Saturday, 1 November 2014

PowerPoint Date Problem

I was printing the slides from my Physics subject
when I noticed that the current date was also printed along the slides..
I printed 'em as a Handout Setting with 2 slides in each pages..
I would like to have it at least 3 in each
but I didn't want to have lines on each of the slides.. For now that is.. 

So problem was  "How to remove the current date that is being printed on the top right corner of each page?!"

Exam Time Again~

Yeorobun~ Annyeong haseyuu... haha..
How are you all?
I just want to say Hi!

I just missed blogging soo much..
and kinda like 'not caring about the time' at all.. 

Next week we're going to start with our Midterms..
for 2 weeks.. It was supposedly only for 1 week..
But the girls in our college complained..
Coz I think some or most of them had 2-3 exams in a day..