Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Shaheen's Chicken Chilli Dry

Eyy~ Assalamu alaikum! *Hayys*
Annoying! Whenever we eat the food from Shaheen..
It's either me or my sister who gets stomach ache!
I don't know if it's because of not saying 'Bismillah' or "Having grudge before starting to eat"
but.. I think it's REALLY IN THE FOOD that has the problem!
It's not because of me.. Coz you know we've already ate how many times..
and now that they have this new "place" I keep getting this heavy, hurting feeling on my stomach..
It's not the bloated and satisfied but the bloated and weak!
It's not that I want to eat more.. but it's like eating my guts!
Freaking hurts! I don't want to say NO but seriously!
I don't want to eat another food from that place the next time and getting this feeling again?
NO NO! I'm really feeling weak! It's like any moment now.. I might faint! Seriously!
It's like taking my energy away! Hmmpph!!
*pouting* Even though it tastes good and it's CHICKEN CHILLI DRY! o(╥﹏╥)o
 But hey~ It won't really last long the hurting and weakening but I don't want
to feel that way whenever I just finished eating FOOD!
Come ON! Like seriously! I want to enjoy the moments
where I have satisfied my stomach! LIKE COOKIE MONSTER!! XD