Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After a long time *i felt like it was a long time* of not talking to Jang2x..
I called her yesterday, and I actually wanted to blog it right away after i called her..
Oh it was good.. But right now, I have alot of things in my mind..
I'm really thinking of alot.. TT^TT
What do to with the papers? *exam papers of the Junior Prep*
The USB of T. Ariel..
What will happen to them?
What am i going to bring to Philippines?
How am I going to finish this all..
And I'm soooo glad that I've found the crochet hook I've been looking for..
*My favorite that is* It was my mom's..
The other crochet hook that I bought i dun like it very much.. >.<
That's why, I'm planning to buy some in Philippines together with a crochet roll/case..
WOOT~! So many things in my mind but so little time..
And I'm having this stomach ache since yesterday and I'm sooo confused..
When are we going to Phil?
this coming Sat? Or the next Sat?

I actually didn't buy any crochet related there~
I actually forgot.. Coz I also can't ask my relatives..
Do you know a place here that's like a Craft Store?!
I just bought some colorful small yarns that I also finished while I was there~
So yeah~ In the end.. I brought nothing..
Oh except those I kept for myself.. hehe..
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