Thursday, 22 May 2014

Welcome to me~

Assalamu alaikum...
Omo.. Gomennasai for not blogging in a while~ >_<
How are y'all? Hope y'all are fahyn~ ;>

Even during the times I'd love to drop by..
But bcoz I know myself.. I didn't come by even just for a while.. I meant like on my laptop..
But yeah now that I can blog via smartphone... keke.. it is available anytime...
But I also take A LOT of time so yeah..
Self-discipline is needed~ ;P

I feel like this blog is like my online diary..
That I hope no one violates and uses my informations... haha.. but I just want u (my ghost friend) to know about myself..
I want someone at least to know what are my feelings..
A stranger... O_O
Am weird in a way.. X3

Stuff I cannot just tell to people coz I feel that am just a burden to them sometimes..
I just forget why that sometimes we spend with each other..
Like u know.. the jealousy creeps in..
But am trying not to do it..
I am trying but I just cannot help but act this way.. >_>

Anyway.. Now that we're almost.. very close to Summer Vacation!
FINALLY! Har har.. XD I can spend this vacation without college...
Coz they're not offerin sum summer courses so yeah..
But I just wish and pray that I WILL do those things that I have planned already~
And become more responsible.. ^_^

Okay~ I may come back later and rant some more!!! XD\m/

》TC everyone《