Monday, 31 December 2012

Yesterday, Today - My Last Posts 2012

Salamu alaikum.... Hmmm.. Well~ What do you say?
Want to countdown with me Middle East? =)))
Juz kidding!! I'm just joining the fun! ;>>
*Just like Pinkie Pie*
This will be my last post for this year! TT^TT
Another year is coming!! Subhanallah!!
I feel like my life's coming to its end...
It's like the more time I take,
the more time and more
I need to regain my needs for my next life! ;(

Oh we just finished our Math 001 Final Exam..
Prep Year and Section 1.. ^_^
It was rather nervous at first..
not knowing what kind of questions they're going
to give you! thank goodness,
Reviewing yesterday really made my Math FINAL exam
easy.. It's my first, if you don't know.. hehehe..
First time having a Final exam...
I mean like.. Reviewing the things you've reviewed for the
whole semester.. back in my elementary and HS days,
at the end of our 4th Quarter we wouldn't have to
review the whole BOOK! I MEAN PUH-LEASE!
=))) It was really easy.. Alhamdulillah..

Oh yes, I went yesterday..
Just only to review..
I went 7 in the morning..
and stayed till 12 noon..
It was really unexpected but I somehow did reviewed
for those 4 hours straight with no distractions!!
it was *PHEW* =)))
it was a MIRACLE!! Subhanallah!!
I just have to say this!! =)))
It felt really good revising with no distractions!
Well except for the noise in the cafeteria
I didn't have music with me..
so during that time I wanted it,
but as soon as I've concentrated on my math..
I forgot about it.. XD
I also thought I saw Zubaidah and Eman!
Like oh wow! I thought it was their "Doppelganger"..
It turns out only Zubaidah's specs and Eman's hair!
=)) are the same!! hehehe..

Wanted to go and study in Library but I also thought
it would be a long way to go if I want to ask Ms. right away..
and there weren't much people during that day.. (Sunday)
So I guess reviewing in cafeteria was kind of better..
It's spacious.. There's a table.. and I can go to the
teacher right away.. XD =)
and I finished at exactly 12pm, college's clock time,
studying!! =)) It's like THAT'S HOW LONG YOU
Well in my case that is.. XD ;>>>
I fully reviewed it.. the Quizzes and Assignments..
and the notes.. well not really.. Just concentrated on
the formulas.. and how you solve it.. XD

Well hope you gained something from here~ ;>
See You Next Month! Next Year! and maybe Next Week! =))

Monday, 24 December 2012

My Crocheted Glove

Salamu alaikum~
Okay... How have you been all?
where should I start again? oh yeah~ haha..
I'm sorry to delay this blog post.. So let's start.. XD

I was making this crochet gloves the other day (Saturday night)..
Continued and I came to this part until the thumb part..
Seeing how well I did, for like the FIRST TIME

I thought that I'll just continue this next time inshaallah..
hopefully today XD

I was really enjoying how well I did! hahaha!!
Here are some pictures;

What made me do this yesterday was because of her...
Thanks to her, I was able to make it this much yesterday.
I was planning to finish it but THOSE MANGA!

I told and showed my friends the crocheted glove I made before..
T'was a long time and I totally forgot where I got the pattern
and Zubaidah said "Make me one too"..
I was happy to make one for her and might as well make another pair too..
but I recently talked about it with her..
She suddenly said that 'She was just kidding..'
*with a lil heart broken drawing on the side like in manga XD*
I really wanted to make one for her.. and also for Eman..
I also thought of making one for myself..
but it didn't occur to me if Zubaidah didn't tell me;
"Make it for yourself first then you can make mine.."
This really made me realize that
the things I made before for my bestfriends were actually my first time
crochets.. But I was more happy to give it to them coz I know they'll treasure it..
I thought that "ahhhh~ It's just fine. I can make as much as I want for my own anytime I want."
But really, I didn't even make not a single one for my own~ The fluffy heart crochet!
I wasn't really thinking about it that much but now that she gave me that idea..
wow~ new change has occur! lol!
She made me feel inspired for what she said.. XD hehe..

There would be times where I would joke, but I DON'T REALLY MEAN IT..
I would be glad if you would have rejected me..
Coz my friends before wouldn't really mind me..
So I was just thinking about that..
Really made me think alot!
Now I'm in a new environment, new friends..
and I'm like WHAAA?
I'm used to alot of things but not this kind of thing..
Everything's like new.. I feel worse when I know it's different..
Sometimes happy to see that I encountered something new..
It's like a tornado down there~ lol!
but there would be other things that won't ever change.. ;)

Well then~ I've got alot of thoughts swirling around my head..
Getting ready to be published around this blog! lol!!
It's just this freaking net won't keep up with me!!! TT^TT

Sunday, 23 December 2012

What kind of yarn is this?

Assalamu alaikum guests and audiences, how are you this evening?
I just wanted to know, how do you use these kinds of yarn?

I've bought them for crocheting.. My eye caught those good combination of colors & shade..  It isn't branded, As you can see..
I just buy any yarn I see here cause I don't really go anywhere besides near our house.. so as long as there's yarn and I can do the stuff that I like with it then it's fine..

It's my first time seeing this and I haven't seen one stuff
they've made out of this kind of yarn.. until today..
So I started. Tried out this yarn.
I did a slip knot, and made a chain then.....
What the heck?! What are these?
I don't see a chain! I just made it thicker..
I know this will be very hard to work with coz the chains aren't that visible
unlike with the yarn-yarn.. You can easily see where you are going..
but this one is not really a yarn. It's more like a thread
with a hair, kind of thing, attaching to it.. no strands of yarn..
I originally bought this for the gloves that I wanted to make..
but now that I can't make it with the use of crochet technique..

I saw and thought why don't I try it with the Knitting..
I'll just have to buy the stick..
but before that.. I watched few videos for starters..
It looked pretty easy and I was actually excited to try it out!!
and their knitting sticks~ TT^TT I WANNA HEB IT TOOO~
I wan to have the same!!!! =)))
but.... I guess I'll just have to use & be contented to what I have right now
and now I just tried it, It doesn't work with the knitting technique also...
Sooo bummed about this!
I kind of wasted money without realizing this would happen!
Since now that I don't know where to use them,
For a meanwhile, I'll just add them to my collections.. XD

*currently listening to B1A4 - Tried to Walk*
BARO, your gloves here made me want to make the same one too~ =))
just thinking of it now, somehow all of these are connected LOL

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cooking vs. Crafting

Assalamu alaikum folks~
I just want to share this thought with all of you...

I'm curious to know alot of stuff..
I get excited when learning new stuff..
Especially when it comes to crafting..
Now I'm already into knitting..
I dunno.. Maybe it's in the side of my Father's family?
That's why? I feel that I MUST know this too! XD
But when it comes to cooking..
Ugh! That's where I am not soooo
excited about.. I get jealous when I hear that this girl
is sooo good at cooking and that makes me
want to try to be a good cook too..
But when it comes to cooking..
I just loose the attention and must go find me something
that would really entertain me..
>w< I'm lost for words.. LOL!!

I want to know how to bake cake!
mga ulam! sweets! BUT!
I dunno how!!! TT^TT
I'm a LOSER in this!! TT^TT

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm really sorry my fellow mates~

Salamu alaikum~
I've been thinking this following messages while I was studying for my final exams in PE..
and I hope that they'd read this someday.. I hope that this'll reach to them.. Somehow..
If they would be okay with my thoughts.. ;(

I would always think before or whenever I want to say something to someone..
;( Even though it's just a simple and maybe thoughtful one question..
;( This makes me a loser.. really.. ;(
Like a simple "Are you alright?"
I don't like to make misunderstandings..
They may not understand me after all..
But if it's for them to learn more english I'd be willing to do more..
If I could have been just a bit more approachable to them,..
Yes, Now I just admit everything.. I'm also the one who's at fault..
;( I'll try to make it up to you.. somehow..
I would never know if I won't try..
But then this second thoughts would tell me;
Why am I doing this again?.. ;(

You might think that I'm ignoring you.. No it's not..
I don't know why.. I really don't know why..
I don't want to be like this forever.. ;(
I'm really sorry for everything~ ;<

Well I dedicate this to my fellow mates in my Prep year 1st sem..
Hope you won't hate me forever~
I won't mind, maybe, but as long as I know what you think about me..
Please I am also wrong.. I admit that.. There's just something I don't understand
WHY I feel like this towards you guys..

Yes I see you in the hallway, Sorry for not greeting you with any smile,
shaking our hands, or a salam.. This is bad I know..
This is really getting a habit and I would really like for it to stop..
But then I would also like for some other times
not to see you.. you know.. There's this weird feeling in me
that keeps on telling me don't approach them~
But I would also feel that it would be good if we're just like,
how everything was like during my HS.. 
*sigh* everything's not as it was as before..
I miss those times!

Gotta review now~ >w<
Wish us luck... ;>>>

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Removed My Followers Gadget

I just saw that I only had 4 posts and including this one
for this month~ WHAAA~
That's a BIG mishap for my blog! >w<
I'm so sorry for not updating, and not looking at your beautiful blogs!
REALLY! I've been kind of busy within the last weeks of November..
But now I've been spending my time reading Manga~ TT^TT
I love 'em!! My favorite genre is ........
lmao~ I love romance most of all.. never ending story~
But I wouldn't want it to be sooo long like Naruto~ I think....
Anyways.. What I wanted to let you know is that
I've removed my Followers List / Chuppiez gadget.
But you can still follow me just click the Follow on the upper right of my blog
So please follow me~ >w<
But in one condition~ Read my blogs~ XD
Of course! TT^TT
Oh and if you've noticed..
My navigation bar is on auto-hide..
& If you haven't read my post on how I did it..
It's here.. ;>

Oh I'll be having break inshaallah this coming month..
So I'll try to update u with things I wanted to share you..
Like What's in my School Bag.. ;>

It's going to be my 2nd semester soooon~ Inshaallah~ WOOT!
And then soon I'll be studying for my courses~ *tears of joy* XD
Advance Congratulations to my fellow friends in YUC for those who are going to their
advanced levels~ We're so proud of you!! ;>

P.S: Another reason for not going online because of our faulty internet~ >w<

Thumbs Up!

Salamu alaikum~ WHAAAAAAAAAA!
=))) I don't know if this is just me...
But some people just thumbs up-ed my comment~
And now it just reached to 9!! WHAAAA!! =))))
For the first time! and I didn't people would even liked it.. XD
Here it is~ ;>>
Oh and be sure to watch his videos~ ;)

I'm currently listening to Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Arrow Keys in Excel

Salamu alaikum~
Okay How are y'all?
The story I'm about to tell you happened last week, I think.. XD
It was during my CS (Computer Science) Class..
They call it CS even though they're only teaching us basic computer stuff in Prep year!
We were already in the Excel Topic.. in Computer Lab.. Tuesday..
I was searching for a computer that has net.. I would really need it just incase if she tells us to download something.. ;D I chose the 3rd to the left of our Teacher..
She explained and came the part when we're all supposed to do the Lab Sheet thing.. Practical in short..
The thing is the active cell is not moving on the window..
& I'm used in using the shortcuts in keyboard..
I asked the teacher after some time I almost finished the whole Lab sheet,
finally she came and tested it.. She's like.. Why's this not working?
Deep down I'm already thinking, WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?
But I was kind of happy also now that I know if someone in counters the same I'll definitely help them~ ;>> and so as you, if you're also having the same case... Just remember me~ XD
I didn't think of searching it online during those times coz I was in a hurry to go out of that FREAKING COLD PLACE! X3
She clicked few things, and finally told me that it's okay..
I didn't bother to call her again..
I'm about to finish anyway so it's okay..
Up until now, I remembered about this..
I searched and INSHAALLAH if I get the same computer again..
I'll be trying this new technique if it's still like that..
and if someone beats me up to it, which I hopefully don't want it to happen,
I'll just wait for another problem~ XD
Anyways~ Here's the link that helped me.. hopefully same as you~ ^_^
Can't move with the ARROW Keys in Excel

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter's Coming Once again~

Salamu alaikum~!
Another new month!
New Season!
New Missions? (^v^)

Sorry I wasn't that active anymore.. o(>< )o
*Right now my upper lip's swollen dunno why*
Okay~ I've experienced alot of things these past days, weeks!
Mashaallah! I'm happy, contented to have this life!
If I could only get ready, AS IN REALLY ready, for my next life~ (´_`。)

Yesterday I was really motivated~
Didn't have any second thoughts on cutting my hair!
I really wanted to have bangs once again!
So I DID IT! For the first time..
And well.. It was not as I would have expected it would turn out..
But I still loved it, coz it's the first time I cut my own bangs/fringe~
I'm soooo happy to share you these vids~
Willing that it would also turn out good just like mine! ;>
*Milkyvoodoo's How to cut side bangs/fringe ^___^
*Rosebud's How to Cut Perfect Side Swept Bangs At Home

Today we went to a CSE Lecture..
It was in Arabic.. So I just jotted down few things I wanted in
the slide show~ XD but somehow one of the speakers,
I really wanted to understand what she said.. It was
like encouraging us.. That everything's "TOUGH but NOT IMPOSSIBLE"..
She said that in english that's why.. XD And there was another one..
But because she was talking sooo fast.. I forgot what she said..
hehehe~ And there were some events that happened in our University!
I'd really love to see more.. But I wanted to go home fast also..
It's like... Something's bothering me if I stay there..
It's like, as if, the BOREDOM IS COMING FOR YOU!
LOL!! Okay next time I'll just think, whenever I think of this,
that I should be happy of what I have NOW so that I won't regret?
I'll just stop here~ I've been procrastinating alot already..

I just thought that, if I SUMMARIZE a whole day everyday..
I won't be able to summarize it well coz I'll be adding too much
monologues! XD ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(⌒▽⌒)