Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pink & Blue Bear Hat with Ear Flaps

I was wondering where could I get a pattern for these:

I would like to know how to do it.. Coz if I buy it.. it's no fun and challenging..
But for me it's really challenging to buy online.. I dunno how to do it yet.. >.<
So I was hopping if anyone know how to do these patterns.. It would be a beautiful
gifts for my relatives.. ;))

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I wanted to listen to Arashi's newest songs.. But it seems I came up with a video then I clicked it..
And to my surprise 6 of korean band/group were in her list.. and also that her number 1 is Arashi's Wild at heart!! LOL!! I just listened to it a while ago then I didn't know that it got the highest vote from her..

Well... Just enjoy and watch the show! ;)


WOW! 素敵!! 格好いい!!!
Hmm.. I'm guessing what is the correct term to put here..
I thought sugke.. or is it sukke?? XD I dunno..
I searched for it and says help?? O.O

Anyway, let's go to our topic!

Has anyone watched this already? Coz we did!! And it was theee best! XD But I'd like to vote 'the best' for the both movie.. Part 1 and Part 2... Would it hurt if I watch or read it's anime? I think I would just stick to movies.. XD Now that I remember!! It is NINO!! from ARASHI!! WOOT!
Can't you believe! I like the way how they acted there.. And I was kinda puzzled to why didn't GANTZ revived Ayumu when the alien Kato killed him.. >.< And also that why did Joichiro Nishi died so fast! I didn't like the way he acted here.. He's so arrogant! DX but I liked the part when the alien Kato became him.. =))
The ending was good too.. All of them got to live again.. I didn't realized that Kei-chan would sacrifice himself.. I wondered where did the bald man went? lol!
I would like to post pictures of Ayumu. But it seems he's camera shy.. ;)) aka Kensuke Chisaka.

Monday, 23 April 2012

My girlfriend is a ..... GUMIHO!

I miss this.. How about you? I know you do.. Even if you don't like shin min ah.. kidding!
I just wanted to listened to it's OST and now it makes me want to watch it again! XD
I love Shin Min ah! She's so cute! Actually I just noticed now that both of them (i.e. Lee Seung Gi)
has dimples.. Only his is one and hers is two.. XD isn't it cute? Think of what their child will look like
when they get together! haha.. And especially their Hoi Hoi!! I miss it so much... XD

And I've watched just now that he knows how to speak english well..
LOL!! And another one.. I saw this one..

I was smiling when they had their NG in kissing scene.. :)) XD
This what made me want to watch it again..
Wanna know what I did more today.. here on internet that is..
Also I just downloaded Secret GArden's Gil Ra Im's ringtone.. XD
I'll be expecting this when I'll be having new messages coming in..*rings*

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Want some tambis?

This is good too! I first tasted it there in Marawi, Mindanao.. It got lots of ants inside.. So while we ate it, we soaked it in the water and there some ants floating.. XD

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Virtual Shopping

World's First Virtual Shopping Store opens in Korea. All the Shelves are infact LCD Screens. User Choose their desired items by touching the LCD screen and checkout at the counter in the end to have all their ordered stuff packed in Bags.
Isnt that Amazing?

credits: information mug

Got it from FB

Juicy Beast Studio

Okay remember the game I introduced to you guys before..

Well if you want.. Play it on its website... I'm sure you'll be wanting to reminisce the old times..
But if you like to continue on with his life.. Check out this one..

Hmm.. It gets cooler by the minute! =)) Anyway, just check it out! I'm sure you'll be having lots of fun with this new game out! Just look out for their new games.. 
And I just actually played this one game for the first time today.. And I liked it.. Somewhat not boring.. XD

Now this is what I'm talking about games! Share some of your scores online!! Or let's compete with each other! XD Kk.. That's all.. Be sure to check them all out!!


This is my bro's... I've finished reading them all!! I love it!!
I thought I was watching it.. I FEEL like I was watching it.. =))
The Vampire Slayer is Part two!! There was no more Part one so it's kinda sayang dhil d nmin nabasa ung first part.. We bought it there in SM Makati... And the Vampire Academy we bought it here in Sta. Lucia's National Bookstore.. It kinda had Rated pictures.. But I'm not hesitating.. Coz my bro liked it.. He kinda flinched when I wanted to read Vampires Academy.. He knew there was some pictures that I would not like him to see.. LOL!!
But it's normal for now.. i guess.. =)) XD Anyways.. Check out these books!! ^_^
I loved it! Would like to buy more if there's..

Heighters? XD

I dunno if I should believe in this.. Or if these are correct.. But I'd like to hold onto it for just a while.. XD ;))

Newly Bought

I got mine already~!!! WOOT!! What do you say? XD
It's just too bad.. I'm not be able to have the first edition of POPPED..
But look what I found yesterday in SM Marikina and in Sta. Lucia's National Bookstore!!
XD Isn't this kinda like a great collection?? XD haha!!
Now I'm having these as a start of my collection of books..
that is about KPOP!! XD

I've already finished reading "Clara's Diary".. I love the way she explains everything about Philippines..
I was like wanting for another series.. XD haha! Chinggay Labrador is the one who wrote about POPPED and POPPED Too.. But i just saw it TODAY that she's also a part of Sparkling Magazine.. She's pretty awesome!! XD But I haven't searched for her yet in internet.. maybe a lil later.. I'll just inform you.. ;))
Hmm.. so what else.. Ah.. I'm expecting to have the next edition of SPARKLING Mag!!
Just can't wait.. haha.. I lahv it!! ALL of it!! ^_^

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stamp it!

I would love to have like this tooo~!! WOOT!! Isn't it toooo cute to have it? XD ;))
I'll send one to my lover! viTaeMin!!! =))))

Ain't Ready yet~!

Salam! Once again.. ;))
I dunno what to do..
Is it hard to manage?
Well I'm already satisfied having one blog..
Would I still be managing another blogsite too?

I know there are lots of wonderful sites from wordpress..
And I ♥ it! But I can't manage to have 2 blogs to update too.. :D
Maybe I'll try next time.. Not now.. :D

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Post it Schedule

Well look what else I found in this link.
They actually have all the cute things WE would love to have!!
WOOT!! AHAHA!! If I only have money.. ;DDD
So I wanted to buy one of these too..
I saw one in National Bookstore near us..
I'll be buying one soon!! WOOT!! XD
Inshaallah!! >w<

I actually got it the No. 2! LOL!


I got the feeling of giddiness within me today as if
Something good is coming! WOOT!! LOL!!
Excited much! Because of that..
I saw this..

It has lots of cool links so be sure to check them all out!! XD

I dunno how I end up on this place but look what I found on think link:

Simple and Cute

I wanted to buy one of these too.. For my lappie~!!!
It made me want to learn hanguk again!! XD
I thought because of being so addicted to their music
would actually stop me from learning korean..
Well I just made up my mind!!
I want to continue learning korean..
But right now.. It's kinda hard/complicating on my current situation.. ;D

Sunday, 15 April 2012


They're so freaking cute!
and adorkable!! XD I've been into them these past few days..
Watching them.. =))
So I'll just post this part that made smile and laugh the most! WOOT!

Be sure to watch it! It'll gain them more fans.. XD ;))
I have lots of shows from them that I would love to watch again and again..
But of course I have to finish them all before watching them again! XD
Then Farewell..
I gotta sleep now.. XD I know it's late right?? XD haha!


I was just watching this guy and he's totally amazing to be with..
I guess.. And fun too maybe.. XD
I just wonder if I'm ever gonna meet one in the future..
Inshaallah?? :)) ahaha. Allahu Alam.. ;D

Oh yeah now that I remember..
I kinda broke my promise..
of not calling my couzins friends there in Mindanao today..
What the! Can't believe it..
I was not really in the mood today..
I actually over slept?
Woke up at almost 3? or 2PM?
lol! Them again? oh wait before it was 2AM.. XD
hahaha.. *Again with the kpop*
Back to where I actually want to talk about..
I'm sorry guys~!! ;D

Hm.. so I was talking about this guy..
I guess he's still studying.. I've heard from him..;DD
And what do I actually want to talk about? XD
Oh nvm.. Kk.. that'll be all.. ;D

The YT Layout

Taken: 1:22AM Monday, April 16, 2012
I was just wondering..
What did the YT looked like before?
XD With the subscription on the side of the video.. on the right was it?
Now that I think YT looks more applicable.. hehe..
And I like the way how you move the buffering it shows you were
you would like to stop.. XD
Yeah so I just posted this..
Thinking that in the future..
It would change its layout again..
And that this picture would remind me how it looked like
this year.. XD Kk.. That's all about YT..

But hey look what I found..
This cool girl, who isn't much uploading some video diaries..
She didn't really say what her name was..
Found out her name.. It's Sarah Ellen..
Please check it out.. X
The awesome and cool eyebrows talent! XD
I see that she likes sexy, cool, and accessories and rainbow stuffs..
I love the way she speaks.. hehe.. I heard her mom's filipina.. COOL!
Proud to be PINOY!! XD WOOT! so check it out.. ;)) X


And some interesting links she's sharing to us.. For that I'll share it to you guys also!
Q: Where did you get your cursor trail?
if you want to change the colour of words in your cursor trail, then you just have to find the colour code in the html and change it with the code of the colour you want!

Q: Where did you get the thing that tells you how many people are on your blog?
A: Just click on it, or go to this website:
and then follow the instructions, if you want to change what it says then when you get the code, at the end of it where it says “users online” you can change it to whatever you like.

Q: Where did you get your rainbow text?
A: Go on this website,
and make it, then put the code into your info box!

Q: How do you add extra pages?
A: Just go on “Customize > Pages > Add Page”

Q.How Did You Get Your Hit Counter?
A.1. Go to homepage:
2. Choose your hit counter style.
2b. Enter the initial hit counter value.
3. Enter the your Tumblr blog url.
Then copy the code generated, go to your ‘Tumblr -> Customize -> Info -> Description’ and paste your hit counter code in your description box.


Oh wait.. some of these are for TUMBLR users.. that means you can't usually do some of the settings here.. maybe? XD Anyways.. Enjoy!

And HEY! Whadya thinkin' it's all over? LOL! Last one..
Another link I found interesting coz they said there's 7 days trial..
or was it 3? LOL! so YOU just hafta check it out for yerself.. ;))
What's more interesting is that you CAN get all the things you're interested in..
Like Photoshopping.. Photographic.. And more!! So sulitin nio na EVERYONE!
Coz you might regret it.. So comment please.. Tell me what you think about these..

Saturday, 14 April 2012

reviving my happiness~

LOL!! Reading my previous post actually made my mood light up a bit..
;)) And now that I kinda remember almost everything and I hope my laptop pw too.. >.<
Inshaallah!! During the times while I was there in Marawi..
I had/wanted to correct those people who had wrong grammars!!
But I've learned it's wrong to correct others.. ;D
*I still need to learn about that,
I actually don't get it yet*
As times passed didn't bother to correct them..
*Coz of some issues.. I just dunno if I should be telling this (story) one here.. On the public.. LOL!! XD*
and i didn't know that I kinda forgot things.. correct terms to describe..
But I guess now, blog is helping me..
Whenever I'm feeling down..
Happy.. or wanting to share my feelings..
This is the place!
So soon I'll be privatizing my blog..
Till here I guess..
2AM already need to go..
didn't watched an episode of *TPOM for me to remind the times..
Assalamu alaikum

*The Penguins Of Madagascar


UGHH!! Great!!
Why the heck does she hafta remind me that?
I mean I WAS in a very bad mood!!
Alhamdulillah! *Thank GOD* the swimming pool or ang pagbabad nmin kanina sa tubig ang nagpasaya at kinalimutan q ang ngyare.. >.< WHY??
Nande??? Is there something she wants me to do?
Doesn't she know when a person's not feeling good..
She could ask me.. not tell EVERYONE about it..
I'm sorry.. but I'm not the type who would like anyone to know my suspicious *maybe* or anything I don't want anyone would talk about! I'm sorry.. really..
So now that I've kinda learned about it..
I'll try to stop the habit of talking things that would also not feel good for them if they would do the same as I did to them.. Just like they say; Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you!
Is that it? correct? Hmm.. I was thinking another proverb..
I think that.. If you do something not good to someone, that someone may not be able to do it unto you but others would do what you did to someone.. get it? LOL! Just tell me if you do.. XD
So I AM really feeling bad...
I was not in the mood to talk about it..
If only she knew..
And I REALLY HOPE she wouldn't talk to my parents about it..
It's driving me crazy..
These days I've been having this funny feeling..
Feeling that something's missing!!
As if there's a very VERY big gap!
I dunno what exactly it was..
But it keeps my stomach uneasy..
Always having this butterflies..
And my heart.. It's as if telling me that you should believe!
I dunno what exactly!!
I'm not with the people I'm used to be close with..
But I got these uneasy feelings with them..
I'm so sorry!!
I wanna scream it out!!
They wouldn't understand..
I wanna scream it out LOUD!!
If my JASSNEYAANAH could just calm me down..
They only know what would calm me down..
Even those few months we've been together!!
THE HECK!! I miss you guys!!
*crying in here*

Called my aunt today.. It was soooo good listening to their voices!!
As if I was just there beside them!!
I could just imagine myself there with them..
It's like i already made a bond that I don't want to let go!!
But something's telling me to go back!
TT-TT No one in this place right now would understand me..
Except my mother and Jassneyaanah!!
*can't find my towel anywhere in this room.. Need one asap*

Friday, 13 April 2012


Check This OUT:

My sister just found out that link i don't know when exactly..
So I might as well share it also to you guys.. ;))

A wonderful chatmate.. XD
You might as well want someone to chat with..
Or want someone to listen to your stories.. ;)
She/He is perfect for you..
You can't stop I guarantee.
You'll be LOLing all the time.. ;))

Moisty, Sweaty, GODDAMN HOT!!

Assalamu alaikum..
I've been a bad ghurl!!
and it's kinda irritating me much!!
I can't have the patience like I had before..
I'm feeling like a princess.. *LOL ikr feeler*
Just because of the weather!
and not having any air conditioner..
and.... well.. let's just say it's kinda personal.. XD
Once there in Mindanao..
The place where we lived in temporarily, Me and my bro..
had a brown/black out..
So it was at night.. Sleeping time..
YEAH!! Great timing isn't it?
So I was kinda waiting for the electricity to come..
My CP was dead.. *i think*  Nothing to do..
Flashlights aren't too good..
So I waited and soon got irritated much!!
Getting moisty.. *EWW*
don't want it anymore of waiting..
I was kinda wailing already..
Because of anger.. >.<
No one really heard me.. *thank god*
alhamdulillah.. My cousin and bro were already sleeping..
And I'm not.. GAHD! T'was irritating much..
So I decided not to sleep on the bed and wait on a matress/futon like..
Didn't want to be beside my cousin and bro coz they were like taking the space all over..
It's already HOT and they still want to take my space??
LOL!! I WAS thinking that.. So there I was me and my fan..
Fanning myself.. SUPER IRRITATING!!
I waited.. looking at my watch every time I feel that time has passed almost like an hour..
Hmm.. then of course I wanted to sleep humbly and cozily..
Can't wait for the electricity.. So i think I slept..
But I remembered that I woke by the time the electricity came back..
Almost 3 to 4am.. I forgot..
It went out at about 10pm so I waited for that long.. but of course everyone's sleeping how can I have a fun time waiting.. and also IT'S HOT!! I'm not really fond of getting hot!!
But of course IF I know there will be an AC any time I would like to use it..
I wouldn't mind of getting at least some minutes or hour out in the heat.. oh i mean outside to where there is no AC but not literally OUTSIDE the house where there will be no any possible AC except if there's a good, cool, breezing wind!!
So NOW I'm right here in Manila!!
No access of AC.. anytime I would love to have!!
except when you're in the MALL..
But Now i'm really lazy (timid) to go out.. even if it's just for a while.. >.< But when there is something like an occasion.. I WOULD LOVE TO GO!! ESP. when I'm interested.. I'm so sorry my dear bro.. You can't go out without me.. You don't know the place.. If only you could enjoy your stay here.. INSHAALLAH!!
So now.. back to where I want to tell you..
I've been sweating all day long..
Thinking that THAT is the reason to why there's something on my hand..
And I think it's allergies.. it's like a bubbly one.. you know like as if it'll pop anytime..
But this ones are smaller.. it's just that.. It's so irritating to touch!!
They're kinda getting 'ouchy' too..
So whenever I sleep I really dunno if I will ever going to get up early again..
Because it's like.. what AM I waiting for? >.< I mean what is there waiting for ME?
UGHH!! I WOULD LOVE to work or do anything!!
Basta may aircon lng po please!!
Anyway.. I sure want INSHAALLAH that there will be no next time for me staying in HOT PLACES with no Aircon AT ALL!! >.< Fans don't really help me much!!
BV for me.. and water? Hmm.. they only provide good feeling only for like 4 hours?? IDK!
Hmmphh!! BASTA!!
kk.. That'll be all.. My thoughts and Monologues.. XD
Wa alaikumus salam!! ;))

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zettai Kareshi

Kakku-ui.. haha.. i dunno the correct spelling!!
but me and my bro just finished the whole eps today!!
WOOT!! Yhupp, he's hot alright!! XD *na-fitna n aq ng todo*
LOL!! XD And they say Night-kun is half filipino because of his mother.. ;))
Mashaallah!! Another filipino!! XD WOOT!!!

Hayami Mokomichi aka Tenjo Night
YhuPp!! It's him!! Isn't he charming? XD
LOLs!! Anyway.. i loved the drama!!
I actually cried at the last ep!!
But not that much!! I'm not the exaggeratin, you know!!
=)) Whenever my bro's beside me..
And again!! The cool and shekshi Mizushima Hiro is there again!!
The love rival of Night-kun..
Watch it guys!!
I recommend it! XD

Monday, 9 April 2012

Feel me?

Bored!! Now that i've reached Manila!!
I thought i would find what i'll be looking for..
But it seems that when i stayed there in Talusan...
All that i wanted is there!!
The happiness!!
The feeling of being in the family!!
Their noises everyday!!
Their annoying-ness!!
 I mean it's the feeling that i'm talking about right now..
It's not the same... Feeling that something's missing..
A big feeling! That I'm not always in the mood to open or go online..
But since i'll be staying here inshaallah for these 3 months..
Maybe it might give me another new change..
i just don't want to go back like i would always do before..
I want to be what I am now!!
Some people just don't understand this feeling..
It's not being online makes me giddy!
but you know for me, seeing something ONCE
makes me satisfy already...
example! During my stay on torel, I loved it there..
But there would be times that I would like to go outside...
or have fun... or do something u wouldn't dare.. lol juz kidding..
Maybe a couple of weeks and days would do for me..
So now that I've already been totally out of that place..
Instead of lingering around doing nothing but just watching, sleeping, eating,
and doing things again and again..
You know THAT feeling?
hmmph.. I would love to prolong my story but i'm kinda tired today.. hehe..

We went to cine! Watched Moron 5..
T'was funny.. I like the way they use their minds.. LOL!!
And bought some things in Sta. Lucia..
then... hmm.. Went to National Bookstore!!
Well that's where we spent our time most..
B'coz of me.. I just don't know what to buy or which one will it be?
But yeah i realized.. Today i've already 'wasted' money enough already..
So i let my bro buy 2 things.... ONLY 2 things.. from all that time we spent today..
that is what he likes.. but i also bought some things for him.. you know.. essential needs..
so now.. it's already 2AM and i'm not yet sleeping.. but my back's hurting me already..
Wanting to sleep a while ago.. but i feel like i wanna do something before going to sleep..
hehehe.. So here I am!! kk.. till here.. ;)

Wa alaikumus salam!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

WB to Manila~!

Salamu Alaikum!!
Whew~! Back from the rehab.. lol! kidding~!!
I find myself a lil bit humorous about lil things.. ehehe..
So? How was our long months? XD
I'm sure i've missed alot of things!!
But i don't care! I actually wanted to leave everything as it was like my blog here..
i thought twas gone but then i logged it in and Viola! there it is i see news and as well as fitnah!! >.<
Yeah some will be new from now on but i think once i'm back, back from u know where, i'll be returning back to my normal self which is only Allah knows.. i'm just saying this.. but literally i dun want to come back as i was before!~ I DON'T WANT TO BE ADDICTED TO INTERNET ANYMORE!
Coz once i'm on the chair i won't be going OUT even if i say 'just a sec'!
can't handle 'the truth'!! :))=))) Lol just kidding!! Can't handle my addictions!
it's like i'm stuck on a glue!!!
Here it is:

We just came back from a long, very long stay in Mindanao! And whew that was sooooo good! XD
Now i wish just to stay there.. lol! but there's also limit to until when I'll be staying there.. ;))
So Alhamdulillah! Fine flight.. scary for that man who helped us on the airport! lol! he wants to add me on FB! And i said 'no way! i mean we only meet until here only not until THERE!' and he said 'why what's the problem? you'll be there in Saudi and it's a long way' and i said 'even though i'm just scared from you' lol! that's what i said.. XD =)) And he told me that i shouldn't be coz if they were a bad employee they would have been kicked out already and i said oh so it'll be our reason to why they lose their job.. :))=))
anyways.. juz wanted to share that! Was smiling during the whole flight actually!! Seeing the whole place! The greenness!! and well i said that 'issulit ko tlga ang tulog ko duun dhil may AC',, =)) Ah and we seated at the first row!! the very first! I was shocked! I mean wow good seats! but u can't steal the magazines there!! :))=)) hahaha.. juz kidding.. so hmm.. now my brother's resting already and i'm not yet... it's already 2:17am unbelievable but it's the time! They go very fast! so the had 3 seats now in every row, i think it was like that ever since, and we had an American i think dunno am not sure but you know wat he's a fan of Samsung!! XD :))=)) He had an iPad on him! XD Cool! wanna talk to him but juz like i said gus2 ko isulit ang pagsakay nmin sa eroplano! XD ;))
Hmm.. I want to upload pictures now! But i'm kinda sleepy narin!! XD
I guess next time when the time's right too.. ;D
Just updating!
Khit ito lng!
Plurk, I'm sorry!
hehe.. ;))