Sunday, 17 March 2013

ChilLax Dude~!

Salamu alaikum guyz~
How are y'all?
Well.. People around my college are already having this relaxed feeling,
even though some of them are still going to have Majors/Tests/Exams that aren't done yet..
Coz you know what? Next week inshaallah will be our 1 WEEK VACATION!
hehe.. I also felt it in the air.. So I, too, am one of them~ XD
Yeah we just had this "Speaking Test" Section 1 and it was FAST!
That's the only thing I can say.. Coz normally I like talking to people..
Especially knowing more about them... Since our teacher told us that it's juz like a normal communication..
Even though I felt the nervousness at first.. Coz I didn't know what kind of test or what will be there..
I'm not thinking of having a full marks.. I too am not a perfect human.. and no one's PERFECT!
I kept on thinking just blab it all out.. But the topic 'favorite dish' ....
I didn't know what to pick.. except ADOBO! XD
That's the only food I can think of..

Hmm.. So yeah.. I wanted to tell you guys..
Maybe inshaallah.. and this time that I'd do it..
I might post new entries within that week!
which I hopefully inshaallah I'll do..
I still dun wan to abandon this blogsite! >w<
and am still trying to have a proper time for everything!!!

and AT LAST! For how many days and weeks now..
I've attended the HTML CLASS!! >w<
Inshaallah I'll learn this fast!! hehe..
Since I've studied this one already before.. *Thank goodness*
and that I'll GET my certificate tooo~~ WOOT!! X3 excited much iz me!! XD
Just now.. while I reminisce the times I made those HTML pages with my friends..
I really am one of the JEJEMONS before!! XD
But during those times, they haven't invented the word jejemon..
So it's like.. =))) WeIrD!!  juz like this
Anyways... Oh! and I went to YEIS todaaaay~ WOOT!!
I really wanted to spend my time with them once more!!
Before they go out this town, this place, this country? TT^TT

Okay so i'll my speech with this..
人◕ ‿‿ ◕人
I haven't watched it yet.. 
but I am planning on doing it too~ =3

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