Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter's Coming Once again~

Salamu alaikum~!
Another new month!
New Season!
New Missions? (^v^)

Sorry I wasn't that active anymore.. o(>< )o
*Right now my upper lip's swollen dunno why*
Okay~ I've experienced alot of things these past days, weeks!
Mashaallah! I'm happy, contented to have this life!
If I could only get ready, AS IN REALLY ready, for my next life~ (´_`。)

Yesterday I was really motivated~
Didn't have any second thoughts on cutting my hair!
I really wanted to have bangs once again!
So I DID IT! For the first time..
And well.. It was not as I would have expected it would turn out..
But I still loved it, coz it's the first time I cut my own bangs/fringe~
I'm soooo happy to share you these vids~
Willing that it would also turn out good just like mine! ;>
*Milkyvoodoo's How to cut side bangs/fringe ^___^
*Rosebud's How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs At Home

Today we went to a CSE Lecture..
It was in Arabic.. So I just jotted down few things I wanted in
the slide show~ XD but somehow one of the speakers,
I really wanted to understand what she said.. It was
like encouraging us.. That everything's "TOUGH but NOT IMPOSSIBLE"..
She said that in english that's why.. XD And there was another one..
But because she was talking sooo fast.. I forgot what she said..
hehehe~ And there were some events that happened in our University!
I'd really love to see more.. But I wanted to go home fast also..
It's like... Something's bothering me if I stay there..
It's like, as if, the BOREDOM IS COMING FOR YOU!
LOL!! Okay next time I'll just think, whenever I think of this,
that I should be happy of what I have NOW so that I won't regret?
I'll just stop here~ I've been procrastinating alot already..

I just thought that, if I SUMMARIZE a whole day everyday..
I won't be able to summarize it well coz I'll be adding too much
monologues! XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(⌒▽⌒)

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