Thursday, 23 October 2014

Struck by The Wind

Yoww my ghosties!! 
How are you?

Uwaaaaaah!! I wanted to cry out loud!!
But I also didn't want to look stew-pud~ hahaha..

I..... just...... watched.......

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Quiet and just quiet

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh~

Yow guys?? How are u?
Me ghostly friends... hehe..
Sorry this time I'm going to rant like annoyingly!

I'm striving again with this kind of feelings!!
It's like... Damn! I want to forget but the only thing that can release this anger or anxiousness or wtvr it is I am feeling right now is to say it somewhere or write it down somewhere... it would give me a peaceful feeling once am done! =))
I wanna put it somewhere else but I decided to just say 'em all here!

Oh and guess what... Yesterday night.. I became curious as to see who views my blog turns out, whenever I get to view or just see my own website, this blogger, would also count my pageview!!! X(
All this time!!! This blogger who just made me anticipate every time I would come here.. >_>
Freaking annoying!! BIG TIME!!
So it took me like the midnight... didn't know what will store for me on the next day!

After a few while I realized, I HAVE A QUIZ!!!
and that quiz IS LAB!!! CS LAB!!!
I didnt even get to read or do anything!!!
I thought it would just pass by as if nothing happened!! But people!!! I demand you not to overlook at things! U might think like this or like that but in the end you'll be the one who'll end up suffering!!! And regretting the moments!

Ugh... but good thing and Alhamdulillah, really Alhamdulillah... that my Miss was really sooooo kind to help me.. Ma shaa ALLAH.. with just two of the questions... thinking back, I feel she's going to deduct my grades now..
Coz u know what happened, I even wanted to tell this to my friend(s) but .... anyway, I was already there doing everything in the lab, trying to remember what I learned in the little time I got this morning.. I forgot two things!!! The input statement when u ask the user and the other... haha.. well they were just silly enough not to remember... >_< soo annoying and yeah! I thought that what if I just leave my quiz with what I know and dare not to ask.. but I didnt want to loose the chance of not getting a perfect score on my FIRST and EASIEST quiz ever!!! So... I asked her if I can have hints.. ahaha.. AAAAAND I guess it was alright!! ♥♥♥ Sparkles and Love was in the air!!! All my programs worked PERFECTLY FUYN and I wanted to jump as high as I can!!! =))) even thought of hugging the miss.. ahahaha.. but I'd have to be craxg enuff to do that.. so yeah.. now am feeling great! Aha.. (≧∇≦)/

Am going to have my last class for the day in a while so see y'all to the next post~ X3 hehe..

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Have you ever played any PlayStation series?

How are you all? 

As the title suggests.. Have you ever? If you are, then you're one of the luckiest people ever!Ma shaa ALLAH~
In my case, I had played it only as a "teaser" feeling..
Even though I was reaaaally curious about it, my parents didn't buy one for me.. neither does for my siblings too..
Though we got one, PS3.. It was a gift bundle, I guess.. and since during those times I was like the geeky girl who kinda-thought-knew-everything-about-gadgets said that the one we got didn't work.. So we just had to give it away.. sadly..