Friday, 29 June 2012

Cool Muslimah~ ♥

Hey Lookie~
I saw a fellow muslimah on YT..
LOL i feel that it's my first time seeing a muslim doing a make-up tutorial.. It would be lovely if I understand.. hehe.. If I could talk to her.. I would like her to know that I'm so proud! But it's also unfortunate that I can't comment on her video.. But what I like with these fellow muslims * I dunno if she's a malaysian or not so I might be assuming she's a malaysian.. ehhe * is that the way they wear their hijab is sooo cute~ and it fits them so well! So for me knowing lots of ways how to wear cute [or not] hijabs i dunno which one fits me.. >.< I also like the way how Maranaos do it with the long Hijabs and niqab.. *  for them its the other way round * if you know what I mean.. Now I also found out that the tip of our mouth is called the 'Cupid's Bow'.. So cute~ LOL! XD Anyways.. I really loved the videos I watched today.. So I should be really going to sleep like NOW.. LOVE BLOGGING! ^_^

* Maybe blogging is for me,
Not Twitter,
Not Plurk,
and definitely

So I'll be sharing you guys what I've watched today too.. Just to keep up the pace with me.. hehe..

Video Make-up Tutorials of Mr. Liberty
Violent Lips
Ted [Movie trailer about a boy who wished his teddy bear could talk]
Papa [Korean Trailer]

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