Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Make your own Bookmarks

Okay, Origami bookmarks!
They're so cute..! For those who love to read books!
Especially those who likes to make creases on the corner of the page..
Well, I find it irritating if SOMEONE does that to MY books..
lol.. but not my mother.. XD So if you're interested in making cute bookmarks
on the corners of your book here are some links I wanna show you..

If you want like this.. Then you'll need a colored paper at the back then 
a picture at front to have the design like in the picture.. ;)

I just saw this one.. I'm sorry this can't be made..
But it can be bought online.. ;) It's cute too isn't it?

Square Papers

Salamu alaikum guys!
I have these "excess" square papers..
that I bought and are in 4x4 inches small..
So I guess, I have no need for them but I
just don't know where to use them..
I saw these origami folds that I can use for them
but mine are just too small to use.. >.<
But I did try to make this on the 4x4 inches paper;
I dunno what this is called but I like THIS style.. ^w^
It's so cute and small but it's not like i'm making all of those
paper only for this right? So I would like it to be a cute collections of lucky star but those are just made with a long strip of paper..
I searched for origami techniques that would start out as a square paper.. 3D origami can be done with it, only it's piece is rectangular paper.. So if I fold my 4x4 paper I'll be having a much smaller and cuter,
3D origami, triangle piece.. Well I'll give it a try... Here are some links I found for Origami folds!

Here's what I think of these websites:

  1. This is for the nerdy-nerd origami addicts! JOKE! I'm one of them too.. but not really.. So I'll just have to say that this is for those who likes a challenging quest this website's for you.. ;) Goodluck!
  2. Collection of different Origami stars.. Who wouldn't love this? especially the lucky 3D star? They're so cute!
  3. I actually tried this! and on my first try.. I ended up with a half-cut pentagon.. I actually went the wrong way in cutting it.. >.< But then on my second try YES! I finally got it! XD But it wasn't equal on all sides.. I had the one part of the star smaller than the others.. So yeah..
  4. Well in this case.. My 4x4 paper wouldn't make it through those process.. kidding.. Haven't tried it yet.. I have to cut it in half to have those pieces again.. like in 3D origami..
  5. I haven't tried it too.. But I'll just update this post later.. Inshaallah! ;)
  6. I think this is the basic in Origami folding.. It wouldn't be a cute display.. ;DD XD
  7. OMG! A small cute crane for me? lol! I haven't tried it too.. And I know it'll be hard folding in a 4x4 paper.. 
  8. A heart! These would be sooo CUTE to look at! especially that I have pink,blue, green, and orange papers.. XD I'll try these too.. ;D
  9. Same! didn't tried it... yet~ 
So I only tried 2 from the things I told you.. >.< The one in the picture and the pentagon thing.. >.< It's still early in the morning.. And today I need to review.. Just incase I might forget something that I must NOT need to forget.. XD Inshaallah wish me luck! ;)) And Godbless!
Hope you like my post for today!

Okay I've already tried some of those.. Now I'm already having a collections of miniatures.. XD Okay let's start with the crane! It's still noticeable and adorably CUTE! XD I still managed to do it! ;)) The 2 hearts.. Yeah! but I don't know how it works for the heart with a pocket.. I think I did something wrong but it's okay.. I managed.. The shuriken.. Done it 2 times.. but not with this tutorial.. I kind of lost when I was about to combine the two.. So here's the link that'll make it more easier for you to understand.. The reason I did it two times was that the color of the paper on my first try was inside.. XD And last was the box.. So cute! and adorable! But what can I put inside? an air? XD LOL! if possible.. okay.. That's all!

P.S. A video on how to fold a perfectly square paper out of a scratch or has a bad edges.. 

Monday, 27 August 2012

One of My Favorites

I would like to hear more of Yuichi Nakamura's voice..
The voice actor, not that member of D-BOYS.. ;p
It's said that he voiced in as Ikuto Tsukiyomi in Shugo Chara!
omo! I would love to hear more of his voice if he only has more
vids on Youtube.. or anywhere.. I just can't find it yet..


My favorite part!
Seeing Ikuto restlessly with the catnip[is it?]
Episode 59.. Season 2 Episode 8..
He and Yoru, went to visit the planetarium..
And the Caretaker.. What's his name again?? >.<
He came.. and gave Yoru a fish.. XD
LOOOOL! Freaking love those parts!! XD
I can watch it all over and over again!
Whenever I want to.. X3


Salamu alaikum!
Imma continuing watching Shugo Chara Doki!
Already in episode 58... Season 2 Episode 7..
I have finished watching those parts but it was long time ago..
and I would like to watch them again! Be dazzled! XD
Already downloading Season 3 but there are no seeders.. TT-TT
I'll try to seed it after I download it... Inshaallah..
*that is if I downloaded it*
Oh gahd! >.< i hope leechers are also seeders.. >.<
I was searching for shugo chara tamago..
Here are some I've found..

isn't it amazing? by DazyCat in devianart

I would like to make a felt out of these templates.. XD
Someday.. inshaallah~


I also bought a cellphone charm..
Only 1.. TT^TT
Ran's tamago!
Better of having than none ayt? XD
Kk.. Till next time again! ^_^

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Things that I need to fix on my lappie;
> My tabs!
   Both users..
> Blog
   From time to time..
> My daily life!
   I should really focus!

Okay, now I'm already focusing on my previous posts..
tagging them correctly..

Make my TITLE go anywhere

With the help of makincuteblogs.com,
I managed to make my Blog title or Image
to be where I want it to be - THE CENTER!
LOL! XD Okay just a quick visit and
your problems are solved! ^_^


I have these drafts that I'd like to share you..
Of course that I would like to edit them..
*Major Majorly* XD ke ke ke..
And I have these posts that I didn't tagged them
very well.. So I would like to fix those too..
Inshaallah! I will try to give time for them..
and hopefully that I'll have to do it fast!
XD Thanks for reading so far!

Salamu alaikum!
Fi Amanillah!

New look of this Blog-ster! 3#

Assalamu alaikum folks!
Howdy ya'll?
So I changed my blog layout from this:

To a more simpler look:

I would like more cupcakes but then I should make my own cupcake.. lol!
*obsessed much even though I'm not eating much of it XD*
So it would be nice and catchy to the eyes of my readers..
Now that I got what I wanted for my BG.. *but not exactly*
I also managed to remove the wrench/quick edit buttons..
Alhamdulillah! Oh and also this blog helped me quite a bit..
It removed some other wrenches, so I don't have to see
those whenever I scroll down to my tags, chuppiez, etc..
But I hafta warn you, I tried removing the wrench on
my chuppiez (i.e. followers) and on the very end of the footer
(i.e. the template images etc).. I can't! I tried atleast 2 times..

So this is what I did today! Oh and I watched the
'Changeling' of Angelina Jolie!
And it's actually real-story..
I cried! LOL! unbelievable! XD
but I liked it! TT^TT
I recommend you to watch it!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I really don't want to waste all my time watching! THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO especially in our situation right now! UGH! IRRITATING DRAMAS! TT-TT

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


WOW! I didn't know signing up on WordPress wouldn't be as easy as Blogger.. hehe..
Honestly, I just want to ask my readers, why delete your comments? :D
I can read them on my email you know.. Now I'll just have to adjust my settings.. Hmmph..
Anyways, about Wordpress, how I really wish to know how to operate it! ;)
But this is a challenge right? I can do this.. except that I think today's not the right time..
Or right now's not the time.. hehe.. But I accept this challenge!
I would like to create an account because some blogs that I saw,
concerning Wordpress, don't really accept comments that aren't singed up to WordPress..

WAIT! Hold up.... Making my own WordPress could be much messier than I thought it would be.. >_< So hard! Why oh why? Now how can I reply/ask for help on those people??? >.<
What's this Database Name that I need to know.. also the password?? ;[[
I dunno where to ask these database name, username, password, and host!
As it turned out, it wasn't the right time yet for me to experiment with such codes..
It would be better to leave it as is for a while and I'll just hafta wait!
Time will tell.. as they would say.. ;)
That's it! Byers!

My lolcat!

*wearing a very big evil smile* lol!
Now it's Mingkay's turn to take a bath!!!
Let's just start with a coool and humble nap!

Then with a RAGE LOOK!

 COOOOOOL Hairflip effect! X3

His thoughts!


Hope you enjoyed our time as I have enjoyed giving them a bath! ^_^
Now they're fluffy as ever again! X3
See Yah again soon!

Btw, want to lolcat with them?

Bath Time!

Salamu alaikum~!
haha! Whatta good day to give our CATS a bath! XD

I gave my kitten a bath first.. So i didn't have any proof to show you so I'll just show you the result after that!

That's him! He was soo noisy.. Coz I gave him a cold bath! XD I teach him a lesson for playing with those hanging clothes he tried to ruin.. XD but it's not also that.. they also needed to take bath! LOL! XD

Then our lovely and FLUFFFY3x, kitten! both of them are orange but different mothers.. and also Neko is only orange with sum stripes.. Mine,Snow Syu, has white boots.. It's not clear on the pic but if you saw my previous post it's Snow Syu.. ;) Neko's obedient.. but mine's the opposite~
And so their father didn't took a bath yet.. lol! /wanted to post these first haha
I will be the one who'll be giving him a bath! LOL! XD can't wait to splash him with water! haha!

This is our Mingkay~ He's the father!
Our kittens didn't inherit his being long-haired-ness!
But we still love them! hehe..

My Wonderful-ness Eid!

Salamu alaikum!
How are you all now?
How were your Eid Parties?
Mine, it was sooo FUN! For me that is..
Coz this time I participated on the Hunger Games.. LOL!
But I only played in one game.. >.<
Origami Folding
Something that I would really love
to do.. Not that, shouting and screaming and
you know, girl's stuff when they want to win!
It's soooo......
/oh god! why do I keep on forgetting words? >.<
stressing!!!LOL! like thinking 'what was that word again?' XD
Also in behalf of my sister.. She wanted but I think she was shy to
participate.. ;)) Better luck next time..
 So guess what I won!




KNiVES! and It's my kitten! My cat's kitten actually.. XD
Like his mother! Biting all stuff he wants! Ruining EVRYTHING! TT^TT
So what do think of the gift? LOL!
I think it's sooo cool! My own knives! and a shelf/block for it! XD
I forgot to tell, I was on the green team.. I didn't know that
the name tag [post it] was for the teams.. XD So me, my cousin and
my sister were in different groups.. XD I was in it[GREEN] again.. /Sport's Day
for that wonderful evening!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Imikimi can't edit my pictures

Salamu alaikum folks!
I had this imikimi problem..
but I wasn't really editing pictures there..
Often.. XD I liked it somehow..
Hey, did you know that Picnik has been already shutdown?
Oh such a tragic.. But I found this another site that really looks
like Picnik.. www.Ipiccy.com/editor 
Be sure to check it out..
love to edit pictures anytime I want.. But I just don't give time.. >.<
Fudge it! DX So as I was saying..
This imikimi problem was..
I can't edit pictures..
I mean like put the pictures there..
Even though I've downloaded the plug-in they asked..
It's better to edit them on Chrome..
So here's how I did it;
    > Copied this file;
                  C:\Program Files\Imikimi\Imikimi Plugin 0.5.1\npkimi.dll
    > If your's Windows Vista then put your copied file in this location;
You may need to create the Plugins subdirectory

My Result:
OH YEAH~! Now me and my cousin can edit pictures in Imikimi!! ^_^

Just check out the link I shared.. I based it all in there.. ;))
Goodluck! ^_^ Tell me if it worked well with you.. 

Troubles with Nokia C1-01

Salamu alaikum..
My friend, cousin, just got her new cp..
Nokia C1-01.. She bought it for her Roaming..
Globe.. Philippine's SIM...
And she asked me 'how do you go online with this?'
I actually didn't know.. since I didn't own or had it before.. 
So I searched.. I can't find.. Please if anyone of you know..
Share.. How do you go online?
I already put it on AlJawal Net..
But it's still not working.. >-<
And also I don't know how to check the balance if it's in roaming mode,
and what's the mobile link for FB, Youtube?
Coz if I just type in the link like www.youtube.com
it might take time to load..
But if it doesn't and it just automatically goes
to it mobile website it's better! ;D
Hope you get me.. hehe..

Also one more thing.. I just got used to Globe's service between 2011 & 2012
Now that I've came back here, I dunno how to activate the roaming.. ;D
So Please help!
Mga Kabayan!
Maraming salamat~

Saturday, 18 August 2012

About Gmail~

Assalamu Alaikum wrm wbk.
How are you all?
Ramadan's at its end..
Inshaallah Allah Ta'ala will accept all of our good deeds,
our fasting this Ramadan, and Prayers.. 
and many more..
Inshaallah tomorrow's Eid'l Fitr..
Taqabalallahu mina wa minkum!
I hope this is correct.. ;))

So Here's what I'll be blogging today..
About Gmail~
I was fixing my emails and I noticed these annoying ads..
*still looking for answers on how to hide it in Yahoo! Mail*
AND in Gmail [wow!] you can hide it all!
Imma just show you how I did it to mine okay?
Here's how:
    > Head over to the 'Main' Tab on the left
    > Scroll down and you'll see the Ads
    > Tick 'Hide sidebar ads' and 'Hide bottom ads"

My result:
but the Bottom ads were still there even though I ticked it already.. 
anyways, it won't be bothering me anymore as long I don't see those pesky ads.. XD

But NOW it's [bottom ads] gone!
Here's how:
    >It'll automatically remove all the ads

My result:
It worked totally fine~ I wonder if I should uninstall the Minimalist for Eveything..
ahhhh~ never mind.. I'll just leave as it is.. XD

My third trial-and-error:
c) Go to your settings, which is on your right screen.
    > You're now on your settings, click on 'Web clips' tab
    > Uncheck the 'Show my web clips above the inbox'

My result~!
Thank goodness! All of them are now gone..
But honestly I started with (c) first then (a) and (b).. XD

And here's the version in MAC? is it?

I dunno how to activate this.. sorry.. But I based them all to LifeHacker's site..
It has almost everything you need to do on 'Gmail Ads'..
I just showed you how I did it on mine.. ;DD No hard feelings..
Btw, if you would like to go back on 'Minimalist for Everything'
Here's how:
      >Go to the wrench beside your address bar
      >Tools >> Extensions
      >There you can see the Minimalist for Everything just click the Options

Post or Comment.. Hope I helped you alot too! XD

Jumpstart Kindergarten

If you have stumbled into this post and you know it.. Please read;
This is really starting to annoy me.. >.<
Can't find the JumpStart Kindergarten, I'm looking for..
It's really getting into my nerves..
I dun wan to go into its details..
I just want to know what kind of version is it..
Why it's not on the Wikipedia..
[or I might have skipped it]

It's this one.. We have the CD of this before but now it's gone.. but hopefully it is still being used.. *I think*
So I searched and didn't find anything.. I just saw 1994 and 1998 versions..
But not this.. So I was hoping anyone of you knew this.. I was thinking that this is the 2002 version but this version is already in the Advanced Kindergarten.. I also found this picture that seemed to be edited but I don't think so..

I ain't sure of this 2nd Grade.. So I'm just going back to its Kindergarten version.. XD
So it's like these did not even existed in their records.. >.< GAHD! I liked this version better than the 1994 and 1998.. Kk, so I hope that anyone who would come or stumble up into this post, pretty please comment~! ASAP!
 So desperate here~ >o<

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Qur'an MP3

Salamu alaikum~
Once again my dear readers!
I've found a very useful and cute link..
For those who love to hear other Qari or reciters..
There's alot of reciters and you can even download them!! ^_^
This is soooo much fun sharing it to you!
It means a lot...I dunno why but I just feel it..
Know what, if I could only not use my
laptop to listen Qur'an I would have already done that..
But I kept on procrastinating or forgetting that I should
listen on the cassette.. I feel that it's more cuter and easier for me,
especially during Ramadan.. But I'm sorry I just found this out today..
*about the link*  Coz I really dun wan *PRAMIS*
to go online during Ramadan.. You know, like being hiatus
for every Ramadan.. >.< So I can gain more knowledge
through the books here at home.. Instead of going online and do
useless and reward-less things..  I hope you're in the same
page as me.. Coz if you are, well MASHAALLAH!
We understand each other..
Everytime I go online it's like; Oh i saw something better check it out..
Oh my i forgot to search that.. Oh yeah i would love to watch that!
sort of those things so it's like HOW CAN I EVER STOP?
LOL! it's like i'm going no where if i don't stop this..
especially when it comes to music!
They're making me addict!
It's not that I don't want!
It's the matter of my life, my death and my hereafter!
I really don't know that ayat..
But inshaallah whenever I find it,
I'll share and update you guyz and gals.. ;))
Please Pray..
Don't forget to pray!
Pray on time!
Yes, I don't pray on time but
here's ONE TIP,
whenever you have chances do it!
So whenever you do it..
You'll get used to it then
who knows you're already praying on time everyday!
For me, I need a reminder
Call me! Loljk!
Kk.. that's all folks!
I hope I shared something of you might use/need.. ;)
Happy Ramadan!
May Allah accept our fastings and prayers this ramadan!
Eid's almost near! ^O^

Friday, 10 August 2012

Bunking with me?

I'm really gonna miss, having a room all by myself!
Now that my sister's gonna bunk with me.. >.<
I know she wants her own bedroom too..
But, changing house would be difficult on my father's
situation.. So we just decided on "renovating" our house..
DAFUQ~! lol! Me wanz a new houze!
I also hope that the imagination of renovating my, I mean our
bedroom wouldn't take up alot of space~

Watch with me~

Nothing to watch?
Ever wondered how things are made??
I'm sure y'all are curious to know..
Visit www.howitismade.net
or if you really love YT,
just watch it there..
Coz I do~ XD

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Cats are more cuter when they are asleep.. Now they are ruining & scratching everything they see in my room.. That's why I'm loving them more and more.. XD ♥

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Searching On The Address Bar

Okay man! That was fixed!
I had this trouble that whenever I search through the address bar,
here in Mozilla Firefox, I go to the wrong search engine...
It's dumb.. I didn't like it! I don't like it! & I NEVER WILL!
I would always end up at this search.conduit.com especially
here in OUR place it's hard (or not)
and irritating coz I searched it in English &
(sometimes "multi-language" not in the dictionary i know)
I want the results to be in English too!
Here in my, OUR, place.. Search one thing they give you ARABIC!
and if it's in ARABIC, it's in the RIGHT side!
MUCH! So I had the urge to fix it today!
Coz I had to search *there Over and OVER again!
*Of course I would search in the address bar
whenever I'm in a hurry.. YES, I know there's
a search engine but the first thing I always
see is the address bar.. ;)) 
 I dun wan to end it like that EVER again!
Fixed it at first with the useful about:config.
I thought that the keyword to fix everything
would be search.. So i typed in search..
Saw some multiple "problems"
I thought it would be..
Changed the babylon or conduit or whatevs to Google.
Nothing happened.. It wasn't that!
so then I searched for the solution!
I also hoped that the things I did didn't
alter the settings to a bad condition.. XD
I dun wan to meddle with the settings I dun know
what it'll do to my browser..
So there.. I am suppose to search & change ONLY
the  Keyword.URL.. But at my first try,
it didn't work.. coz I turned off the Internet Keyword Search.
then again.. searching...
& this made me enable my Internet Keyword Search again..
But I reset my Keyword.URL..
I tried to search through the address bar.
But it wasn't the search engine I wanted!
Now it's Babylon's turn to show!
Google is better! And I'm used to google..
So I thought it had to be a program!
I wanted to remove it!
So I managed my search engines I removed Babylon
and some other search engines i dun like!
Searched again in the address bar..
Okay I was really hoping it was gone already!
Back to Google!
But NOOO~ It's Yahoo!'s turn again!
LOL! I dunno what's in this laptop but I'm loving
it everytime I fix the problems i dun wan in it! XD
So I went to the Keyword.enabled
I thought, again, it had to be the boolean which is under type..
I really thought it was that!
I wanted to change it! But I can't find any results referring to that..
Only this! I didn't really read everything
but the main points can be seen from afar.. 
This link is pretty useful..
I used the google link for 
my default search engine
INSHAALLAH for good!
So I went again to check and see
what am I really missing out..
And BAM! it hit me.. lol not really..
I just went back from the pages I searched
to check again the steps one-by-one..
My keyword.URL..
I changed it! And FINALLY!

for a minute there I thought I already lost 'this' post..
thank goodness that auto-save is here! ^_^
just for typing this ♫ ♪ in here directly with your
keyboard would be a bad idea.. Trust me!
except for ♪ it won't do anything here.. ;))
So just use the copy-paste actions!

So yeah back to my topic! All's solved..
I hope this helped! Atleast I have something to share..
Don't I? ;)) Goodluck! ^_^

Here's another thing..
I solved another problem within
my cellphone.. I have this 2 GiG
Memory and as you all know..
You won't LITERALLY get 2 GiG
in the memory.. so I had to put those
messages and pictures here on my lappie,
The game that I downloaded before and
saved it in my memory card would always
irritate me seeing in my Gallery/Files.
If it is saved in your memory card you,
of course, will automatically see what you
have inside through the computer right?
But the game [angry bird]
isn't showing on my laptop..
But it would be on my cellphone..
I knew how to check it on my laptop.
It was hidden.. But I didn't hid the file..
Why would it show on my cellphone
but not on my computer??
It had to be a virus!
You of course would know it's obviously
*Ain't sure if 'twas a virus.
Just be precautions.. 
I deleted it! Formatted it!
And just to make sure,
I formatted it again on my cellphone!
So yeah.. Just a lil problem..
But it irritated me.. XD
So yeah!
Until my next chaos! >w<

A Keyboard Shortcut I learned today:
CTRL + 1 [from numerical pad/end] brings you at the very end of your draft page/working page..
i.e. when you are working on your composition here in blogger..
to make it easier to understand for me whenever you're making a new post
You can use this technique.. ;)

The links are just there within my message..
just so to let you know how it helped me & where I got these useful information! ^_^