Friday, 30 November 2012

Favorite Voice Actors

My Very Own Favorite Voice Actors:
1. Shinnosuke Tachibana
2. Nakamura Yuuichi

Guess who are the characters
they've portrayed that really made
me LOVE THEM!! XD ;>>

Manga & OR Anime

Salamu alaikum!
Okay I just want to say this!
Anime is better than Manga! Why?
COZ you can literally
the message they are delivering to us!
This is my opinion..
It's also because,
when you read..
You have your own set of imagination..
Your own ways of thinking how it is being delivered!
That's why if I read a manga
I wouldn't want to watch an anime of it..
*but if the voice actors are freakin' GOOD! WHY NOT?*
and if I am watching the anime
and it has a manga...
I'm not really fond of it...
I'm not like the other Otaku fans.. ;D

But then Manga also has another good thing..
Coz you don't have to listen to any new songs
that would make you download the WHOLE OST.. *for me I would do that*
You'll not think about the background music
that will make you go with the rhythm *Sorry Rhythm, if you get what I mean* CX
or that will scare you.. give you goose bumps.. XD
and also imagination's good..
Especially when it's WILD! LOL!
EXCITE that's what it also gives us!
Makes us want to read more of it!

But if you're on a manga that's just started..    ←*I didn't get what I meant here now ///_/// sorry*
*In here, I meant like waiting for the next chapters..
or so in short words, Ongoing Mangas*
I can wait.. I can support the people..Well I really salute you for being patient..
but then my mood looses its thing to read that manga!
Don't get me wrong, I love that manga.. really!
Wishing I had those cards too~ X3   ←*talking about a certain manga*

and for us Muslims it's better
coz the only thing that would make us fitna(?) is our eyes..
and also You GET everything..
You understand the WHOLE PICTURE! ne? \OwO/

currently having a bias on TOMOE!!! X3

? - not sure if I said it correctly

Monday, 26 November 2012

Go Eun Woo

Uriga Eun Woo is finally found!!!
Episode 27 of Shining Inheritance~

Assalamu alaikum folks~
Just finished watching Shining Inheritance today...
I continued from Episode 22 till the end, today~
ahhh! Feels good to know the end was not *bitin*!!
Lee Seung Gi's really cute with his dimple!!! >w<
I begun liking him when I started watching Gumiho! XD
My Girlfriend's A Gumiho
Watch that one if you haven't!
The lead actor is him..
ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)and a cute Gumiho is waiting for you~
A scene was advertised.. *kind of*
at one of our College's Lectures..
Computer Science and Engineering..

Take Care Y'all~

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I gave my heart to the Dunya and the Dunya repaid me with sorrow and restlessness :(
I gave my heart to ALLAH and ALLAH repaid me with content and joy :) ♥

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Being Me!

Assalamu alaikum guys~ Hmmm..
What do we have for today?
My forecast for today~ lol!
We had rain here in Yanbu!
People in College were going crazy!
AND this is my 1st time seeing
the university in dark mode~ lol!!
It's like, so this is what it looks like when
it's in the evening.. SCARY! at same time cool!
but now really coz it's like your in the hospital! TT^TT
People weren't inside at that time so it looks like as if
no one's inside!! Which really creeped me out a bit! XD

What me and my friend did today was,
we ONLY attended a club meeting!
After that we didn't take any classes..
Coz they were all canceled!
*And I just gave my back a hard time
bringing all those heavy stuff*
Oh and if your curious, or not, to know what
these heavy stuff are.. Keep in touch!
Coz I can have a free time anytime I want to post about it!
That is if your curious XD

Okay what else did we do today???
Oh I showed my cutix / nail polish collection to my friends!
Wanna see? Oh well.. You'll just have to wait for that too~ XD

I've been wanting to do alot of things but I cannot just leave my COLLEGE works..
It's been piling up! I have my own projects to do and these & those things~
Good thing we didn't do anything today~
I was thinking that.. If I only knew that this would happen,
I could have done my Math Homeworks.. and writing CS Powerpoint Lectures!
Hmmph~ But of course! Allah knows what's best!!
And what's best was that~ Instead of having what I want,
the best was I had to spend my day with my 2 newly found bestfriends!!
They're just soooooooooooo FUN to be with!
*I accept Eman as my bestfriend now* ^_^
Especially now that I'm getting to know them more and more!
We laughed so much! Teased each other~

Oh and I better go~ My week hasn't finished yet~
TT^TT Now I'm really starting to feel like super busy!
*I wanted to say like in college, but I'm already IN college* LOL!!
Don't get me wrong! I love being busy.. but I'm just sad that I cannot
do things I would like to do! Especially what I used to do before
in HS was that I will rest for atleast 5 hours or less then do my
homeworks or just have a fun time in the laptop!
Things before wasn't as hectic as this.. ;D
Okay See yah!
Mishu ALL my beautiful friends~

Friday, 16 November 2012

Auto-Hide Navigation Bar

Assalamu alaikum!
>w< I know~ I haven't written my homework in ballpen and
I'm still here on this freaking net~ XD
Well I was really planning on blogging yesterday but..
I was busy with cleaning.. *was in the mood* HIMALA i know~ =)))
Tomorrow's the deadline for our Assignment..
*Seriously what's the difference between Assignment and Homework?
It's all done at home... hehehe.. I know the meaning.. ;P*
and you know what, our teacher just gave it this Wednesday..
We should atleast have a week to pass it to her like what
she did on our 1st Assignment but then again we're already late
or what she thinks.. *Please we're just Prep year, as you would say,
handle us with care* XD Coz there are some questions that
we haven't discussed in class and she's giving that? I mean come on!

So, what I really wanted to try out for today is
to test if the Auto-Hide the navigation bar here on blog
is really working? *testing*
While I'm testing, I wanna say something..
Now I'm already having the feeling that I CANNOT do anything I want..
or have the time I want to spend for my leisure times during
weekdays~ There's no more spending time on net..
But I always give, that's why school work..
or should I say.. College work is piling up..
The things I should do, should be done!!
I know I kept repeating this on my mind
but what do I get? Procrastinating?
LOL!! I can't separate for a while with this freaking net!
=)) Oh and one example?
Fixing my tumblr page!

With a little more of adjustment I can show off my tumblr
to anyone I know!! XD Except that.. I am still having lil troubles~
>w< that I shall fix! haha!!

That's what I've been busy with! I loved it!! =))
Also I've been learning a few things in Photoshop by myself..
Suprisingly.. Coz I wouldn't really give time to anything.. *not literally*
except when I don't have anything to do in College..
My FREE TIMES this semester are kind of not boring to me anymore..
*Testing is loading*
awww~ It's not yet working!!! >.< Still needs some work in this one..
Or am I the ONLY one who gets this?

Oh okay~ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I got it!!
Thanks to Btemplates!
*Now my neck hurts~ Need to sleep! & I need to write down my
assignment right after this DX*
This is the only site..
I THINK.. that have helped me..
You know why?
It's because where you put it is important..
Or else it won't do anything..
Only Btemplates made my day..
*actually night XD hehehe*
Check out these sites;
Reasons to why I want you to check it out is:
  1. Where did they say should I put the code? Test it out.. It didn't work for me.. ;(
  2. And I just figured it out that  removing the navbar is one of TOS violation. idk what that is but I didn't even try to remove that thing.. good thing too~ >w< Oh and I just read the whole thing..
The 2nd site also said the correct place..
Why am I just scheming things? >w< This is annoying!
That's why it's always my fault..
Anyways! Since now that I'm done with that problem~
Sweetdreams and Goodnight in advance! XD

P.S. I've tried recording my voice with our Microphone..
That came with the English Time Kit..
That my mom bought~
I didn't know that THIS IS REALLY COOL!
AWESOME!! XD Soon I will also make
a Vlog.. but not showing my face..
I think.. haha~ Inshaallah! This will be on my waiting list! >w<

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Monologues#2 Math Games

Assalamu alaikum~
I'm soooooooooooo not in the mood!
AND it started in the morning already..
Didn't know it'll reach me until this evening!! TT^TT

I JUST WANT TO LET YOU KNOW! *through here*
but I can't tell it to you personally..
I dunno how & why..
Maybe because I'm scared..
You'll not like me anymore..
I'm not good with words..
I try not to be tactful with you!
Since we're just getting to know each other..
I'm just good at explaining it to you virtually..
Since YOU CAN READ all what I'm saying..
Even though just scheming, it would do me fine..
As long as you understood what I want to say..
what I want you to know how I'm feeling..

I've been like this ever since!
I dunno how to control these feelings of *sulking*.
in tagalog, nagtatampo AKO!
It's hard! Whenever I felt this it's like no one's beside me!
No one's looking after me..
No one's there for me..
*in those short times..
I think of these..
It's like everything's over!
I just want to end this!

I don't like being left ALONE!
coz that's what they've been doing to me..
for my past school years..
I dunno how.. or what went wrong..
*i'm referring the "THEY" to my schoolmates/classmates..

They're not really that curious about what I did today..
I'll just have to open up a conversation just to tell them what I did today..
Just so that I can let it out of myself..
But today I feel it's different..
Mom's been sick..
Both of my siblings..
Father is not really a good adviser for me..
I just dun wan to talk to them!
and this makes me feel HATRED!

I don't want to let others think that
I'm saying *my stories or randomness*
just because I want attention..
NO! NEVER! I always think of this..
That's why I don't talk much!

Since now I'm surrounding with people whom I talk
in english regularly.. My tongue is a bit exercised on talking english..
But then I must at the same time.. Learn Arabic..
Coz that's what they have here!
I can't come up to any people there in university,
coz I dunno how to communicate with them..
There might be a big misunderstanding if I didn't
say anything.. or I did something they didn't like..
But SERIOUSLY, it's them who's making it, me
not LIKE them..

Okay so it's really this..
Sorry I'm making a big deal in this small matter..
Sorry if I made any assumptions..
I didn't know coz you weren't talking to me~
You know what, you could've told me that you're going home..
What if your brother didn't tell you to come back inside..
and you would have left the university, without me letting know
that you're already out and didn't want to stay any longer..
I was there, waiting for you..
I wanted you to take my place for atleast 5 minutes only..
I wouldn't really want to take much of your time..
But since your there to be my help..
Okay~ I'll just stop until here!
I don't want to blab bad things anymore!
What's done is done..
There's nothing we can do about it..
"I sure do hope so.. It's just easy to say..
But hard when you do it.."

*I REALLY am feeling that I just took these last 4 sentences in a movie..
But it's all true~ I want to let it go!
I don't take grudge..
As long as it wasn't as bad as I had when I was in Grade 6!
That damn teacher! HMMPH!! Really I dunno why that until now
I still didn't like her~

Monday, 12 November 2012

Download Flash Games

Salamu alaikum~
Sorry for the wait!! >w<
I was trying my photoshop skills~ XD
and it took me at least half an hour.. or 2..
fixing it.. lol!! =)) For starters, I think it's good..
Well here you go my first picture tutorial.. but still with some words~ lol!
Hope you understand and like it..
If you have questions,
Please feel free to ask!!

Okay 1st of all, if you're a Google Chrome user,
downloading Flash games wouldn't be easy.. Y? I'll show you..
I chose KAWAIRUN in 

Okay, let it finish loading..
Then we'll continue to our tutorial..
Y8 has alot of games that you can easily
download.. Especially those Surgeries..
I love those~ LOL!! I feel like a real doctor
whenever I operated the GAME.. =))
But they only have few of those..
So our game has finished loading..
There are two ways you can download it:
I said it 2 ways if you prefer to download in Y8 too!

1st.. Click 'Play this game in the size of your screen or download it'...
You'll just see this in Y8.. 
I'm not sure with other sites..
You'll see that it's not loading...
For me it didn't load at all..
I waited for only a few seconds~ XD
So this means we can't download it..

So let's try our 2nd way... And it is to Right Click beside the Flash Game as shown:

Then click View page info..
A warning will appear..
It will look like the picture on the left side..
I don't know how to operate this..
So I say we can't download it in GC for now..
Try it for yourself if you don't believe me.. ;P
So let's go to Mozilla Firefox!
Do the same with the steps above..
I'll be with you so don't worry! XD

Start with the beginning again~
*Still the same game in Y8*
1st way to download it is to:
>>>Click 'Play this game in the size of your screen or download it'
>>>It'll direct you to the full size of your screen and wait until it finishes loading..
>>>FINISH? Then Click Firefox.. It's located on your left up corner..
>>>Click Save Page as.. Like shown below:

>>>A window will appear telling you where you want to save it..
>>>Rename if necessary.. then SAVE!
>>>Try and see if it works until the end of the game.. That is if you survived till the END! XD Juz Kidding~

Okay now let's go to our 2nd way..
This is for other websites besides Y8..
For those who doesn't have the 
'Play this game in the size of your screen or download it' link..
>>>Go to your preferred site.. As seen below:
Now I chose Fireboy & Watergirl 2 In The Light Temple in 

>>>Right click beside the Flash game..

>>>Click View Page Info... A window will appear.. like shown below..

>>>Click the Media tab.. Scroll down until you see the Embed type...
>>>Right click on that and copy the link..
>>>Paste it on the new tab..
>>>Then wait for it to finish loading..
>>>After it finishes loading, then only you can save it.. Click Firefox...
>>>Click Save Page as...
>>>Rename, Save and PLAY~

Hope it does the thing!! ^_^
Message me if it works for you..
And if this tutorial's lame,
understand that this is
my first time so get a life.. :P
Till next time~

A/N: I SPENT 3 hours,going 4 now, for editing and making a post for this..
Just to make it simple and understandable.. XD
~If you downloaded a game and it didn't work then before saving them..
Play it and just then you try downloading it and see if it works..
Just play until where you like.. can't be until where you are stuck.. ;D

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wanna repeat YT Video?

Salamu alaikum folks~
How are you all?
Well today guess what I did..,..?
Yeah~ I've found it for all those who love to keep
on pressing the replay button in Youtube..
Instead of refreshing it then playing.. *just to add views dunno if this is true*
or harassing that replay button all of the time~ =))
Here's a nice add-on or plug-in for your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox..
Magic Actions for YouTube™
I've already downloaded it.. and tried it on..
It does not only repeat the video..
but it also has Cinematic View of diff colors..
Now you can Volume it up with the scroll of your mouse!
And many more~
It changes the view of your Youtube if you have this..
But I feel that I've upgraded it into something NICE and COOLER! XD
Anyways... I'd like to thank the one who shared it in a YT video..
Julian Rios~ ^_^ Hehehe~ 

A/N:Thank goodness now that I haven't delayed on publishing this post~ >w<

I made a prank to myself? 
lol! I pressed CTRL + ALT + DOWN
Everything went upside down!
=))) I Knew this trick.. but now that I've got it once again..
I hope never to forget about it.. XD

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Mom's book

Okay so now that I've borrowed 3 books from my friend..
Thick books.. I think this will be my first time reading thick books.. :))
My mom has.. But she usually finishes them.. 2 or 3 days..
If she loves it.. She's done within that day she got the book..
or maybe when she just started reading that book!
For me, reading novels like Nancy Drew's..
are fantasy.. I like fantasy.. But when it comes to real life,
or maybe not, stories I tend to be emotional when there are times.. XD
Now that I showed the books to my Mom..
She actually said that she finished reading John Grisham's The Litigators..
I was thinking.. Isn't the Legislators? Coz my friend has the 1st cover..
It's just small and about my pinky's thick..
But Mom's she bought in Jarir Bookstore..
It's big.. hard cover.. and kind of thick too..
Even though it's already big..
But she has different cover..
So I thought that maybe it's different..
                                        My friend's                                              My Mom's

But I guess I'll just have to read it since my mom made me feel like it's cool! lol!
And that's all for now.. Oh and one more thing..
I also saw this cover:

I didn't know that people can make different covers in one book.. How come twilight isn't? lol!
Juz kidding.. XD Oh I'd also like to read those.. and Harry Potter Series..
It's just that.. I dun have it.. Need to buy.. or just borrow it from the library, I HOPE THEY HAVE IT THERE IN UNIVERSITY!!, or my friend's.. and return to them ASAP!! >w<

I wish I may..

I wish I might..
Have these by the end of tonight!!




I really wish~
I really want to have these all by tonight!!
But I guess only in my dreams!! XD
I'll just have to visit DreamLand once again!!
But I dun wan to wake up after that! TT^TT

There are alot of things that are good to buy here:
Now, it's starting to make me feel like..
I dun wan kpop.. *BUT I STILL DO*
because it was kinda my thing only.. before..
=)) But it's good! For now.. coz I dunno any one in this place..
That are kpopholic YET! XD Y'know what I mean?

10 11 12

Assalamu alaikum!!
These weeks I'm not really having enough time to spare for blogging!
I should concentrate now that my, our vacation's over..
Now that the clubs I've attended are going to be active..
and I'm having a Midterm this week..
and homeworks that I kind of not understand in Math!
UGhh!! Well never mind that!
Today's date is really extraordinary!
10, 11. 12
XD I know.. It's not October and I should have made a post for that..
Silly me.. I think I was busy in those days!
But what do you know.. Today's month is November..
and the date for today's 10..
and the year is 2012!!
=))) Cool!! for those who are born for today..
mashaallah! And sweet!! For those who are having anniversaries..
wedding? monthsary? well all of the above!

So I did today; was I added 'Copy To' and 'Move To' on my Context Menu..
Context Menu is when you right-click on mouse.. A shortcut menu appears..
That's context menu..
I wanted to add that coz I tend to have lots of pictures...
files... and other stuff that I need to arrange that until now I haven't done it!
Thank goodness I read that book in our library in University..
*It's soo, how do you call this, hard? and long word to say the UNIVERSITY..
Can't it be like how we used to say it? SCHOOL? lol! I know~ but it's much more
easier to say and much more faster than saying that 3-syllable word*
Oh and I learned one shortcut key from my bestfriend; Windows + D
*trying* ahh nice!! It's faster than clicking!! =))
I feel this is better! ^_^

I'd like to thank them so..

Check out these websites!
Copy To
Copy To and Move To
They made me know where to put the codes..
Coz I saw it first from a book.. & didn't want to bring the book home..

Just noted down the codes.. Well so far! This has been my first 'published' post in this NOVEMBER!
Well take care everyone!
Time flies really fast now! >w<