Tuesday, 30 September 2014

JosephxYusra Manga

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakutu!!!!!

Dear Friends!!
I found an AMAZING manga that's like for those who are searching for Islamic kind of setting.. ♥
I was just searching for some stuff yesterday, and I bumped into one of sakura02's art and viola!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Upgrades on Anime

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh~

How are you all?
I have another ranting or just wanna express my opinions somewhere~
and I think I might have mentioned these on my previous post(s).. ¤
and u know people's way of thinking change..
So don't go and stay what they said on the past..
*coz past is past, please look forward to the future* ;P

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Household Chores

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh everyone... ^_^

Well, what's up?
Today I was in mood, Alhamdulillah, to clean some of the stuff that has been bothering me ever since!
And from morning till night I've been sneezing tooooo much!! *suddenly sneezes* it was for realz >,<
This is toooo much!!! U.U
It's ok.. but the problem now, my throat feels really dry!!! Uwaaah! ;<
But Alhamdulillah... *sigh*
There are a lot of places I want to clean in this *filthy* house but I just can't do it alone!! huhuhu...

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Create Chapters in Your Downloaded Videos

The reason I went online today was because I wanted share to u guys what I recently learned.. X)
It's great I promise you~
To those who would think, life would be easier if I only know where it is I'm looking for..
Especially for long tutorial vids...

I came over this when I was watching an anime that a friend of ours downloaded.. after watching, @ VLC media player, I noticed that when I hover my mouse over the seeking bar (dun really know what it's called), those small bookmarks would show up..

So yeah, I found a blog post and really worked magnificently for me! Also helped me big time! X3

And I downloaded it from a separate website coz I think this guy's link he showed is dead..

Once you've pressed Multiplex, it'll immediately put all your hardwork into a fine and chaptered video~ (≧∇≦)/

A serious piece of cake! At first I was so hesitant.. coz at first I saw HandBrake but Alhamdulillah after looking for another one.. this is better and easier too~ So enjoy your videos! ^_^

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Liebster Award from Hana-san~

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuhu~ How are you all?
Well, here I am again.. coming back from the dead! *lulz*
Anyway, look what I got! An awaaaard~!! ♥
Arigato-gozaimasu for awarding me such a cute title, Hana-san..
So lez start diz gemu~ X3

Liebster is a German word which means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, 
beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Rules for this award:
> Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
> Answer the 11 questions asked.
> Nominate 11 other bloggers with lots of potential.
> Create 11 of your own questions set for them to answer.
> Notify your nominees.

& her questions for me are:
1) What is your most wanted future job?
- I wish to work as a computer programmer or be a web designer.. I'm not yet sure though.. As long as it is something that I really love~! ^_^ In shaa Allah!

2) Do you still remember your first accidentally way to find blogger on net?
- hmmm.. not really.. but I think it was when I thought "I want to try blogging.." then I found my way loving codes such as when you're customizing your own page.. X)

3) What's your blog theme? Is it a life, review, beauty, art, or just a random blog?
- I think it's a mix.. haha... because before I posted something that happened to my luyf at the same time it has some random stuff in it that I want to share to people.. Maybe like a tutorial thing.. you get me? XD haha..

4) On your childhood (private primary school or lower), are you most playing with your friends outside or just staring on your gadget?
- My childhood.... Weeeeell, I love to play around.. I guess that's my final answer.. coz my parents during that time wasn't into gadgets yet.. haha.. (like a stone age era lulz)

5) Have you ever climbed on tree(s)?
- I WISHED!! but I dunno how.. >_< I lived my whole life on a city and haven't experienced living on a province area when I was young.. *I know.. I'm missing half of my life~* haha.. But Alhamdulillah..

6) Do you have any disgusting neighborhood?
- Uhmm.. no clue.. I don't think so.. I love the place where I was born.. X) Alhamdulillah..

7) Do you have any pet(s)? What is it?
- Oooohh!! My favorite subject to talk about! We have CATZ! 2 boys.. A father and a son.. We had 2 sons before.. but I seriously didn't know what happened exactly with the other one.. coz u see we're living on an apartment with balconies.. and since during those times we didn't really bring out cats out (we were scared and so they were) we didn't let them out.. except on the balcony.. So I'm not sure but I think he fell down there.. and didn't find his way back to our house SADLY!! T^T But may Allah keep him safe! ;3

8) What's your dream house will look like? Maybe had a personal library?
- Dream house... not yet ready at that stage yet.. but I do want to have our own personal library.. a prayer room.. 2 separate living rooms.. and as many bedrooms for my kids.. =))) XD IN SHAA ALLAH!!

9) Which one you online the most, Facebook or Twitter? Or maybe other?
- I am online most of my time on my phone.. coz that's handy and portable! like whatsapp and Line..
Even though you would say I can blog there.. ^^" It's just that I must use my time in a productive way in this life and Hereafter~ In shaa Allah..

10) Do you actually like being outside or inside the building (house or office)?
- Can it be both? Coz it really depends on my mood.. I like to be active.. so sometimes it's also nice to go out and shop.. but in my current situation I cant.. ^^" In shaa Allah when that time comes, I can go anywhere I want.. hehe..

11) What would you do if accidentally you're tripped on the street?
- GOSH!! I seriously till now remember what happened to me when I was about to go to the car... I wasn't tripped on the street though.. haha.. but in case you'll want a different story, here it is.. I was about to go home from college, and there was ramp.. I went down, both of my hands were piled up with stuff.. One was holding a big paper bag.. and the other I forgot what it was.. So inside that bag were my lunchbox and idk what else I put in there.. =))) as I was strutting down the ramp, all of the stuff inside the bag FELL!!! it freaking FELL!! I thought to myself.. "Hmm.. this was nothing I guess.." So I didn't mind what people thought about me.. When I went inside the car, my driver told me that this guy on the other car was laughing at you like hysterically/crazily.. Well I didn't see that guy.. but after hearing it from him.. I got sooooo embarrassed that THAT happened.. >x< Never again do I want that to happen! EVER! 

and so, here it ends!! hahaha!! I made a story out of all these Qs you gave me... ^_^" Gome!
I just talk too much when it comes to blog! =))

& my questions for you;
(some of them would be the same with Hana-san~ ;3)
1) What is your most wanted future job?
2) Do you still remember your first accidental way to find blogger on net?
3) What's your blog theme? Is it about life, review, beauty, art, or just a random blog?
4) During your childhood (private primary school or lower), are you the type to play with your friends outside or just staring on your gadget?
5) Have you ever climbed on tree(s)?
6) Do you have any neighbor that you are close to?
7) Do you have any pet(s)? What is it?
8) What's your dream house going to look like? 
9) In which are you online most of the time, Facebook, Twitter or what else?
10) Are you a type of person who loves to stay indoors or outdoors?
11) What would you do if I ask you to work with me on the future? ;p XD

& deh only person I wanna tag iz;

haha.. Since I wasn't really active here anymore, I didn't get to meet new peepz..
and me ol' frenz aren't here anymo.. So.. She's the only I can.. haha..
If re-tagging is allowed I would've asked Hana to do it too~ 
Except the Qs part only.. ;P XD
haha... So now I shall bid you goodbye and see you in another post~ ^,^ TC y'all!