Monday, 22 August 2011

Shugoi Chara~!! XD

Whaaa~!!! I'm loving this series-nya.. as Yoru would say.. XD ♥♥♥ =3
I'm still in Ep 8 going to 9.. or can be said as ep 59 going to 60.. XD
I found some of my fave scenes as GIFs... Kawaii and sooo funny~!! So lovable.. ;))

I just watched this scene on ep 8.. Mitte~!

Cuteeeeenessss~! What do you call the caretaker is holding? *i forgot his name sorry* ooh just found his name.. Tsukasa Amakawa.. a cat lover.. ;)))

This one is a lil bit small.. =( whaaaaaaaaaaaa~!! A cheesy moment~!! AYIEEE~!! I LOVE THESE TWO!! XD
Ikuto's charanari.. *Character Change* whaaaa~!!! I LOVE IT!! XD イケメンね。
i don't know if what i said is correct but it means handsome right.

The rest of the pix i'm gonna post now are not GIF.. hmm.. i'll try to make one.. XD Wish me luck.. ;))

I've got a cute one right here.. XD Yoru, you're sooo cute~!! ;))


and this one.. Chibi collection of the previous Guardians.. Kawaiii desu ne... ;)) XD

I'm loving this couple.. XD Amuto.. ;)) 

I'll try to name them and see if i still remember them..XD
Left to Right: Utua-chan, Ikuto, Amu-chan, Tadase-kun, Yaya-tan
okay sorry i 4got you, Fujisake Nadeshiko, Kukai-kun, Kairi-kun

Amu-chan's Shugoi Chara.. XD

okay I guess i'll have to stop until here.. TT-TT need to sleep early.. or else i won't get paid anymore.. =(((
Hope you love this post i've made!! Just looking at their pictures makes my day.. XD ^-^
*Sugoi + Shugo = Shugoi*
Pictures taken in Photobucket
this site is really famous for pictures.. ♥

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kitty Boots~!! :-3

Heyyy~!! Check out our cats.. ^w^
They're sooo *makulet*.. can't explain that in english.. lol.. juz kidding.. troublesome, annoying, pesky, infuriating, vexatious, persistent.. they're always playing soo wild, running here and there, scratching our carpets and ME especially me, lol!! coz i'm always giving them a bath, rubbing their tummy, and *kakagigil*.. Having a hard time controlling oneself because of cuteness..
And here they are: Just click on the link and it's available for everyone to see.. well.. atleast i hope so.. XD
Our Lovely Cats~!!

And this is my sister's FB.. i didn't want to upload it in my acc.. soo lazzyyy~!! >.<
Well i hope you iz like.. and please comment.. ^_~

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Japanese Words

I've been watching anime these days.. They're so interesting especially Naruto-kun.. ;))
also the way they speak their language i feel like i understand them already.. XD
But i can't read it yet.. I'm still learning for 한글.. i can read 한글 but i can't understand.. XD only some words..
Well here are some words in Japanese:

Kanji/Nihonggo                     Meaning            Romanization
1. フワフワ                                              fluffy                         Fuwafuwa
2. 速い                                                          fast                             Hayai
3. 速く                                                           faster                      Hayaku
4.すごい                                 awesome         Sugoi
5.おめでと/お目出とう     congrats         Omedeto/Omedetou

*Had a hard time lining these*

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

My Blue Nose Friends and Forever Friends

Do you know them? They're soooo kawaii, huggable, chubby, and lovely~!! XD
Check out the links:
I just discovered *My Blue Nose Friends* recently.. and the Forever Friends, i've already known them before.. ehehe.. Forever Friends has alot of fun stuff.. they have calendars (updated i think), movies (haven't checked that out yet), games and just check their page.. XD Also i have another one..

This one, i remember playing on their website and i tried going there right now, but can't.. >.< maybe it's under construction thing.. LOL!! i forgot what word is that.. XD anyways, these looks like for kids right.. ehehe.. be sure to check out these links..

WHAAAA~!!! Forever Alone...


whahahaha~!!! This was my feeling when i didn't have any followers/friends here.. :))=)) but Alhamdulillah~!! I have my dearly beloved friend n-named as Jang2x.. XD WOOT~!! XD But still i wanted to show you my best effort on fixing my own blog.. >.< Thank you btw, for the bubble picture.. it gave me an idea after you shared the pic to me.. ;))) XD Thank you very much.. ^_^ Your friend also helped me even though i didn't understand her.. ehehehe.. =))

Check out my Shout Box!

Hey, i just spiced up a lil bit my blog.. and i added some emoticons or icons in my shout box.. wanna tell me something.. sure just put your name and message.. XD Please feel free.. :) to anyone.. ;)

First Obligatory Prayer - Fajr

I already brushed my teeth but i didn't make wudu yet, coz i was thinking; what if it was my fault for not letting him/her brushed their teeth before the adhan.. So i decided to brush my teeth then after they are finish then i can make my wudu.. Now, of course, we finished our sahoor and brushed our teeths.. Then the adhan called, the first one, and everyone's already finished doing wudu and brushed their teeths in my family and i'm the only one left who didn't make any wudu.. The adhan called and i made my wudu then after finishing it, my mom called me "Where are you?" and so as my father.. Of course where would I be? Playing with the cats? Going on internet secretly? NO! but of course doing WUDU what else? i hated this moment.. I was like, why do they kept on calling me, did i take too long to make my wudu that the second adhan already called or the salah was already finished in Masjid? My GASH~!! i was really annoyed by this.. but of course after praying, "SUBHANAALLAH" the anger went away.. so i was thinking that we should really value praying 5 times a day.. especially for me coz i easily get hot tempered.. hehehehe.. XD

While we were praying, there was a gap between me and my mom.. I don't like it when there's a gap.. So i was thinking, maybe she'll move beside me.. Because before she *don't remember if it was mom or dad who* told me that there should not be a gap between us so that the Shaitan will not be there.. The prayer finished without her moving an inch beside me.. i mean like i didn't feel that she wanted to close the gap, it's like she was waiting for me.. *but that moment i was really (not really) angry* So yeah.. this is just my morning story for muslims.. eheehe..

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Wallpaper

Check this out~!! Isn't it kawaiii? XD I've arranged my desktop icons to the number days of this month.. XD 

~Forever Friends

I seem to have lost the picture~ Sorry for that!
#August 31, 2013

Are You Fasting?

This morning, we didn't wake up to eat and to pray..
Well, i woke up then came back to sleep again.. But i should have stayed up even though it's almost Adhan..
So now my intention is not to break my sawm and to continue it.. also my siblings.. same as for my parents.. they can handle it.. Inshaallah also for us.. Well have you ever done that? share your experience.. ;)

Long Await? Not Much...

Assalamu Alaikum..
Well, Alhamdulillah we got our internet back and so as our telephone... ^_^
Now not only in internet, i can call my friends in telephone too.. except that my friends whom i want to call now are gone *in this place*, maybe busy, and invalid numbers.. But I can still remember my friend's, but she was more than a friend to me... My mom would tell us that before, they[my mom and kim's mom] went together to get a telephone number ever since that we would always keep on calling everyday even though we've seen each other in the school.. XD But now she's in Philippines already.. I missed calling my friends through the phone.. ;)) or maybe only her.. She's been the only friend I've ever talk to.. But I did have this times that I talked to Jang2x for like an hour or so.. XD I miss it soo much!! ;)

August 26, 2012

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Fixing my blog~!

I'm working on my banner..  and i hope you guys liked it.. ;) Please comment.. ;DDD Next on the list is following other's blog.. ^_^

Cellphone Plushie holder

I have pink and blue, like these ones.. >3<

Look lookie~!!! I have one of these here.. Before i bought it in 2SR stores and loooook~!! They're actually selling it also online.. wooow.. sugeee~!!! XD At first, i saw this with yellow color and looked further, i saw pink, green and blue.. That time I only had few money and i only bought two of them and i thought i'm gonna come back and buy the remaining 2.. So i bought 2 of them and forgot to come back for the 2 and I just realized that NOW, this time and this moment.. GAHD~!! i should have came back.. I hope no one has bought it yet.. TT-TT Will anyone come and join me buy that again?

UPDATE: August 26, 2012
Now I finally found it all! After cleaning our room!
All four! I told my sister that I didn't remember buying all four of them! LOL!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Blog Layout~!!

Hi again.. :)
Now, i really need to study how to put up a blog layout.. >.<
a friend of mine in another blog site (not here) gave me a link to where i can get a layout but when i chose the layout i wanted, when i previewed it, the outcome wasn't the one i expected..
i took it from this link:
they're all very cute, nice and soo cool~!!
I downloaded it and saved it here but in Classic Template.. and when i previewed it it was different~!! WHYYYYYY~~~??? I want help! Please guide me.. TT-TT
Kindly please comment and share your knowledge..

"Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven."
-William Shakespeare

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ikuto Tsukiyomi of Shugo Chara!

SOOO GWAPOOOOO~!!! eotteoke?? XD  i was searching for pictures to post as my banner and i just can't leave with all these tabs opened.. >.< 11 of 'em.. is there a real life Ikuto?!

*sends a picture to Ikuto X3*

Please help~!

GAHD~! Arranging and making my own profile look dashy, cute and somewat cool is really tiring me out.. >.< can't make it perfect.. needs more time to figure how things work or how to do it.. that's why for some reasons.. i think this is one of the reasons why i don't open my blogsites everyday.. but unlike my one and only plurk.. ^_^ i love that~!! XD ♥♥♥
Anyways.. I hope Ezza aka Jang2x would help me out tomorrow.. and inshaallah i want her to come tomorrow.. XD if i could only get rid of her laziness.. it wasn't laziness, she was just late.. >.< i jumped to conclusions already.. i'm sorry.. ;DDDD
okay.. my curfew is almost there so i think i'll be stopping until here..
Fi Amanillah to all.. ;))

I welcome back myself again!!

Assalamu Alaikum..
Hey Ya'll.. How you doin'?
just saying hi and i'm gonna go bye bye..
will be watching naruto.. and i'm already in Ep 36.. XD
kk.. that's all for now.. will update inshaallah soon..
matekurasai.. ;))