Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Allshare ^w^

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Ey~ Yow Wazzup? X3
I've found a very cooool discovery we had in this house!!! =))
TVLink is so super coool!! XD
Knowing that, now we don't need to use the USB to bring the movies to the TV to watch it..
and later we would find out that it won't work because of it's extension... or wtvr~ XD
But of course in some cases we would still use the USB to watch, see, and maybe even listen to stuff.. ya know~
At first it started with my NX1000 coz I saw that it would work if I just used the TV Link on it's Wi-Fi options..
and yeah~ As soon as I saw the instructions on the TV..
I played with it along with our wi-fi adapter~
And their viola~! There were some obstacles that would make me think why is it like that..
But yeah.. Thanks to the Allshare Program... This will all work!!
Those that are only Music, Videos and Pictures... of course~ XD Hehe..
Still thinking if YT can work via TV.. Maybe soon it'll show me the answer~ hehe...
Well for this time.. Thanks to NX1000 we all got to find out how this new thing works!
Exciting isn't it? I love it!! I didn't know there would be a "THING" that is sooo advanced in this house~ XD
I took pix~ for remembrance.. I'd like to show u guys..
But, because of the "embarassing" things I wouldn't want to show the world..
Ahhh~ I told myself.. nevermind.. haha.. So I hope this documentary of what happened is fine enough to show the world.. XD

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Many people has different likes and different dislikes..
Is that what makes it more interesting?
Why does it make me speechless in cases?
Is it because I don't want to know more about them?
or IS it because i'm weird?
or am I really an introvert?
Why do I really don't like it? Learning arabic?
Why do I say that I REALLY like learning arabic?
If I really do, then I must know alot more by now..
esp within those 3 months before..
now I'm already 6 months there.. just started getting to be interested..
Is this how it is in different cases of mine?


I'm the real, somewhat I think, otaku in this family~
and of course a 2@)0$41.. *snicker*
So whenever I have this troubling times..
I just want to say it somewhere.. as long as it is out my conscience and SOMEWHERE!
I dunno how to cope up with this kinds of attack yet.. ?? Those words that I just said don't make any sense!!

Just where do I exactly fit?

Assalamu alaikum....
OH ye okay..
Till now ba nman?
Hmm.. I am and I have always been the outcast..
The GHOST as I would tell them..
Or if they just tell it to me STRAIGHT to the point..
I'm such an introvert person..

Yeah I can be described as like that..
But then.. I can also be a person who doesn't really approach people much..
Juz bcoz of language? Does this mean, I'm the "BIG" trouble here?
If they knew my blog right now.. or at least one of them would have..
and would visit and READ these entries of mine with patience..
They would really know THE ME who was hiding in this HUGE, VAST crowd..
Who I think is just pretending on the outside... *Being emotional here, needs some comforting*
But then again, because they would tell me.. 
"Why are you not talking?"

Yeah this is where I get my weakness? reason? to why I'm not brave enough..
I'm only like that for a second.. I might not have to stand on my own two feet when I need myself to be..
I sulk! I get jealous most of the time..
But I try not to be.. I must remind myself.. 
hmm.. Juz because they can't do it properly because of me..
They just let it be.. now that I tell them it's okay..
There's such thing as COMMON COURTESY! don'cha know?

*What I'm thinking right now*
I should really promote this blog myself but I'm not showy much!

I prefer not to show off, at times, coz I'm not that kind of person when I think...
The times when show off at people, they won't really recognize it as showing off..
SOME might.. but not most of the time..

I have this feeling that is called LOW SELF ESTEEM right now!! *sigh*

Sunday, 17 March 2013

ChilLax Dude~!

Salamu alaikum guyz~
How are y'all?
Well.. People around my college are already having this relaxed feeling,
even though some of them are still going to have Majors/Tests/Exams that aren't done yet..
Coz you know what? Next week inshaallah will be our 1 WEEK VACATION!
hehe.. I also felt it in the air.. So I, too, am one of them~ XD
Yeah we just had this "Speaking Test" Section 1 and it was FAST!
That's the only thing I can say.. Coz normally I like talking to people..
Especially knowing more about them... Since our teacher told us that it's juz like a normal communication..
Even though I felt the nervousness at first.. Coz I didn't know what kind of test or what will be there..
I'm not thinking of having a full marks.. I too am not a perfect human.. and no one's PERFECT!
I kept on thinking just blab it all out.. But the topic 'favorite dish' ....
I didn't know what to pick.. except ADOBO! XD
That's the only food I can think of..

Hmm.. So yeah.. I wanted to tell you guys..
Maybe inshaallah.. and this time that I'd do it..
I might post new entries within that week!
which I hopefully inshaallah I'll do..
I still dun wan to abandon this blogsite! >w<
and am still trying to have a proper time for everything!!!

and AT LAST! For how many days and weeks now..
I've attended the HTML CLASS!! >w<
Inshaallah I'll learn this fast!! hehe..
Since I've studied this one already before.. *Thank goodness*
and that I'll GET my certificate tooo~~ WOOT!! X3 excited much iz me!! XD
Just now.. while I reminisce the times I made those HTML pages with my friends..
I really am one of the JEJEMONS before!! XD
But during those times, they haven't invented the word jejemon..
So it's like.. =))) WeIrD!!  juz like this
Anyways... Oh! and I went to YEIS todaaaay~ WOOT!!
I really wanted to spend my time with them once more!!
Before they go out this town, this place, this country? TT^TT

Okay so i'll my speech with this..
人◕ ‿‿ ◕人
I haven't watched it yet.. 
but I am planning on doing it too~ =3

Monday, 11 March 2013

Prejudice? Oh no it's not~

Assalamu alaikum guys~
Hmm.. I juz want to say this..
and I juz want to be clear with this..
Thank goodness that ms. told me about that,
Me losing my attention last week..
I juz now realized what she totally meant!!
YEah.. I've been neglecting alot of things...
That would end up piling and making it miserable for me..
There's been this "FEELING" hunting me inside..
Making me think like there's nothing wrong..
and not to be worried about it..
Like it keeps me chilling..
Even though I SHOULD be getting WORRIED about things..
Was it because of what happened during that day?
Did I lose myself to that?
Was it because I let my inner self(?) get the best of me?
Hmm.. This unpredictable happenings... and now..
English Subject is really torturing me to HELL!!
I wasn't tortured like this before...
I mean seriously!! It's just a piece of cake YES!
But it doesn't mean that I am one of the experts..
who can manually, mentally and physically can do it!
I'm just the intermediate.. Who's trying out life..
How's it like to be OUTSIDE the company where I was always have been..

So to conclude this story;
*really dun like this me now*
subject ONLY!! For Pete's sake!! I dun LIKE to be there anymore!!
You might say that this is back-biting... I dunno and I dun care whatever u say!
but I JUST have to say it! I can't let it keep in me all the time!!

Okay.. GTG!! Wednesday's Progress Test and our teacher's really worried
that we [am I included in that too?] are going to fail? or not?
But she really wanted US to get full marks..
I promise you I also want to get full marks but because of SILLY mistakes..
I always get this MINUS points behind me.. WAITING!

Friday, 8 March 2013

Ain't ya Hiding something thar?

Salamu alaikum guys~
Oh my gash!! >w<
I planned on posting some of my "Findings" or "Tutorials"
but it seems I still can't find time to do it..
*Coz you know... They won't do it themselves,
Unless I use the copy and paste command from my brain!!*
So I just came here to say that...
It's a reason as to why, my teacher would always come up to me..
with surprising attack questions.. and I would end up..
saying a nonsense? She's making me unprepared all of a sudden
and would end up killing myself..
*Like thinking at what I said 
and would end up telling myself*
=))) hehe.. Juz sayin~ XD

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Problems that have YET to be solved

The Mad Woman of Yesterday

Assalamu alaikum guys~
pheww~ Now my eyes still hurt from crying..
That a delightful sleep of 9 hours would be oh so wonderful!
But I think I won't be having it now coz I've spent those 4 or 5 hours AWAKE! XD
So I'll leaving with maybe a few thoughts or so..
That I'd like to say is that.. This has been a stepping stone!
This "wonderful" experience of mine..
Somehow~ Made me realize more about the world!
But more like the world where I was living in that I didn't know it would like this AT ALL!
okaaayy~ I like to be going now...
Sorry nabitin ko kayo~
(Sorry I left out some of the important infos for you)
Somewhat close to that explanation.. hehe..

Till next time inshaallah?
TC Ya'll! Wabyahhhh~♥

Monday, 4 March 2013

My ranting? BEWARE!

Assalamu alaikum~


*not important but I can say my title in this post
can either be; Her annoying orange? XD*

Ok.. I've been having this bad feeling ALL DAY!
That even the sleep I had just now, didn't help at all~ *4 hours sleep*
I dun wan to say it here~ Esp the way of how I say it!
She might think this is offensive and all~
but COME ON! can't you even take a rest on me?
Juz because I'm easy to MANIPULATE doesn't mean that you'll ABUSE me!
ok.. juz from this single sentence.. THIS is how I think!
So you might think.. "Oh my! really? Is she like that?" or other stuff that's going on around ur mind!
Coz you see~ If you've only known about me.. You wouldn't think of me FOR REALZ doing anything bad..
Nadadala man ako YES.. *sorry I had to say that in tagalog*
If it's in my language I can express it more..

During those 2 days YES I admit I was WRONG!
but today! NO! I didn't even do ANYTHING BAD!
or something that'll drive me CRAZY or AROUND THE BLOCK juz because of that..
COME ON!! I've already learned my lesson NOT to be like that infront of you..
ONLY you I HOPE! It won't even make me loose my attention on wtvr CRAP ur saying!
Seriously! Now it's you who is making me NOT want this..
I may have to endure it.. but it'll be not as the same way as you think it'll be..
YOU think I'm like them? SERIOUSLY! I dun wan to talk to you..
But YOU can consult me you know.. Juz as you would do infront of the CLASS!
but when it comes to being me and her.. I don't think she can do it..
FOR others she may give them a "special treatment" but for me~
NO! Juz bcoz I'm a foreign? who doesn't understand arabic?
COME ON! and SERIOUSLY! is all I can say! REPEATEDLY!

Yes, I'm just driving you all the way until here..
Sorry for letting you read this.. and THANK you~
if you understood my situation.. and for reading it!

I didn't want it.. but bcoz of that!
I've GOT bazillions~ gazillions of things I WANT to tell you!
*or not* You may say a lot of sensible things..
But for me~ I've got of them too.. few actually..
REALLY! Can't you even tell if there is a secret or not?
IS IT your first time MEETING someone like me?
NO I'm not honored! Bcoz you didn't like me AT ALL!
I can see that in ur FACE DUDE!
Annoying really~

NOW what I'm feeling is that;
>I can't play RUBIK'S CUBE infront of you anymore~
Even if you are IN the room.. I won't be DOING it anymore!
Even if I want to learn the LAST STEP of solving 3x3!!
I'm almost THERE MAN! Can't u even let me finish it?
You've given me this feeling! You should take responsibility! *as a joke*
I know I won't benefit from this.. but can't u give me FREEDOM?
>I can't TALK to anyone anymore...
I can't SMILE? or LAUGH? or GIGGLE?
I can't be with her anymore coz you think I might
even though I still want to talk with her more~
*bcoz she's intelligent MASHAALLAH!*
>I can't look at you the same way as I did before..
but hopefully this FEELING won't stay long or else!
I would have to endure THIS ANNOYING, CREEPY FEELING!
all this SEMESTER! and we're almost HALF way THERE the end..

People might not see me as THAT kind of person..
but if they misinterpreted my action..
THEY might think "Oh so she's that kind of person..
I don't like to be with her~ She's a TROUBLE-MAKER!"
*remembers the k-song*

I seriously don't know what to think!
I don't know how to think like an arab!
I don't want TO BE SO MUCH conservative!
I am not that kind of NARROW MINDED PERSON!
I now can understand! You may not understand what I'm saying here..
because all I say ARE CRAP right? u may say it like that!!
COME ON!! THIS is really a BIG hindrance for me..
Being with you people are already a hindrance for me..
Didn't u even think of that? Oh RIIIIIGHT!
It's because YOU haven't experienced it the same WAY I did..
It may not have to be the same as you would say..
But we have DIFFERENT kinds of endurance..
I'm juz starting and you're already THERE!
BOTH of us should understand each other you know..

But I have this feeling of mine all the time,
I DON'T want it anymore!
To be hurt? To be said by those things?
Even though U don't know me AT ALL!
Feeling na close na tayo? AS IF!
I'd change my course RIGHT AWAY if you were to be in my way..

FINE... That's all I can say for now! >w<

Saturday, 2 March 2013

CBOX with Captcha

Okay short tutorial/entry~
I stumbled upon Laila's blog before!
and wanted to leave a short message on her chatbox~
When I pressed enter to send it, this Captcha Menu suddenly popped up!
Then I sparked! XD I also want to have that too~
Super COOL and much more better..
Seriously.. I wonder how this 'Spamming' works? :?

and I just did mine now..
Thanks to Aimad's Tutorial~ ^w^
It really did help me you know~ ;>>
My blog especially.. XD ke ke ke~!

Anyways.. Juz click on the links!
Pretty please! Coz I'm still here in front of my laptop..
Not doing my homeworks and reviewing properly..
So please be kind to me.. ;>>
If you like that same option as I do have right now too..
These are the few people whom I want to thank! hehe..
*Hoped you don't mind me talking about you here* ;D

The reason to why I'm not participating much

took the image from google

Ok~ So some of you who has been with me for 2 months now..
noticed that until now I haven't been participating much in classroom..
One reason? I guess you can say that..
coz in the last semester.. I wasn't really much of a speaker..
and I wasn't close to anyone either..
I was placed on 3 different sections...
So I didn't get to know everyone and met only few people whom I get to know more of before~ ^_^
which made me happy.. and somehow comfortable to have them as my friends..
Now.. in this semester.. Glad to be taking a part or more like having or BEING in the part of English class~
I missed those times when I used to have NEW HARD VOCABULARIES in the lessons..!!
and I had to memorize those~ and POEMS! GOSH! I miss those times~

"I missed those times...." That what really made me WANT to be in English class..
Not because it's english and it's easy for me.. but I WANT to know how they teach English in this way..
So that I'll be ready for the future.... of this college.. hehe.. ;DD

So.. It started.. My classes.. There I met my new teachers..
Happy or not.. I should get used to them.. and then..
OWKAY! MY ENGLISH CLASS for the first time..
We were only 3 students who went for the first class! *that is after getting our sched*
We got to know each other.. But because of my voice? or my attitude? or the way I spoke?
I dunno which part bothered her.. but in an instant.. I felt something..
Something like.. disregarded.. Like.. "Ok.. You know.. Don't speak!"
This was what I felt! I didn't know what to say or do..
I just didn't mind it until one day.. when she told us..
"When you want to speak.. just raise your hands.. Instead of chorusing with each other"
It's something like that.. When it's time to participate.. I wanted to try...
There I started to like the 'RAISING your hands first b4 talking!"..
It made sense.. coz I for one, don't like people saying the answer right away.. *sometimes*
There should a 'tense' feeling.. XD But because we have EASY, SUPER EASY english..
People juz started blabbing out the answers.. XD
I would do it too.. If only she COULD HEAR my voice~ =)))

Yeah that's one thing I didn't like.. EVEN though I know she won't bite..
I still can't seem to make my voice any louder.. aside from my friends..
It's like.. It's always been there.. whenever I speak with my teachers..
It depends with the feeling, relationship.. I may not be like that to the others..
But mostly, I am quiet reserved? hmm.. *I didn't know this word until I encountered Zubaidah~ Thank Youh*
hehehe~ anyways.. It's just the feeling.. So she was infront of me..
I was raising my hands.. I wanted to participate..
Soo badly.. kind of.. but after 2 or 3 weeks?
NOTHING! I would juz participate IF SHE CALLS ME!
Juz then, those were the ONLY times where I would participate because
it'd be very hard to have this opportunity next time.. *I THINK*
Coz for sure she'd give the others more chance.. than for me.. I dunno...
I for one.. don't like talking much (in class) when it comes to serious matters LIKE STUDYING! ;D
*ALWAYS DEPENDS if you see me talking, that's me being lazy-ING around* 

So from then on... I've been still doing a lil 'raise your hand'! whenever she asks the whole class.. ;D
but I don't raise my hand when she WANTS someone to participate.. ;|
There's THIS feeling that is lingering around my body and can't be removed by her..
because I FELT she did this to me... SERIOUSLY!
No offence.. But I guess the toastmaster will have to help me on this one.. >w<
That is all folks~ Sorry for keeping you up.. or not..
reading this~ ;>> I appreciate it much!!! ^w^

The Rubik's Cube

Hmm.. Assalamu alaikum~ Hmm...

Hmmm.. I dunno if I should say this or not~
but it's kind of irritating.. and not..
coz you see.. OF ALL THE DAYS, why does it have to be NOW?
Okay.. Fine.. I realized I was on the wrong side.. very very wrong side..
coz u see~ hmmm... She could've atleast juz give it to me..
She won't even give me a damn WARNING about it..
*she did gave me a warning but usually on the first warning it's like..
okay I'll give it to you.. but the next time I see you, say adios to it!*
I should get this kind of warning.. >w<
This way I would really get SCARED and NOT to do it
EVER again in my whole life as long as it's her~! >w<
SERIOUSLY?!!!! What's with that?
I mean... COME ON!
I just did it once.. I won't repeat it again!
Can't you even have the TRUST in me?
SERIOUSLY! Of all the times.. WHY does it have to be now?

Okay.. I was even glad that she took it away from me in class..
but not giving it back to me.. was even more harsh!!
SERIOUSLY!! NO!! I won't let it go for today..
Atleast for these FEW FREAKIN' HOURS... nu 'uh~
I should've told her.. "Please take care of that.. It's very fragile!"
>w< It's true~ it's not made for KIDS with sturdy hands!
It's made for kids (and adults) with the MIND and having the thoughts of TAKING CARE OF IT!
Who knows what's in that mind of hers.... >w< I AM DEFINITELY not liking those moments~
This'll be one of my serious, worst, nightmares~
and I hope that I won't remember this AGAIN in the future~
But I think I will because of this freakin' RUBIK'S CUBE!!
As long as I'll be having a THIS thing on my hands...
I won't be *maybe* forgetting THIS thing that happened to me~!