. Seems not...
Before I also searched to why it isn't working...
and the result was different from this one..
It was like... I think it was because of Excel?
with the Screen Lock thing.. idk.. I forgot..
Might remember it someday.. hehe..

Oh well~ Guess what I did TODAY?!
hmm.. I've been really thinking and it's also a bother...
to be having the long BANGS!
Now I made it into straight full bangs!! ;3
I feel it's OK! like right now..
I dunno how I'll look tomorrow.. XD hehehe..
Should have done it yesterday...
People would be sooo surprised to see my new hair.. =)))
Imagine their faces.. hahaha!!
Anyways, I also changed the way how my bangs looked this day..
and only one person recognized it.. he he.. ;DD

Now I'm gonna look when was the last time I cut my hair, here in this blog.. XD
Oh here it is... It was December 4, 2012... Please check out~ hehe... If you like.. (◡‿◡✿)
Now it's already April 20, 2013... By four months my hair grows longer~ Ma shaa Allah!
So what I did today was just to follow them;
*SecretLifeOfaBioNerd's How To: Cut Blunt/Straight Bangs at Home

Oh how much I'd love to share how I look like right now, to you people..
But my conscience is just telling me not to do it.. (*≧▽≦)ノシ
Anyways.. Yeah thanks to them I have this somewhat awesome looks..
But really didn't follow all what they said.. Just did the 'eyebrow' technique..
and VIOLA~! My masterpiece is done! (*´艸`*)

I wanna have the same hairstyle as hers~ I LOVE IT!


FrescurasemCensura's Tesourada na Franjinha
Her technique is also one way to cut.. XD
Which i also like.. Might try that one too.. after this hair has grown *In shaa Allah* XD ;3

Watched this as well..
*SecretLifeOfaBioNerd's Bohemian Waterfall Bangs Braid
I liiiike eeet~ =))) Don't you? X3
Fine! I'll leave it till here! Hope y'all enjoyed ur day today!
Till next time! ^_~

Friday, 19 April 2013


Assalamu alaikum~!!
Well guess what I did..
This whole weekend seemed like as if nothing's going to come for me tomorrow!! XD
See, I have exams this coming week and I'm not yet EVEN ready for it! =)))
Happy happy lang..

I have uploaded the pictures.. *For the first time tinayaga ako*
on FACEBOOK! hahha.. Well this time I opened it without the feeling of heavy burden!
Pheww~ =)) So yeah.. I feel like I have a debt to my friends and teachers coz they've been telling me,
every time I take their pictures.. to upload it on Facebook.. Well.. yeah..
Now is one day.. ke ke ke.. But you also know why?
I realize I take a lot of pictures.. *but not really* so I hate to upload every single of them..
Now that I have... ahemm ahemm.. *Ma shaa Allah* a professional-like camera! XD WOOT! haha!!
Oh yeah okay.. till here lang muna..

P.S. Finally talked with Kayeee~ It has been a REALLY LONG TIME! hehe.. ^w^
Soooo happeee~~ XD

Belated Mother's Day!

Assalamu alaikum!
I thought that this was lovely and wanted to re-post it here from FB. :)

"Your Mother carried you inside of her womb for nine whole months, she felt sick for months with nausea, then she watched her feet swell and her skin stretch and tear. She struggled to climb stairs, she got breathless quickly and even a simple task like putting her shoes on was a huge struggle for her. She suffered many sleepless nights while you kicked and squirmed inside of her and while you demanded that she scoffed junk at 3am, she then went through EXCRUCIATING PAIN to bring you into this world. She became your nurse, your chef, your maid, your chauffeur, your biggest fan, your teacher, your agony aunt and your best friend. She's struggled for you, cried over you, fought for you, put herself second for you, hoped the best for you and has driven herself insane with worry for you but never has she asked for anything in return because she loves you and did it all on love alone! Most of us take our Mums for granted but there are people who have lost or have never even seen theirs. If you have a loving Mother who did all of this for you, you are very lucky, never devalue her worth because one day, you'll wish you hadn't."

Monday, 15 April 2013


Salamu alaikum!
Yeah... I've been having this issue with my teacher..
and oh yeah! She's honest that we have those times together but really..
She does that to me and every one does that to me..
Coz of course.. What they see is what they believe right?
Oh okay.. Tell me I'm not wrong..?
Somehow close to that.. Some are like that.. Some aren't..
Yes.. But you know.. I'll never know who they will be if they won't be brave and show everyone..
But oh well.. I wanted to let it all go..
But u know IF and only IF I could have an access on blogspot and can use my cellphone
at that time in class, I would've said a lot of awful things.. That shouldn't be coming out of my mouth..
or here.. XD So yeah.. Kind of had the bad day with the feeling of wanting to finish this day soon..
and have a relaxing VACATION but I know now that I won't be getting it..
Coz I'll be taking the Summer Classes.. In shaa Allah!!
Hopefully it'll be over soon!! I WANT TO HAVE 1 WHOLE MONTH for SLEEPING ONLY!!
Give me a hibernation period PEOPLE! XD
This girl is gonna dieee~ ahahaha!!
Juz kidding.. Anyways, homeworks really are a pain in the *ss!!
*These days thing's just making me want to curse*
H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K = Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge

I credit my dear friend @ZubaidahHabeeb for telling me this!! XD
But it's more like wasted on nothing.. TIME!
but if I look on the bright side! WHOA! A lot of advantages!! =)))
I'm really gonna miss this when I grow up..
THAT is if I still become an adult.. Allahu alam..
Okay.. Gonna end it here..
Hope to blog more soon in shaa Allah! ^_^

Oh yeah~ We're the BOSS! XD

Assalamu alaikum guys!!
>w< I knoooow it has been a verrry loooong time!!
*Felt like forever* Things kept on piling up~!
Coz I keep on doing the wants instead of the needs.. XD
hehehe~ Of course I need to;

=))) Don'cha agree? XD For me that's HEAVEN!
This is my peg... my trip kung baga.. hehehe..
As in!! It's like I forget everything.. well not really..
But u know it makes my heart throb for every manga I read..
Of course those that are interesting..
and if they're not I throw/delete them right away!!
Especially those scary drawn once..
Sorry mangakas.. I dun feel comfortable reading those
with scary faces even if the story did have beautiful slots.. or wtvr it's called..
Uhmm.. It depends though.. It's not always the same.. hehe..
Please!! Every thing depends on what the situation is..

Okay juz came by to say few things for this Month!!
Can't leave this month without having to write IN MY OWN PRECIOUS BLOG!
TT^TT Gomen ne~ I dun come here much often now..
Unlike before!! *oooh~ I can use this in my hw in english in "used to"* XD

Well then I'll end it here for now!!
In shaa Allah till next time again!!
Hopefully asap!! >w< TC Ya'll!!