Saturday, 31 August 2013

Coming Soon!

I shall be spending my day~
Fixing my previous posts in this blog!! hehe..
And so In Shaa Allah I'll be adding links to my Tutorial Tab!
So it'll be easier for every one!! ^_^
As a bonus for myself~
When all reaches to 300 published posts! XD haha!!

Even though tomorrow's the first day of my college~
KYAA~ Arrghh!! Can't believe it!!
I'm gonna go back to college and study and let my brain work till nothing
goes in!! Oh but I hope this would not happen! IN SHAA ALLAH!!
Hmmm.. I better do it now! Or else this nothing will happen! haha!!
Wish me LUCK and to finish this now!

My Nail Polish #2 ~ ♥

Okay call me crazy no problem~
What's up y'all? XD
I'm soooo happeeh~ hahaha!!
To the point that I don't want it to stop!!
Okay so today I wanna show you what I am wearing~
aka. Nail Polish! =)))

Soooo inspired to do this!! XD
Kaitoooo~~ =)) I soo love his voice!!
*there I said it.. Even though I didn't want to let y'all know*
OMG!! KYAAA~ o(≧▽≦)o

Even just hearing people (My sister or maybe my mother)
talk about some particular anime~ I'm beginning to think about them~!!
and scream~ ahahaha!! This might be overboard you say..
But I don't think soo~ ahahaha!! I just really love this feeling!!
My heart would just race every time I remember them!! XD

Oh about  the nail polish~ I love it every time I see them!!
If only I can just pair them with every thing else!!
It's just that in my wardrobe everything's PINK!
I only have less blue ~(T^T)~
And the blue I want is something close to this color!!
U know atleast a pair of earrings I dun have!!
That has the color okay~ XD
I at least want to show the world how I love you~~~
CHAR! lol!! (>y<) Khit isang araw lang!!
Oh on my left hand though.. On the ring finger it's painted with..
Silver and glitter... Dunno why.. but I wanted to leave it there for some reasons
that I dunno~ LOL! XD

I've been having this craving feeling! *or not*
More like 'Doki Doki' feeling~ >▽<
and they're just really making me feel more into them!!
Right now I am having this GREAT sensation on such things
because it helps me kind of "motivate"? haha!!
I wonder if they'll help me even during this college time!! haha!!

And I shall end this post!
Okay so if you have any FACTS about Kaito~

Crazily Overly In LOVE with You~

ahahaha!! XD Naglaway tlga ako!! whahaha!!
Mukha lng adik!! =))) XD
Gus2 q pang kumain ng madaming "KAITO"!!
ahahahaha!! I'm sooo inlahb wid you~ XD
If only you were real~
Eh! Khit n maging totoo ka...
Hmm.. la lng... XD I'd rather like you the way you are now!! XD
OMG!! Gus2 ko pa~!!! =))) XD

#crazy maniac girl over here!

Boses plang!! Matutunaw na tlga ako~~~
I hope this never ends!!! XD
Nagkakainlove ako sa isang multo~! \(♥▽♥)/

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

One and only?

Eyy~ lemme tell you something before I go to sleep.. XD
*It took me a long time to upload this post yesterday night.. As I was saying..
I was looking at this picture in instagram...
I was really amazed!!! I loved the way how it expressed its feelings ya know.. XD
Well that was the picture where the girl was seating and she was like under the water..
Sooo super cool!!! And I showed it to my sister..
As always she would always give me this blank reaction... or like a poker face...!!!
I hate it!!!!! I am showing her a piece of art and she's not even giving a single damn about it?
I was really annoyed.. and I was like teasing her.. Telling her that... 
that's why I don't want to show things to you coz all I get are blank reactions.. >_<
"You annoying person, you!!!" =)))
My sister's pick up line sometimes... XD
And so my mom saw me teasing my sis and I told her about the pic.. even showed it to her...
She also gave me a blank reaction...
And I told 'em... don't you guys even like the way how it looks? Don't you feel anything?
And my mom said.. they're just pictures.. they're not real..
*hurt* I told them "that's why I'm the only otaku around here..
Even though y'all watch anime.."
yer not a real otakus... XD
Didn't really said that last part.. just thought of it now.. =))) 
anyways.. gonna go to sleep now..
Need to wake up early.... to catch those "worms"!!!

Oh and congratulations once again to my dearest friend who just got her own laptop!!! XD

I was having a hard time.. Didn't know that it can't upload the picture I wanted to show you guys..
i.e. from my cellphone.. I LOVE YOU VOCALOID!!! XD ♥♥♥

Monday, 26 August 2013

Can't wait~

Assalamu alaikum~
Annyeong minna!! *haha mixed? XD*
Wazzup dude? Haha..
Okay just like the title I really cannot wait..
Right now I'm having this giddy feeling~
Unbelievable!! Haha.. coz I can't wait to see my dearest friends!! (T^T)
Even though I don't seem to remember you every now and then doesn't mean I don't like you.. (to others)
Of course I missed you too~ he he..
I juz tend to remember those who left me a realllllly deep connection somewhat like that..
Or this deep impression that's why I keep on remembering you guys~ ♡^▽^♡
Soo to say this in advance, I REALLY MISSED YOU!!! O(≧∇≦)O

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Pesky Folders

OMG!! hahaha!! I can't believe iiiit~
This is really amazing!!
Getting to know more tricks about these technologies sure feels GREAT! I tell you~ haha!! o(≧▽≦)o
Okay another tutorial coming in this blog!
(( Although I might not really say it's a tutorial ))
I didn't get to know that YOU can actually delete those
PESKY files that suddenly comes up in your laptop and
annoys you everytime you wanted to delete it but you can't!!
Well I know, why did I just suddenly thought of that today? haha.. (( the moment ))
So well, let's get going.. Shall we? =))

The number one doctor who always solves our problem is GOOGLE!
then he recommended me some sites..
1st one was;!
I actually love that site.. Every now and then it would help me..
Although this time sadly, it didn't.. But guess what~
I still tried it though~
=)) the feeling of tampering on things!!
and then the feeling of SUCCESS every time you managed to do it right!
It's like CHUCK!!! =))) I seriously want to take IT!!! (T^T)
Until the second part where it goes to cacls it would tell me that it's already
deprecated? then I should use Icacls..
I wanted to try it.. But I thought what happens if something much more worse will happen..
I'd rather not take that road~
So I went on and searched for another website!

The 2nd option was;
Well, I gotta say this though..
Honestly at the first look it didn't look like it'll solved my problem..
haha.. Sorry dude~ But once I checked the comments below I felt like why don't I give it a second try..
*Tried the first time but didn't really followed the instructions well*
And soo~ The MAGIC worked!!! I felt GREAT!! RELIEVED!!
haha!! although it wasn't really a big deal as some of you would say~
But for me IT did!! I am used to seeing that folder in that place then suddenly
this unknown and cannot be deleted folder came out of nowhere!
At first I thought it was a VIRUS! checked it in the Avast! Scan..
It didn't show any viruses.. So yeah~
I talk a lot~ Anyways!
That's just how it is!!
GTG now~

This link will also help you if need to clean out your PC..
Might even do it.. If I really need to~ (^,^)
*will update if needed*

Seeking Love!

I was taken in by a LOT of Shoujo Mangas!! It amazes me every time!!
Of course those that are having the nicely done graphics!! and not those blurry, unclear ones that you see..
I hate those kind of stuff.. Can't read it properly~ >.< Ughh~
I might even start taking those nicely done arts kind of manga than reading those annoying pictures even though they have beautiful stories in them!! For sure now we have lots of mangas that are having beautiful graphics!! Much more better than the olden days? For SOME, it's still okay..
But I'm not saying everything's like that.. Those dark ambiances~ :S

But the point of reading ShouJo Mangas is just to
relieve you from being "Love-sick" or you just want to feel the LOVE u know~
Oh gosh! How I wish to be loved again! *declaring my love already* haha!!
or not... -_- Anyways, I am really longing for that feeling once again~

I may not look like it.. But I am seriously saying this!!
and I don't know why I am declaring it to the WORLD!!
I still have a long way to go though~ *sigh*
Will I have to endure it.. till that day comes??
(( Am I getting impatient now? Argghh~ I hate iiit ))

Oh my~ I seriously need to do something so that I can avert my attention to that.. >w<
But I WILL NOT STOP on reading more shoujo mangas!!
and I just hope that I too, will have that "Happy and giddy" feeling
when I read like those in the manga!! haha..

"Differences can make us STRONGER"
Well that was just "biglaan"~ haha!! In a spur of moment? =)))
and obviously doesn't relate to what I was talking about.. XD


Assalamu alaikum..
And Good Morning~!!
So I juz wanted to try how this blogging on cp will come out.. XD
Owkay~ As I was looking at how my blog would look like in this application..
I read my post.. About learning Arabic on this summer..
But hey guess what... nothing improved in my learning capabilities... (@ ̄∇ ̄@)
This is just worse... Huhuhu.. what should I do?!

Anyways, It's still early to start blogging..
Catch ya later alligator..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blogger in Play Store

Why did I just realize now??
*Maybe because I just came back and start bloggin' once again haha*
From now on I can start and blog from my mobile!!
Oh I meant SmartPhone!! X3 This is really coool shtuff!!
I'm lovin' it more and more!! Since I got this new cp already..
Can't wait to use it when I get the mood to write some "Inspiring Words" here.. haha!!

Innocent or NOT

I guess no one keeps on being innocent as time pass by~
~(T^T)~ Can't believe time has already passed by soo fast..
It's like I was juz a high schooler or an elementary student yesterday..

Now I can finally get that dream course that I've been wanting ever since!!
But being an adult isn't one of my dreams.. haha..
Although I am feeling it already.. *UWAAAH!! Why is this happening??* =)))

Just wanted to share this thought...
TC y'all! Can't tell if I really am excited to go back to college once again~

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Journal of the day!

Eyy guys~~
Okay time for some serious talk now! haha!! XP
Well, let's start up with....

Hope in shaa Allah everything was SUPER FUN and for me, I really enjoyed it much!!
Much better than the rest of the Ramadhan I had!!
This year was the BEST!! Coz I learned some new stuff!!
Eid also was GREAT!! I GET to spend it with my new friends!! ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

College is almost near for us ladies!! Are you prepared for another lifetime of a year?
*oh wait~ Did I just say that correctly? ahaha!*
I'm not yet readyyyy!! I might have this 'Butterfly' feelings on my stomach once again!!
Even before reaching the college I'M HAVING THIS SICK FEELING!!
and when I reach there it's gone.. like viola~
But that's not the point!! Am still not yet ready but....
(( There's this japanese expression I'd like to use ))
*Yoroshiku onegai shimasu*
Please take care of me guys!! In this year as well!! Tano zou!

BUT I AM excited to learn NOW that I am officially a COLLEGE STUDENT!! \(*°▽°*)/
But I have already started it.. This summer~ (^ω^)
Still unbelievable I'm already in college! Soon to find a job~
Then a family~ Then a place where I can work!! OMG!!
Thinking all of this stuff makes me want to WORK MORE HARD!!
Gambatte ne minna-san!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
(( not sure if I did say that correctly but you know what I mean ))

Well all of this advance talk makes me think more about mah future now~
Let's move on! Hmm.. Oh yeah!! I was planning on changing the look of my blog once again!
To a cute pink layout this time!! o(≧∇≦o) I'm missing pink all over!! haha!!
Or something light colored.. *thinks deeply*

Even though I haven't studied well on HTML before unlike my friends..
(( I'm really jealous of you guys ))
I will TRY my best in every possible way!
*suddenly sat up straight coz I was slouching*
Oh! I juz remembered that post I made bout that Ergonomics! hahaha!! (。 >艸<)

Sorry for not being active~
I have this problem that I can't just explain all in one go..
honto gomennasaiiii~!
But please hope you guys didn't forget about me!!
Do visit my blog every once in a while.. (( Do a lil check up u know ))
I might cheer you up when your blue~
And this, a hug for you!! \(^ ^)/

Well, I guess I end my discussion over here now..
Lots of things to do but soo little time!!
*Pressured much?! haha.. OA ah*

August Otaku Moment

Assalamu alaikum~
Well I'm back after that looong vacation! =))
Vacation on not opening my laptop, going online, not listening to music, and many more~

Ahhh~ Now it's almost Back-to-College time again..
I just need to say this!
I'm PROUD being an OTAKU!!! (≧∇≦)/
and now I shall begin my reviews~


I just started watching this anime!
and well~ I LOVE IT!! Although I've got to tell you this..
If you're a fond lover of swimming and that you haven't swam for like most of the time
because of some circumstances, like me, then you shouldn't watch this right away and
finish it all in one go! Coz you know it'll really motivate you to swim like HELL!! =))
or maybe not.. but in my case I WANTED TO SWIM RIGHT AWAY!!
I hate it!! coz u know all I can do is watch and not do anything about it... (T▽T)
which makes me gloom all day long!! I hate the fact that my father's being soooo overprotective
about us going outside this house!!! [-(   *For sure he has some reasons which I don't get till now* ( ̄^ ̄) ノ

#Sunday without God#

Hmm.. Why was I interested with this?
Well I wanted to know what kind of story this person want to show the world..
By telling us this~ It's a..... hmm.. how should I say this?
BAD TITLE!!! Okay.. I won't even argue with that.. 
coz all I wanted to do was watch a FREAKING ANIME!
Oh this has a manga!!! and I haven't read it yet! Coz I watched it first!!
3 Volumes I think.. Anyways, Hampnie Humbart is the MAIN FOCUS HERE!! (´ε` )♡ ~
/MAJOR Spoiler Alert  *sorry!! But it is my review right?!*
HOW the hell he says he's an immortal then dies at that episode?! 
*Anyways I changed my mind on telling* XP
It's like ASDFGHJ;KL!!! ahaha!! THE PERFECT character!! (ㄒoㄒ)
U juz killed us all otaku girls!! =))

#Shingeki no Kyojin a.k.a Attack On Titans#

This is the sensation!! This Spring 2013!!
Famous!! Viral around internet!! For otakus!!
and~ Not everyone likes it sadly.. (╯︵╰,)
OKAY! Let's start with the 3 bestfriends!!
Eren Jaeger, Mikasa and Armin!!
The strong willed person, the figther, and knows how play well..!!
They're all GREAT I tell you!! Even LEVI!!! X3 hahaha!!
I started with reading it's manga..
Didn't read much of its information when it showed about this and that..
♪ I believe I can fly~~~♫ hahaha!! =)))
I've seen lots of meme about this stuff on funnymama!! and it's hella funny.. XD
Oh and since people were waiting for its next episode..
They released this sequel~ SO UBER CUTE!! Chibi versions!!! KYAAAAAAAA!!
I WANNA PINCH THEIR FACES!! except Mikasa....... Still scary as hell!! =))))

Oh guess what~ Time's UP for this subject!!
Sorry to end it just like that but I hope you liked my review~
Please comment! Might update sooner or later! ☆~(ゝ。∂)
I'll go now and talk more to ya later~
See yahhh~ \(^▽^*)