Friday, 6 April 2012

WB to Manila~!

Salamu Alaikum!!
Whew~! Back from the rehab.. lol! kidding~!!
I find myself a lil bit humorous about lil things.. ehehe..
So? How was our long months? XD
I'm sure i've missed alot of things!!
But i don't care! I actually wanted to leave everything as it was like my blog here..
i thought twas gone but then i logged it in and Viola! there it is i see news and as well as fitnah!! >.<
Yeah some will be new from now on but i think once i'm back, back from u know where, i'll be returning back to my normal self which is only Allah knows.. i'm just saying this.. but literally i dun want to come back as i was before!~ I DON'T WANT TO BE ADDICTED TO INTERNET ANYMORE!
Coz once i'm on the chair i won't be going OUT even if i say 'just a sec'!
can't handle 'the truth'!! :))=))) Lol just kidding!! Can't handle my addictions!
it's like i'm stuck on a glue!!!
Here it is:

We just came back from a long, very long stay in Mindanao! And whew that was sooooo good! XD
Now i wish just to stay there.. lol! but there's also limit to until when I'll be staying there.. ;))
So Alhamdulillah! Fine flight.. scary for that man who helped us on the airport! lol! he wants to add me on FB! And i said 'no way! i mean we only meet until here only not until THERE!' and he said 'why what's the problem? you'll be there in Saudi and it's a long way' and i said 'even though i'm just scared from you' lol! that's what i said.. XD =)) And he told me that i shouldn't be coz if they were a bad employee they would have been kicked out already and i said oh so it'll be our reason to why they lose their job.. :))=))
anyways.. juz wanted to share that! Was smiling during the whole flight actually!! Seeing the whole place! The greenness!! and well i said that 'issulit ko tlga ang tulog ko duun dhil may AC',, =)) Ah and we seated at the first row!! the very first! I was shocked! I mean wow good seats! but u can't steal the magazines there!! :))=)) hahaha.. juz kidding.. so hmm.. now my brother's resting already and i'm not yet... it's already 2:17am unbelievable but it's the time! They go very fast! so the had 3 seats now in every row, i think it was like that ever since, and we had an American i think dunno am not sure but you know wat he's a fan of Samsung!! XD :))=)) He had an iPad on him! XD Cool! wanna talk to him but juz like i said gus2 ko isulit ang pagsakay nmin sa eroplano! XD ;))
Hmm.. I want to upload pictures now! But i'm kinda sleepy narin!! XD
I guess next time when the time's right too.. ;D
Just updating!
Khit ito lng!
Plurk, I'm sorry!
hehe.. ;))

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