Monday, 20 May 2013

The Star Alt Code

Have you been wondering the same question all over
and can't seem to find the answer?
Well I present to you the solution!
Thank you soo much Mike for helping us, unfortunate people! XD
I've been really annoyed.. *not really* that I can't do it on a shortcut!
I have to search for it online then use the technique "the copy and paste"! (BoA) ♪
But here it is! and it's like MAGIC when I FINALLY MADE IT!
with the shortcut keyboard CODE!!
Ahh yes.. Now that I have accomplished this,
I have to memorise it now!! Heart is very easy right? ;> Alt + 3 ~♥
♦♣♠ - 4,5 and 6 for diamond, clubs and spade respectively..
and THE STAR! ☆★
Alt +2606 and Alt +2605
For this I have to press the + sign before pressing the numbers..
But I think now I'm having problems with the keyboard..
Coz just a while ago, I pretty much changed the language again and again..
Then suddenly when I press the letter D, while I was on my browser, it went to the bar.. where you type in the link..
I don't really know if that is causing it.. But I think I'll be keeping this around!
Okay~ That's all for today! See you guys! Wish me LUCK!
Might as well really, badly, need it!

Arabic Time~

السلام عليكم!!!
Yow guys! How did I do it? =)))
I juz searched  it online and typed it myself!
*To get to know more on how they're written*
So how are you all? ^_^
ان شاء الله hope everything's fine!
=))) I'm really enjoying this..
Learning Arabic by my own!
I know... You'd ask..
Why are you learning just now?
*For the people who know about my condition*
They "hated" or just didn't like the fact that I didn't
understand MOST of what they say and I feel that
it would really annoy them to translate(say) everything back to me again!
And that's one of the reasons as to why I am not that "MUCH" good
in learning Arabic, even though I tried.. I want but they keep on letting my self-esteem low!
It's like they're making me go back! or feel the pressure that I wouldn't like when I study a
language! 1 way to help me guys is to let me FEEL..... or make me feel that speaking in Arabic
is F-U-N!! Yes I can see every time you all talk! But after someone sees that I cannot understand
what they say.. It feels like.. owkay... Please pretend you didn't see me at all!
And after a while they actually do forget that I am there.. The girl who didn't understand
our language! We can talk as much as we can! HOO-RAY! *my mind saying it sarcastically*
So now that the school year's about to finish and I will apply for the summer classes ان شاء الله,
That is the Arab's school year.. But I think they're already finished? hehe..
So yeah.. I will try to study arabic while studying for summer classes! Hopefully that I will
accomplish this goal! ان شاء الله!! Can't wait!! hehe!! That I can FINALLY understand people! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

One of those embarassing moments....

Hey guys~ First of all, I'm sorry...
I don't mean any disrespect but I'll be skipping my formalities today..
coz of the topic! DX "As you can see on the title of this post!" ヽ(ー_ー )ノ

Do you know those moments where u suddenly remember those
I really can't handle those times!!
It's like I feel that I want die again and again!!
Whether it's just a recently made one or
the most oldest moments that i could've remember in my life!
I want to have a remedy for these kind of symptoms!
I seriously want to kill myself right now!! *haha.. Juz kidding though..*  (^▽^;)
Remembering it again and again!!
I really can't believe I've done those things!!
Like stuttering in front of everyone..
Not knowing what I should do and
doing crazy embarassing stuff infront of the
people that they shouldn't have seen me doing it! TT^TT

Thursday, 2 May 2013

[Update] Google+ Cover Photo

Hmm.. Have you guys checked this out?
It's about my blog post about Google+'s cover photo..
Well what I'm about to say is that.. If you haven't been there..
You'll notice that it juz got updated.. Now you can put a bigger photo..
Which I can say is much more cooler! hehe.. But I don't think I might change it..
But once I've found the COOL, nice, and somewhat cute picture, I'll change it..
Then again, you won't need to open a new link and search how big is their dimensions;
2120 x 1192 pixels
Although right now, this blog isn't that much famous yet so I think that you'll see hers first than mine.. XD
But for those who knows my blog, thank you for reading them out! I'm really happy... o((*^▽^*))o

2nd Time: Reset

Assalamu alaikum guys~~ How are you all?
Well who knew it would be this fast.. My GC was reset again..
Annoying really.. Thankfully, I found how to return some of the settings I used to have with the help of Dingus and nirajw.17.. ^_^
Juz sign-in to your chrome with ur gmail account..
and I think most of the time your extensions and settings are already synced in automatically..
So everything will be back.. I just don't know yet if same goes with your previously saved tabs..
For those users who saved their setting to "Continue where I left off" option..
So that's all I have for now.. and right now I'm in holiday mode.. Kind off..
Until then, TC ya'll!