Friday, 14 December 2012

Removed My Followers Gadget

I just saw that I only had 4 posts and including this one
for this month~ WHAAA~
That's a BIG mishap for my blog! >w<
I'm so sorry for not updating, and not looking at your beautiful blogs!
REALLY! I've been kind of busy within the last weeks of November..
But now I've been spending my time reading Manga~ TT^TT
I love 'em!! My favorite genre is ........
lmao~ I love romance most of all.. never ending story~
But I wouldn't want it to be sooo long like Naruto~ I think....
Anyways.. What I wanted to let you know is that
I've removed my Followers List / Chuppiez gadget.
But you can still follow me just click the Follow on the upper right of my blog
So please follow me~ >w<
But in one condition~ Read my blogs~ XD
Of course! TT^TT
Oh and if you've noticed..
My navigation bar is on auto-hide..
& If you haven't read my post on how I did it..
It's here.. ;>

Oh I'll be having break inshaallah this coming month..
So I'll try to update u with things I wanted to share you..
Like What's in my School Bag.. ;>

It's going to be my 2nd semester soooon~ Inshaallah~ WOOT!
And then soon I'll be studying for my courses~ *tears of joy* XD
Advance Congratulations to my fellow friends in YUC for those who are going to their
advanced levels~ We're so proud of you!! ;>

P.S: Another reason for not going online because of our faulty internet~ >w<

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