Monday, 28 January 2013

2nd Day of 2nd Semester

UWAAAH~ *Ureshii na~
Salamu alaikum guys!! ^w^
Well this time, I've been really into Japanese stuff that's making me crazy all the time!!
and this just happened to me for the first time coz you see, I KEPT ON THINKING ABOUT IT TODAY IN COLLEGE!!
*/恥ずかしい~ SUPER!! =))) Coz I can't concentrate on what I should be doing..
and end up being a loner~ UWAAAHHH~~ I HATE TO BE A LONER!!! TT^TT
But first of all I don't want to ruin MY MOOD right now so let's start to something good to bad.. shall we? >w<
Okay~ THIS IS SOOOO COOL!! and NIFTY!! [juz learned a new word] XD
Now I *FINALLY* know how to make my own gif~~~~ WOOT!!
After a long time of wanting to edit on a more sensible and easier-way-to-edit-it program is [Photoshop] has finally opened its arms to me~ lol!

Thanks to these 3 folks~ montagicalo0rkhair0o, and maruzete!
► But beware... I'm just saying this for those who like to listen..
Maruzete's tutorial is silent.. so you have to pay attention on the video~

I will not start now.. but Inshaallah soon~ ;>>
But I can't wait to do it, since now that I've learned how it is done!!
I'm excited to make one!! NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY HAVE MY OWN GiFs too~
Isn't that cool? LOL!! X3 All those funny scenes in anime~ movies~ anywhere!!
I can FINALLY have my own!! I can MAKE my own!! WOOT!!!
This is soooo exciting!! >w<

Also I changed the look of my cbox.. I didn't take a picture of it..
It wasn't cute enough~ XD and the cool thing too.. is that you can change its font to whatever you like!
Ain't that cool again????!!! WOOT!! XD
and I'll be adding and changing the emoticons I have.. Some are rubbish.. really.. =)))
I juz wanted to add it there for random purposes.. =)))

Anyways!! I want to share to you about what happened today..
But it's already late... 11:43pm.. I need to rest now..
I don't want to look like sleepless in the morning!!
Ohhh~ and I'm sorry that ended up not telling you guys~
But here's a clue; FOREVER ALONE!!!
Well if I can and have time tomorrow inshaallah, I'll try to post it..
But if it becomes another sad... sorrowful day for me~ TT^TT
I might as well tell you everything!! >w<

But here's an optimistic idea that I gave to myself.. somehow~
After thinking.. and thinking..
There's still a big future for me~
This is another challenge set for me, coz I wasn't that ready enough..
It made me think to 'Just give up now'!
But no! My cousins, friends, batchmates.. and even my parents,
made me think that THEY'VE DONE IT! So why not me?
Even though I really MISS being in the old days..
Even if I wanted to stop the moment just so that it will not go away from my grasp~
I didn't want to grow up yet~ I didn't want to accept these kinds of challenge..
But something made me realize that 'This is not the end'~

Oh Misaki X Usami, Kamijou X Nowaki, and Miyagi X Shinobu also..
and because of them~ Made me think to the spot where why I should be "Continuing on" with this journey..
Somehow having these kinds of likes in Anime and reading Mangas made me give LIFE..
You know... Like the genre; slice-of-life... XD It is somehow like that..

Anyways.. I'll end my poetry here..
*second thought* I might not want to say it anymore..
on my next posts.. about what exactly it was..
But I might end up telling you everything! XD

The picture ain't mine.. Just added words~
I'm getting better at this [Photoshop]!

P.S.: If I can only draw anime peeps in PS~ TT^TT I'd make a million of those already!! XD
A lot of ideas would be popping out of my head!! Then I can be a mangaka!! WOOT!!
Thinking about it just makes me even more happier that I wished it would be true!!
But this is life!! I'm thankful enough already~ hehehe~ ;>

Saturday, 26 January 2013

4Minute's Gayoon

I just wanted to quote what Gayoon of 4Minute said.. XD

"Also, since she doesn’t usually look over the internet or watches TV, she revealed that she doesn’t know anything about internet terminology and does not pay much attention to newly released Tablet PCs or mobile phones."
copied from
I just feel the same with her~
But because I am in this era.. 
I am beginning to love it.. X3
Now I just realized she looked like YumYum.. 
That's why I keep having this gaze (o_O) whenever I see her..
It's like I feel like I've seen this face before~ X3


Assalamu alaikum guys~
Well, we've already started officially our 2nd semester~!
Hmm.. *thinking* Instead of writing it in my diary, I started it here first~
See?? This is how I LURVE my readers~ LOL!!
ESPECIALLY those who are silent readers.. THOSE who are creepers~ LOL!!
No offence guys.. But really.. I don't like.. *NOT REALLY* it's just the feeling of not knowing who read ur blog.. and later on I find out and will be keeping on wondering.. " OMG! She read my blog~ without me knowing... " I mean yes I tell you to visit my blog.. well atleast let me know when.. or like.. AT LEAST, the " Shout Box " I put on this Blog's right side~
Pretty please~ ;>>> That's the least you can do for me.. for my blog.. ;P

Well.. My blog title.. Made me remember one of the girls in our college..
" Are you paying attention? " XD ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ~

Anyways, moving on to my day..
THANK GOODNESS~ ALHAMDULILLAH.. I got my schedule, even when I wasn't
expecting to have it as soon as possible! But Viola~ THERE IT IS!!
Was surprised at first.. but having it as MY OWN SCHEDULE was like going back to the old days~
Highschool days!! I would remember that we would sometimes have 10 subjects or more..
But thankfully again~ we haven't started our classes yet.. So we can be cool today..
But since I got or should I say we got, our schedules already.. We're about to start on it TOMORROW!!
So Blood shedding starts tomorrow.. LOL!! Juz kidding.. I'm juz going to be sad..
*for not having them with me* Hmmpp.. >:I Lucky you~ XP
Anyways, having fun or not.. It's still college..
and this is still, my/our preparation to COLLEGE...
So it's like.. be a little more serious will you?
Even if Joker asks you "WHY SO SERIOUS?" or GD!! KYAAAAA~ LOOOOL!!! >///////<

and...  what else? It really feels good that somehow now I'm not having that heavy burden I've been keeping to myself.. NOW I can talk with it with someone else.. even though he/she isn't interested..
IT'S GOOD TO LET IT OUT ATLEAST ONCE IN A WHILE!! *suddenly thinks of ✖✖✖ ●●● * LOL!

So I'll leave you with this B-E-A-U-tiful shojo-type manga that I've finished reading~ fufu!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Crown Earrings

I wish I can buy these~~ Or at least a copy of these in this place!!! >w<

Sunday, 20 January 2013

K-Drama Report

Full House Take 2 Episode 4

WHOO~ lol!! that was hella funny!! XD
in their upcoming episode Jang Man Ok / Michelle Jang is going to wear our abaya~
She's such a cutie~ Bagay n bagay tlga sa kanya~ X3

My curiosity juz won't die down~ I want to know is how their relationship is going to happen..
How their chemistry is built~ LOL!! Kinikilig na ako sa kakaisip pa lang~!! LOL!! X3
No Min Woo is a bishounen that I juz can't leave without taking a peek~!! WHOOO~
I love him~ *in my dreamland* ke ke ke~ He's going to strip!! HALF-NAKED!!! *major nosebleed* LOL!!

The Thousandth Man Episode 3

Aaaaand~ this one! XD It's also comedy! XD B1A4's Jin Young is there~ WHAAA~
I was surprised he was there!! Didn't know he liked to act too~
Wish he could be a protagonist in some dramas too and be in more dramas!! ^_^
We'll definitely watch it!! His fans!! hehehe..

And when his pen didn't work, he dabbed the tip of the pen to his tongue~
LOL!! Does it really work that way? I thought it was only in cartoons.. =))))
He just didn't look the way he is when he got old.. Hmm.. Didn't like him..
His laugh is soo scary~ =)) It's like he's telling you laugh with me! ke ke ke~
And the woman he married doesn't even know when his birthday is!!
CRUEL I tell you~ but when I saw the picture of his kids, it's like they're one big happy family!

Rooftop Prince Episode 1

Just started it.. Coz I heard my cousin watched it in Philippines..
This is soo cute!! I'm liking it already~
I found that it has only few episodes.. So I hope to finish it, sooner than I hope.. X3
I didn't know YooChun's soo good at acting.. ;>>

I hoped that it's the two of them but no~ >w<
I don't want to learn that later it was HER who killed the Crown Princess~
I was really hoping that it was BuYong who died.. Coz he really loved her..
But they were brought to the future, magically.. So it's like, this story is going to be AWESOME!! X3
I liked BuYong's eyes here.. but when I finally saw her face.. I was.... uh... surprised to see that it's not really what I hoped for.. 
But it's better.. I think~ ;>> Anyways!! 4 of them in the future wearing like a costume. Red, Green, Blue and Yellow~
When I saw them I thought 'This is soo hilarious'.. Everything's soo good.. and her English too..
It's better than the others.. I mean I didn't laugh when she talked.. but to others.. I tend to crack up!!
It's like I feel how embarrassed they were.. X3 Anyways.. This is my review for them~ WOOT!
Hope to finish all this sooon~ ^w^

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Party Hat

This is a cute, sort of, accessory.. Don't you think so? XD
Juz sharin'~

Thursday, 17 January 2013

MyWapBlog vs Blogspot

Okay I don't want to put a bad argument about this.. I juz wan to tell you what I think about it..
Well so far MWP is maybe just a new site that still needs alot of improvement..
BUT I LIKE IT! FOR REALZ!! I immediately made an account right away.. XD
When I found out I can blog tru CP!! I've been searching for it coz I can't blog here using my cellphone.. =(

Well.. I think I'm already posting some on WMP that is making it looking more like a blogspot than
a short and simple(?) post.. lol!! I know, I'm sounding more like I'm making it like a twitter.. haha!! Yeah!
Kind of.. But still.. XD

I think that this is made for those who like to use cellphones more than desktop and blog in there..
Anywhere, Everywhere and Anytime.. As long as there is internet of course!

I personally don't trust any wi-fi that is outside our house..
Those which I don't know.. coz we may never know that they are already taking or know
our most private or personal things.. on internet.. you know like.. passwords...
oh and this is only for Wi-fi.. but if you have that 3G thing on your cellphone I guess you won't
be scammed.. hehe.. ;D and less trouble.. hehe.. So go to a place where there is a strong signal.. ;>

Hmm.. I guess that's all? hehe.. Juz xpressin' my thoughts~ ;>>

*I wan to watch K-DRAMA!!*
Full House 2 & To The Beautiful You

This Scout Girl?

Salamu alaikum folks~
Well, I made a promise that I would hopefully won't fail my readers.. ;D
I said that I would post it within these 2 weeks of my vacation..
but now that it's almost ALMOST finish, this 2nd week is almost finish..
I'll try to do it now.. ;DD Was so caught up on having fun or just lazy-ing around the whole day.. XD
hehe.. that I didn't even bother to put up a post about these past few days on what's happenin' around me..
So sorry.. Suddenly lost my interest.. -_- But oh well.. ;DD

Yes, I bring 2 bags.. I know this may seem like awkward..
But I just can't leave all the necessary things behind.. =))
I notice people in my college.. maybe those 1st years or not, they
only bring a fashion designer's bag or a small cute knapsack or handbag..
that has their make-ups and one notebook.. probably..
Well, this is mine.. XD I know I'm already in college but I still can't leave my necessities.. XD

I use the Dark Pink Tiger-look Handbag, if I have something that I want asap..
You know, it's just easy to get.. unlike the bagpack.. It'll take me atleast 15 seconds or so
to get what I want from all the messes I have inside that big chunk of bag.. XD
and that I also put my obento *lunch box/es* and water bottle in here.. hehe..

1st year Math Book (Prep Year)

My Cute Notebooks~ >3<

My trusty and favorite calculator ever! XD
I had this since I was in HS.. ;> so it's like.. 5 years now? ^w^

Playon markers,
That my cousin bought for me in Philippines~
Our favorite brand! XD I'm not using it much.. 
Who knows when I'll return to Philippines..
It's just too cute to use.. lol!

I'm not really a fan of Angry Birds but because my cousins bought this for me..
and well I treasure these kinds of thoughtfulness.. X3 So far I feel that, from all of the
wallets I've ever had, this is important and used it longer than the others.. XD
But I feel that next to my cellphone & keys.. I should definitely bring this.. hehe..
I bring this to college because my ID is here.. not because of spending money to buy food..
You know I bring my own so why buy? Free Food is better.. ;DDD XD Well for me that is..

 My personal favorite notebook!
It's like a diary but the more you look at it inside
it's like for appointment, reminders and stuff you need..
I know it's written diary but REALLY you buy that?
I mean you fell for that? Usually diaries have locks in them
so who would even think of reading mine.. I mean..
Yeah I write SOME of my thoughts in there too..
That would be classified as diary too right?
oh never mind~ You understand.. =P

 And THESE are my basic necessities.
I don't keep make-up..
well except for the eyeliner..
which I also seldomly bring and use.. ;D
The Hello Kitty spray has alcohol inside..
Baby Flo Summer Slush, Mirror, Johnssons Powder,
2 Jergens Lotion, comb, and flower soap.. 

It seems that these are just few things to you but if I put my abaya
and maybe some extra clothes for PE plus that BIG Math Book!
That bag-pack gives me FULL bag.. or more like pregnant.. kekeke~ XD
so it's really heavy wherever I go.. Some students even think that I'm a teacher.. CHE!
I didn't have any locker yet.. so Inshaallah this coming week..
2nd Semester starts, Inshaallah!! They'll be giving us lockers~ >w<
So I hopefully won't be having this heaviness or burden wherever I go..
BUT I might still have 2 bags with me.. XP =))

oh and you know what.. whenever I use my eyeliner..
I would tend to forget I had it on & scratch my eyelids.. hehe~
It really irritates me sometimes.. Because I'm not used to it..
But I still put them on.. For style~ XD
Also whenever I put on a lip gloss.. which I thought would stay there for hours and hours~
even if you eat, it won't budge.. I thought it would be like that..
So it's like in the future, I won't be wearing lipstick much.. hehe..
But when I learned from my friend that she puts it on every time it comes out..
I waz like.. I dun wan to do it everytime!! It just takes my time.. You know~ ;D
So for me, the recommended for my lips is the Violent Lips..
I just checked out their website.. and WHOA~ They had this new product for eyes also~
ME LIKEY~! XD I think.. hehehe.. It's REALLY cool!!!

So here's my entry for today~ and also a lil information about me..
Now you're getting to know me more.. XD lol!!
Btw, if you have been reading my past blog post do you remember
what I said? I said that I'll have a free time anytime I want to post about it..
Well.. I DID have ALOT of free time to post about it..
But I just posted it now.. hehe.. Well RIGHT NOW,
I'm in the mood for posting some more.. Anyways..
Please FOLLOW me~!!
And I'll end this post with this picture..

This was what's written on the notebooks I had~ Aren't they sweet, cute, & CHEESY? lol! Anyways..
Take Care Y'all~ God Bless~ and Good Luck!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Pop-up Comment Window

Yay!! I just change the way how people would comment in one of my blog posts!!! ^_^
Thanks to her~ The reason to why I did it to like this.. is just that..
This is much more easier.. A window popping up.. XD
Don'cha think? But now that this blogspot, has already updated it's look..
So I guess you'll find it here;

GANTZ Chapter 375

Salamu alaikum y'all~
Hmm.. Guess what..
I just spent my whole day yesterday
reading GANTZ!
It was crazy!! and I really planned on finishing it
within that WHOLE DAY! but I really can't..
I just finished the remaining 15 chapters,
and I thought, "This manga would definitely
not disappoint me till the very end!"
But what the hell????!
It ended at the very last moment,
when everything should be alright..
CHAPTER 375!!!
Why does it have to end now??
I would want to wait..
but How will I know when
they've already scanlated the continuing chapters?
Please!! If I only know someone who's
die-hard otaku fan!! XD Who really knows ALL
about it!! there would be someone..
PLEASE OKU!! Dont' make it like this~

Tae-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! =))
I just love it!! ♥♥♥
It's totally different from the movie!!
but I also love how they ended it there!! (I'm relating about the movie k?)

Friday, 4 January 2013

My Tutorials Tab Coming Soon!

Inshaallah I'll be adding my Tutorial versions soon on those tabs.. hehe~
Juz informing y'all.. ^_^ So that it will not be hard to look for what you EXACTLY
want ayt? ;>> Hope you enjoyed my blog so far~ ^_^
I will be posting those what I said before too.. [recall?]
Inshaallah~ Have a nice weekend folks..
and for YUC peeps~ Let's enjoy our Vacation!! ^_^

What's an Otaku?

Can I be considered as an Otaku Fan?
even though just a lil bit?
I found that it's meaning is like this;

Originally お宅 otaku meant house - and as nerds and geeks tend to hang out in their house the word for them became Otaku.
In Japanese Otaku generally refers to a nerd of some sort - most usually a computer nerd with no physical abilities who is heavily into reading and other solitary pursuits. It can also refer to someone who has an unhealthy obsession for anything that is unphysical.
In Western cultures the word Otaku has been taken to refer to people who are specifically into Japanese Anime, Games, Cosplay and
Basically anyway you look at it the word is negative - more negative that nerd in my opinion.

I'm kind of like a geek when it comes to computer and such..
and also I've been reading Manga within like these past few weeks..
I downloaded them before, never thought I'd read them
and would download much more than what I thought I would need..
Now I'm hungry for Shojo Manga!! Romance!!
but I try to control myself..
I don't want to be attached to these..
Esp now that my mom kept on telling me,
don't spend too much time on your laptop~
LOL!! If she only knew how addicted I am~

I might take it as an offensive word..
but I'm rather glad! lol!! Coz it's like describing me..
in some way though... =))) anways..
What do you think? ;-?

Block B not being paid?

Hey take a look at this;

I dunno if this is true or not..
But somehow I feel connected~ X3
Please resolve this as soon as possible..
Just check out the link for more information.. hehe..
I just want to show you the "thing" that made me feel connected!! XD
Did you get it? =)))

Shining Inheritance Afterthoughts

I realy can't believe it~ lol!
After all these years (?) of watching Shining Inheritance!
I've finally finished it last year.. *just came to realized it*coz I've been thinking of the mid parts.. >w<
anyways, I was happy for such a good ending!
Everyone's satisfied atleast for SeungMi's mother.. hehe~ ;>
I dunno when was I first started watching it..
and I think I re-watched it before I continued,
from the last ep I stopped watching..
*That's me, once I've finished one thing..
like a long or short drama.. I won't be watching it again..
Because of this crappy internet.. and also it will be just taking my
time when I'm supposed to "these" things..

Hmm.. Let's see.. I'd like to redirect you on my posts concerning this;
~(>_<~) Oh what a shame.. I only made one post about it..
=))) And it's the critical moment~
So if you don't like then don't click on it.. XD
I will be just a spoiler for you, that is if you haven't watched it yet~ >w<
(ノ´д`) I'm really sorry~ I didn't know it would turn out like this.. m(_ _;;m

thought I might really need to re-watch those last few episodes..
I dun remember how did Joon Se oppa get happy?

Surprise!! Got'cha!

Assalamu alaikum~ ^_^

What was accomplished within my 2012:
Alot of memories!! XD I'll try and see if I can remember all!
I did alot of first time(s).. Subhanallah!! Felt so happy!! X3

~Became a Teacher's Aid with SALARY! XD
~Went & stayed in Philippines for more than 2 months... (Oct 15 2011 till June 15 2012)
~Stayed in Torel for almost 4 months *I miss it* (Nov 1 2011 till Feb 19 2012)
~Learned Juz' Amma and half of Juz' Tabarak >3<
~Cut my hair.. 1st I had to cut it into shortest bob.. 2nd having a side fringe
I made myself, with my short hair.. so I had 2 new hairstyles within that year.. WOW!
*my new record XD*
~earned alot of remembrances from philippines.. ^_^
~Met alot of cats!
~Owned my cat's kitten..
~Changed the Master's Bedroom and our bedroom's carpet into linoliym
~My sister's finally bunking with me -_- *Though she's not always here*~Met new friends.. Got new close friends..
~1st semester of College in Prep Year (-_-) DONE! 1 more semester and 4 more years to go!
~Met more than one International People.. (American, Korean, Sri Lankan, Indonesian, etc)
I mean their nationalities okay? coz I've been with Malaysian people since 2008? and pakistani, Egyptian, arabs, sudanese.. and ..... them.. XD

~Made alot of CRAZY times in COLLEGE.. *who knew I could have a heart of a lion* LOL!
t'was juz a figure of speech.. XD
~and of course I've learned alot and grown up a bit of all those what happened..

Well it looks like I spent most of last year's time in Philippines.. XD
I really don't have a goal within a year.. but I'll start now.. since I really need it..

GOALS within 2013?:

~Finish reading Litigators
~My Crochet Projects (secret)
~Visited Taif
~Visited MOA (Mall of Asia in Jeddah) for the first time!
~Blogged what I promised last year.. and the drafts..
~Went to my bestfriends' before, for the first time, they finally leave this place.
~Pictured Dana Mall for Mico & Kim (take lots of them)
~Own Samsung Note II
~Have pictures of Zubaidah and Eman.. XD

and I'll have lots of them.. Inshaallah.. I'll update this! ^_^
*maybe or maybe not*
That depends whether I would like to share them with you~ ;P XD
and lastly I'll end you with this~ PYON!


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...
My dear readers.. WOW!!
This is such an honor!!
To be given of a Blog Award by • p i n k u r i i •
Just scroll down and see~
I was planning on blogging of another tutorial..
Oh~ It's my first blog for 2013!! :O
*just realized that*
Anyways, it's just short..
then I'll continue on with my report.. XD

Was just using Mozilla..
*I'm rarely using this one now,
but before I really liked it..*
So after months of leaving it
of course there would be some changes
made.. For instance, opening a new tab
gives me Al-naddy.. instead of my beloved "BOOKMARKS"!!
That really irritated me.. So once, I searched for a remedy for this..
Well.. I ended up downloading, SpyHunter..
Which really didn't do the work..
Now that I've found how to fix it.. 
*well this worked for me, i dunno if it'll work for you
tell me if it did work for you.. Please!*
Thanks to this link;

How to Remove (Uninstall Guide)
Well, I have one advice for you in tutorials..
IF there are pictures..
you BETTER look at it till the end..
UNDERSTAND it first..
and see which one's easiest..
So yeah, that's what I did..
They were all easy to do.. *because of it's clear evidence XD*
What I did only is to removed the Al-naddy toolbar..
Only that.. and tested if it is still there on the new tab!
*hopefully forever*
Coz if it comes back.. then I might as well do
what they said on the link.. ^_^
That'll be all.. XD

sorry really didn't notice I'd give you a long one.. 
look on the bright side.. I didn't tell you the whole thing! XD 

I can't stay all night long now..
*cough*  I really need to rest early,
even though it's our 2 weeks semester break.. >w<
sorry~ I'll just stop till here... I'll just continue inshaallah on the next
post~ *cough*

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .   °  . ● .    ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★
 ° . • °   .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸  ★  
★ ° . .    . ☾ °☆  . * ● ¸ .   ★ ° :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * .      .   °  . ● .    ° ☾ °☆  ¸. ● .  ★  ★ ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .