Sunday, 11 November 2012

Wanna repeat YT Video?

Salamu alaikum folks~
How are you all?
Well today guess what I did..,..?
Yeah~ I've found it for all those who love to keep
on pressing the replay button in Youtube..
Instead of refreshing it then playing.. *just to add views dunno if this is true*
or harassing that replay button all of the time~ =))
Here's a nice add-on or plug-in for your Chrome or Mozilla Firefox..
Magic Actions for YouTube™
I've already downloaded it.. and tried it on..
It does not only repeat the video..
but it also has Cinematic View of diff colors..
Now you can Volume it up with the scroll of your mouse!
And many more~
It changes the view of your Youtube if you have this..
But I feel that I've upgraded it into something NICE and COOLER! XD
Anyways... I'd like to thank the one who shared it in a YT video..
Julian Rios~ ^_^ Hehehe~ 

A/N:Thank goodness now that I haven't delayed on publishing this post~ >w<

I made a prank to myself? 
lol! I pressed CTRL + ALT + DOWN
Everything went upside down!
=))) I Knew this trick.. but now that I've got it once again..
I hope never to forget about it.. XD

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