Friday, 14 October 2011

Thoughtfulness of a Woman~

♥ Women(Mother Sister Wife Daughter) is the most beautiful part of GOD ALLAH AL-MIGHTY creation...

♥ She starts compromising at a very tender age...

♥ She sacrifices her chocolates for her father/brother...

♥ Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face...

♥ She sacrifices her Comfort and desires for her In-Laws...

♥ She sacrifices her full youth for her husband and children without complain...

♥ And finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness...

♥ She is that creature of God who no one can compete...

♥ Respect every girl/lady in your life. You will never know what she has sacrificed for you...♥♥♥

Please fix this!!!

Okay here's the thing... I'm kinda puzzled by my favicon on this blog..
Coz when I'm in Mozilla it looks like this;

It's sooo cute right? ;)))
I put this favicon through the html code..
And taken the pic from a blog..
And now here, I'll show you, what my favicon looks like in Google Chrome.

Seeeee~!! That's the big puzzler.. Coz I tried, juz a while ago..
What if I put something on my favicon.......... *Ughhh~! so hard to explain it.. I'll juz show you..*

In the left top corner, you'll see what I mean.. *sorry if you can't, it's in your settings in Layout*
So yeah and I think that's what it looks like when you view my blog right?
Please tell me I'm right?
Atleast someone!! :D

Please comment~

No one??? TT^TT

Purty please!!!!

Okay I'll do it properly~ Preeetttyyyy pleeaasseeee~~~~ :o3

Okay nevermind if you dun wan.. ahehehe.. I'm not forcing you.. *sarcasm*
Anyway, I want to fix this asap.. Coz I think my mozilla's having a lil glitch with blogger.. ahehehe..
I get fidgety when this is not fixed.. *not really hehe*
And I would love to put the cute cupcake as my favicon.. I'll juz have to find a way to do it..
*Without the black bg in it coz i took/dl-ed the pic as a gif in a site*
Okay so I'll juz have to leave here until here guys~!! Love you!! For those who are reading my blogs!!
Miss you my dear friends!! MWUAAAHHHH!!!

Vote for KPOP!! ^w^

Guys~!! I already did my part.. Except I didn't know if it added on the votes.. ;[
I did it five times.. pressing the same button.. XD
Btw, I saw this comment on DBSK's Mirotic MV... I waz juz randomly choosing a song to hear..
And I just miss listening to their song.. Fave!! ^w^
Kk.. That's all for today.. ^_^ Sweetdreams and Goodnight..

Thursday, 13 October 2011

김현중 'Lucky Guy' 안무연습(Full ver.) (Kim Hyun Joong - Lucky Guy)

I L♥VE iTTTT~!! WHAAAA!!! Asteeeeg ka pareee.. =))


Okay lemme tell you something first before going to the main topic (not really though).. XD
I'm still having this 'excited' feeling on going to Philippines even though it'll be on the other day.. but not tomorrow.. and that's it.. haha..
Going to the subject I wanna share to you too..
Look what I've achieved now!!

Okay tell me if you notice something here that's different from the first picture I've shown you..
Comment below.. ahehehe.. Oh if you don't like there's a chatbox beside the scrollbar..
I need to sleep now.. I've got loads of things I wanna share wid all of you..
But ,as always, so lil time.. (for me that is) I spend almost everytime on procrastinating? XD That can't be..
I juz dun use my time wisely.. So inshaallah (God-willingly) when I'll be there in Philippines, I'll be having a proper time schedule.. I WISSH~!!! >_<
Kk.. Goodnight peeps.. ^_^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


LOL!! I juz re-watched an episode on *TPOM juz to share you the craziness of King Julian.. ahehehe..

King Julian: Maurice bring me my spare crown.
Maurice: Uhum....
King Julian: Hahaha! Much betah!
Marlene: A Spare crown?? He just had.. You know.. He's just sitting around.. All along a spare crown.. All along!!
Maurice: Well yeah! For emergencies. Kinda fool king wouldn't have a crown. Please.
Marlene's very angry and handed out her hand to Rico and barfed out a crowbar.
Now Marlene stares a straight face to KJ.

King Julian: What no! no! Never on a Fun day..Seriousleh..
Marlene chases King Julian and screaming..

Oh if you didn't get it.. Here's the title of the episode; Crown Fool
or if you're tooo lazy to find/search for it.. Here it is.. X

*The Penguins of Madagascar


Okay guys..
Who knows of King Julian?
Everybody does.. Who doesn't? XD
I like the way he talks.. and the way he invents his words like..
I feel a lil sleepity today.. Hahaha something like that but I juz invented that..
He acts like bossy and sometimes like a good leader..
WOOHOOO~!! =)))
His face reminds me of Joker.. i mean the way he smiles..
He likes to dance everytime.. or let's juz say.. He loves to shake his booty.. :))
Juz watch 'The penguins of Madagascar'.. ^_^
Now we're already in the second season..
And I'm not only loving King Julian also the penguins..
The adorable Private, the one who loves to eat everything Rico, the intelligent Kowalski, and the leader Skipper!!

Where are you?

Jaaangg~!!! Where the heck are you?? =))) You told me that you'll open your blog or public it when you reach there.. >.< And also on Skype... TT^TT And I also told you to keep on touch somehow.. Now that I can't juz call you on the telephone.. I dunno your number there also.. You already have phone right? cellphone that is.. Pleaaaseee~!! Wheeeerreee aarrreeee yooouuuu?????????


Okay peeps~!! Goodnight and have a sweetdreams..
Soon I'll be having some emoticons mixed in my blogs..
As soon as I've find out how.. XD

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Okay a lil help here..
I dunno how greasemonkey works on Mozilla..
Please anyone?

Damn Favicon!

So hard to make my own favicon..
Inshaallah when I master or when I'm an intermediate at editing photos or make my own pictures/gifs on Photoshop I'll make my own favicon..
But still if I only know how to make my own favicon that I'll like.. WOOT! XD
So I'm planning to change my favicon from time to time..
Okay so.. Here it goes....

Bored! Play this!

Yoh! XD
What? Bored? Wanna play something that'll keep you wanting to know the ending?
Well for me I want! XD
Check out my vid;

Please excuse the sounds.. I juz was testing on how to video my desktop while I'm doing something.. ehehe.
I've been wanting this.. I'm so glad I have it here right on my lappie.. ^_^
But the only thing I don't have is to edit a video here.. TT^TT
I need to download or install it here before I can edit any videos I like..
Okay so back to the game I want to show you.. Oh I meant share.. ehehe..
Hmm.. Lookie.. What I've accomplished..

The thing I love here is when you're on the rocket and going higher until you reach the clouds you'll get a big smash when you reach the ground.. You can reach the skies by a rocket, glider, and the gum..

Okay I've already smashed the mirror two times juz only to get this pic.. and show you I've done it!! XD
I'm about to finish the achievements here.. only two more and I'm done!!
Guys and Gals!! Check it out whenever you're bored.. ;)
Oh and If you're worried the you might *lose the game, no need to worry it's not going anywhere.. XD
ehehe.. Okay that's all.. Have Fun!!

*As in like if you exit the window you can still play it when you open a new window..
Coz for some games it's like that~

Center it please

Okay My dear readers.. ;))
Wanna know the trick I juz learned on how to make your header or title center on your page?
Well you're gonna be lucky coz I'm gonna give you this link and it'll help you on what alignment you want for your page header.. ^_^
If you've succeeded on what result you've wanted, let me know too..
I wanna see it too!! ;))
Have a nice day.. 

New Look #2

Bloggers~!! Check out the new look of my blog..
hehehe.. It's cute.. ;))
I like it!!
*suddenly remembers B1A4's Beautiful Target*
Oh and what do you think? ;)

FTISLAND Remake ALBUM '새들처럼' Music video full ver

Monday, 10 October 2011

Blogwalking No More?

Owkay.. Now that I'm here on blog..
I'm actually wondering 'when am I going to have readers?'
I dun actually like my IRL friends to know this.. he he.. :|
Oh except of course to my bestest friends and close friends..
*I chose who to read my blog actually* >_<
If I'm atleast expert to something..
Some people might acknowledge me for that.. ;D ;')

Practicing before going to bed..

Hey Gals..
XD Okay I'm not much excited now.. >_<
But I'm juz gonna tell you that I'm making a wallpaper for my lappie.. *My first ever* WOOT~
ahehe.. In a simple but also cute *for me* way.. XD
hmm.. I'm not yet expert but i'm practicing to be one.. oh and I should be on bed by 9.. But what do you know, Time flies when you're having too much fun.. or not caring *at all* at the time.. >_< *that's me*
Kk.. Gotta finish this so that I'll sleep.
Dun wanna wake up late morning.. >.<

Oh guess what~ I remember doing a wallpaper for my laptop~
But I didn't continue doing it and didn't do it at all~ =))
So I guess that was FAIL! anyways, Google is always there..
And it always has everything!! XD ♥♥♥
#August 2013 


Salamu alaikum readers..
Well we didn't go to philippines yet.. >.<
Because of our residence permit wasn't stamped yet..
But we already had our ticket..
Oh so I waz juz thinking..
What will I do there in Philippines that I will not do here..
or vice-versa..
But yeah i was thinking the vice-versa..
Coz here in the house, I'm singing only when I'm with my bro and sis..
I'm not usually singing when my parents are there.. XD
Oh and some embarassing things I don't usually do infront of other people..
Even if they're only staying here (our house) for a while..
hmm.. What else?
Oh yeah what will happen if i have this symptoms (ulcer) again?? TT^TT
Until now it's still hurting me..
Alhamdulillah yesterday it didn't hurt but...
Yesterday night, it came back again..
And I thought... Ughh, do I need to eat again? At this hour? *3AM*
*currently listening to B1A4's Beautiful Target LSSed*
hmmm... I don't know anymore.. XD
I'll juz update my blogs from time to time..
Oh and I'm planning to online even if I'm in Philippines..
My mom said that I should not be online everyday..
I wanzz~! Me gusta~!!
And My dear Ezza.. Pretty please keep your blog open.. TT^TT
Me wans to read your blogs noe!!
Oh and I'm sorry we didn't went yesterday.. >_<
If would've been nicer if together of us went day after day..
or in short.. To be in that "Coincidence".. XD
Oh well.. My mom said it was a blessing in disguise..
Coz I forgot some things also that I should bring to Phil.
That is a review for my College also..
Fi Amanillah to everyone!!! ;)

*Sorry didn't tell anyone that we're still here..
(hiding from the paparazzi loljk)
listening to Kan Mi Youn's Paparazzi
love HyungJoon~♥

Friday, 7 October 2011


Okay so guess what.. I'm leaving Yanbu for 6 months?
Staying in Philippines to study Qur'an and also some Islamic Morals..
or whatever you call it..
And tomorrow's our flight..
I don't know yet on where to go.. But it's like this.. We'll not be using the airplane to go to Jeddah but by car..
So when we reach Jeddah, we'll go directly to Philippines and it's like 9 hours? of sitting there!! EGAD!
I dun like that.. >.<
So i was also thinking that.. Since I'm gonna learn and study Qur'an there..
Am I gonna EVER listen to music again?
OMG! I dun know if i'm gonna handle that long...
I'm also anticipating that when i return back here..
I'm gonna impress my parents on what I've learned and that I can live on my own..
*It's gonna be my first time to stay there without my parents and it'll be my 4th time to go to Philippines*
ehehe.. Inshaallah everything will be alright..
I'm juz worried about our cats..
Inshaallah when I return back here..
They're gonna grow.. Inshallah.!
I wanna hug them so tightly, like Asmaa's cat.. ^_^
I'm actually worried about everything..
Also I hope that My Dear Haziqah would read this..
I'm so sorry.. It was all so sudden..
I juz knew everything this week..
Also my Bestfriend Maribeth!!
I'm gonna miss you very much!!
Sana nakapag-hang out pa tayo..
Pero having you as my bestfriend is enough..
and also the time when you came to my graduation!
I'm so so sorry i didn't take care of the bracelet you gave me..
I'll bring it with me to Philippines.. ehehe.. ;))
My Dear Hannah!! I'm also so sorry I didn't call you.. I juz called you when you texted me..
Inshaallah take care there.. aka Fi Amanillah..
My Dear Ezza~!! Take care of yourself.. don't forget about us ah..
It was sooo nice to have a friend like you and Alhamdulillah I've met you.. ^_^
Okay for the rest of my friends, close friends, and colleagues? :D XD
I'm gonna miss it.. sorry for leaving you..
It would be nice if I could stay with you.. *not till the end* ahaha.. jk lng XD :))
but for friends, yes, I'd like to be with you till the end..
Oh and one more friend;
Alia!!! It would've been nice to see you before I go..
But i told you already i'll be back right?
ahehehe.. Inshaallah! ^_^
My dear malaysian friends.. Don't forget to teach me your language!! XD
I'm really eager! But please be patient with me.. coz you know i'm forgetful.. >.<
Okay i'll stop here for now.. Coz I still need to pack my things..
Haven't finished with it yet.. Juz started today.. I'm still planning to go to school tomorrow, before going away for a long time? ;DDD
Wabzyouuuu~! Fi amanillah everyone!!

Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After praying, Dhuhr and Asr.. *juz now*
Found the solution for those who are having a hard time on what to do or for other words; problematic.
*like me* After praying I found out that my mind is in total PEACE!! Ma shaa Allah!!
But now that I'm listening in music.. *I should really stop also. Especially when it comes to pop, rock? and kpop* I'm not saying KPOP is bad but I LOVE it that's why i'm kept on doing it.. :|
I should be doing other things but because of FB and music.. This is also called as procrastinating.. >.<
That's all for now.. Oh and i found a page in FB.. That i'm totally related to that topic..
It's 'Looking through some old things and you suddenly smile' something like that.. XD


After a long time *i felt like it was a long time* of not talking to Jang2x..
I called her yesterday, and I actually wanted to blog it right away after i called her..
Oh it was good.. But right now, I have alot of things in my mind..
I'm really thinking of alot.. TT^TT
What do to with the papers? *exam papers of the Junior Prep*
The USB of T. Ariel..
What will happen to them?
What am i going to bring to Philippines?
How am I going to finish this all..
And I'm soooo glad that I've found the crochet hook I've been looking for..
*My favorite that is* It was my mom's..
The other crochet hook that I bought i dun like it very much.. >.<
That's why, I'm planning to buy some in Philippines together with a crochet roll/case..
WOOT~! So many things in my mind but so little time..
And I'm having this stomach ache since yesterday and I'm sooo confused..
When are we going to Phil?
this coming Sat? Or the next Sat?

I actually didn't buy any crochet related there~
I actually forgot.. Coz I also can't ask my relatives..
Do you know a place here that's like a Craft Store?!
I just bought some colorful small yarns that I also finished while I was there~
So yeah~ In the end.. I brought nothing..
Oh except those I kept for myself.. hehe..
#August 2013 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Missed You...

Okay Hi folks..
One question... ;D
What is this? :D

I'm sorry.. Jang2x~!! Are you angry at me? >_<
Did I do something wrong? TT^TT
If I did please tell me... You know I'm kinda forgetful..
But please let me be one of your readers... ;DD
Or at least explain..... I'm kinda worried you know..
At first I was like 'WTH'.. :))=)) sorry..
Coz i saw this juz yesterday night.. fixing my FavIcon..
Then you made your blog private? ;D
Please let's have a chat today... If you're not so busy... ;[[

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Remember Him

"Wash your heart every morning with salat,
then warm it up with remembrance of Allaah.
Every day do your best, Allaah will do the rest.
In shaa Allah Allah knows the best...''


YAY~! YATTA~!! =))
Finally my Favicon worked... WOOT~! Now i can sleep peacefully.. LOL!!
But i just tested it if it works.. and what do you know?
IT WORKS! I'll change this in the future.. ;))
Thanks to think link.. X
Kk.. Goodnight and sweetdreams.. ;)