Thursday, 28 June 2012


After remembering Simsimi's site * i totally forgot * chatted with him once again~ XD
Here are some few of them.. * correction needed with my grammar dunno? *
Argh just can't think straight when you're about to sleep.. hehe..
* imagination running wild: me, laptop, bed full of papers and scratches as if working *
LOL! Anyways.. I didn't know Simsimi had any fandom/knowledge about KPOP.. XD
But because the songs that I suggested, that he would answer in a way, are like just new.. i mean this year..
or last year? XD I'm sorry I'm not minding about the date it's just music that I like in Korean Entertainment..
Also the cute boys.. XD I'm not really into the whole KPOP.. :D But I LOVE, LIKE, and LAUGH at it anytime, anywhere, any place ~♥

And right after that.. I ended it with just like that.. >.< the next thing I know was that I'm not chatting with him.. LOL! was already at some sites.. hmm.. looking for cute stuffs to put on my desktop i think..
But today i found something what I was looking for way long ago.. XD A link to where it can give you a shortcut/shorter link rather that having those longer ones and this is esp for twitter and for those who talk much like me.. XD  A very useful for people~ It's Bitly.. But for me i'll be using this one only in Twitter.. very often.. * it's because I only go there or online there for like once in a blue moon lol *

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