Tuesday, 21 August 2012


WOW! I didn't know signing up on WordPress wouldn't be as easy as Blogger.. hehe..
Honestly, I just want to ask my readers, why delete your comments? :D
I can read them on my email you know.. Now I'll just have to adjust my settings.. Hmmph..
Anyways, about Wordpress, how I really wish to know how to operate it! ;)
But this is a challenge right? I can do this.. except that I think today's not the right time..
Or right now's not the time.. hehe.. But I accept this challenge!
I would like to create an account because some blogs that I saw,
concerning Wordpress, don't really accept comments that aren't singed up to WordPress..

WAIT! Hold up.... Making my own WordPress could be much messier than I thought it would be.. >_< So hard! Why oh why? Now how can I reply/ask for help on those people??? >.<
What's this Database Name that I need to know.. also the password?? ;[[
I dunno where to ask these database name, username, password, and host!
As it turned out, it wasn't the right time yet for me to experiment with such codes..
It would be better to leave it as is for a while and I'll just hafta wait!
Time will tell.. as they would say.. ;)
That's it! Byers!

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