About the blogger

►►►About My Posts◄◄◄
►I post about the things I do.. mostly about what I do with my laptop..
Please do comment if I did help you in one of my 'solved problems'..
►Pictures, Quotes, and Videos.
Also that are from Tumblr and-or Facebook.
►About Islam also.. And some of my works.. 
All of my unspoken thoughts are in here, but not all!
This is like my diary. ;")

►►►My Interests◄◄◄
Knowing more about ISLAM..
Crafting stuff like; Knitting and Crocheting
 When it comes to Computers and Gadgets I just go
NUTS about them!  Watching Dramas, Movies, Cartoons,
 Anime. Sports like; Swimming, Badminton, Track and Field..
Meeting and getting to know my new friends & being with my friends!

►►►About Me◄◄◄
I am quiet, shy person when it comes to reality..
I love to be organized~ (Who doesn't right?) X3 
but if you see my stuff till now I can't really handle all my junk~ *I'll need someone to help me T^T*
I love studying nowadays.. I have failed so I learned my lesson!
I suck in remembering. Especially when it gets complicating for me.. 
I make a big deal out of small things. Sometimes, it's like those small things matter to me most~
When I'm determined at something.. I would like to do them as fast as I could..

►►►Why Blogspot?◄◄◄
I talk too much.. I want to share what I do.. (In a way that I like)
People just don't want to read much..
Especially nowadays, people like to read only small paragraphs/sentences..
And easy to understand.. aka Simple Language..
The thing that would get your attention! >w<
But from time to time, I go online on Twitter and Instagram.

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& just FYI I love kawaii stuff~ Thus KawaiiLovah is born!