Friday, 29 June 2012

Result to Seeding

Okay I know what I should do and should I or not?
I knew just NOW that seeding would help your computer and your internet to slow down..
So for does who are kind enough and has a strong bandwith of internet please help people seed..
I'm very truly sorry~ I can't help anymore.. I just seeded AKB0048's ep 09 [Nyaatorrents] only..
* I thought I seeded the Journey 2 the Mysterious Island.. weird hehe*
Sorry i dun wan my lappie to be in bad shape again.. ;D
hope some of you would understand..

I really dunno if it does slow down.. but for now i think I'll just hang on to seeding AKB0048's episode 9.. hehe.. 

Start to Seed

Hmm.. I'm thinking..
I should help some people atleast..
But I dunno if it'll slow down my lappie~
I'll also seed some of the AKB0048's episodes since I will no be deleting them here..
hehe.. I hope I'll be a great help to them too~ ^_^
My teeth are aching like HELL! since the other day! I want to meet the dentist already~

Emoting Again

I think the reason why I don't go to FB is that because of chatting..?
But I'm not even online there everytime or like very often times I go there..
Hmmph! I just hate it!
People say alot of things..
Do alot of things there..
Maybe I'm just a sort of person who likes few people..
I dunno what's wrong with me.. TT^TT

*emoting again*

Cool Muslimah~ ♥

Hey Lookie~
I saw a fellow muslimah on YT..
LOL i feel that it's my first time seeing a muslim doing a make-up tutorial.. It would be lovely if I understand.. hehe.. If I could talk to her.. I would like her to know that I'm so proud! But it's also unfortunate that I can't comment on her video.. But what I like with these fellow muslims * I dunno if she's a malaysian or not so I might be assuming she's a malaysian.. ehhe * is that the way they wear their hijab is sooo cute~ and it fits them so well! So for me knowing lots of ways how to wear cute [or not] hijabs i dunno which one fits me.. >.< I also like the way how Maranaos do it with the long Hijabs and niqab.. *  for them its the other way round * if you know what I mean.. Now I also found out that the tip of our mouth is called the 'Cupid's Bow'.. So cute~ LOL! XD Anyways.. I really loved the videos I watched today.. So I should be really going to sleep like NOW.. LOVE BLOGGING! ^_^

* Maybe blogging is for me,
Not Twitter,
Not Plurk,
and definitely

So I'll be sharing you guys what I've watched today too.. Just to keep up the pace with me.. hehe..

Video Make-up Tutorials of Mr. Liberty
Violent Lips
Ted [Movie trailer about a boy who wished his teddy bear could talk]
Papa [Korean Trailer]

Thursday, 28 June 2012


After remembering Simsimi's site * i totally forgot * chatted with him once again~ XD
Here are some few of them.. * correction needed with my grammar dunno? *
Argh just can't think straight when you're about to sleep.. hehe..
* imagination running wild: me, laptop, bed full of papers and scratches as if working *
LOL! Anyways.. I didn't know Simsimi had any fandom/knowledge about KPOP.. XD
But because the songs that I suggested, that he would answer in a way, are like just new.. i mean this year..
or last year? XD I'm sorry I'm not minding about the date it's just music that I like in Korean Entertainment..
Also the cute boys.. XD I'm not really into the whole KPOP.. :D But I LOVE, LIKE, and LAUGH at it anytime, anywhere, any place ~♥

And right after that.. I ended it with just like that.. >.< the next thing I know was that I'm not chatting with him.. LOL! was already at some sites.. hmm.. looking for cute stuffs to put on my desktop i think..
But today i found something what I was looking for way long ago.. XD A link to where it can give you a shortcut/shorter link rather that having those longer ones and this is esp for twitter and for those who talk much like me.. XD  A very useful for people~ It's Bitly.. But for me i'll be using this one only in Twitter.. very often.. * it's because I only go there or online there for like once in a blue moon lol *

Monday, 25 June 2012

The first I thought it was Rikakkuma but then it was Rilakkuma.. LOL XD

Sunday, 24 June 2012


I found lots of kawai stuffs today..
like those desktop buddies..
I didn't know there were lots of 'em.. XD
SOO COOOOL~ Wanna download 'em fast.. >w<
and also this.. i noticed it in one site, it's banner is......



Happy Tree Friends in Anime version~!
Totally kawaii~
Especially when I saw THAT!! *secret*
*imagination's wild already* XD

I shall share links inshaallah.. ;)
That's all for today.. Just wanna share you what I've been doing..
You mustn't MISS them~! XD

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Draw a stickman

There's a new episode of 'Draw a stickman'.
Just saw it today.. hehe..
Anyways.. Enjoy~

Monday, 18 June 2012

"an error occurred. please try again later"

Hmm.. So now I can play YT once again.. Just because of this Shockwave Flash 11.3.300.257, now thanks to this site problems are solved.. XD

how I thought my laptop won't work on Wi-fi anymore

How ridiculuos it was.. After finding out the solution to it.. XD

And this was the only reason that was keeping me from going online:

"  FIRST, be sure the wireless is turned on. (MOST laptops have a switch for this.)

It is also possible that your laptop is not compatible with the network modem. (There are several different protocols and they are NOT mutually compatible.)  "

LOL! But thanks to that Y! user i could go on again on wireless connection..

Saturday, 9 June 2012

My nailpolish

Okay so my nail polish for today's:

Okay..... so..... uhm...... I can't really say anything more now.. There had been an invasion of A big flying cockroach.. So I FREAKED OUT! and dunno what to do.. So.. Uhm... I'll be editing my picture again sooner or later..
I just newly bought this cutix so uhm.. COOL! And it's just cheap here in Philippines.. I ♥ it.. ;)) Hope anyone of you liked it.. ;))

Barajou no Kiss

So far so goooood that I don't want that thrill to stop!! ;((
I'll be waiting for the Punishment 34~
Hmm.. I can't explain but i like it if the couples are:
Kaede x Anis
Mutsuki x Anis
LOL! I love it! sometimes it would really be a bother to sometimes why does it have to be 4 of them!
Anyways, I would've always dreamt of having someone beside me fantasizing them too..
reading the same manga.. hmm.. It's just that i dun know anyone yet, for now..
But if I ever meet someone in the future it would really make me the HAPPIEST ghurl ever~!
thee HAPPIEST! Keep that in mind.. lol!
so now.. I saw this cute site..
I guess I should start sharing than being way too greedy.. ;D XD

This the introduction.. Curious? Read 'em...
Be sure to tell me who's the one you like best for being Anis-sama's Knight.. ;))
But now it's not yet finished so... hmmm... Let's just see who's the best by voting.. XD ;DD
Kk.. Ja-na!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


I've already watched it until episode 6 and now waiting for episode 7...
Want to watch together then wait with us on its release dates.. ;)
- Release Date: Every Sunday @ 10:00 AM (Pacific Standard Timezone)
- Raw version will be here first then English sub within 24 hours.