Thursday, 26 September 2013

New Extension for Google Chrome

Assalamu alaikum and how are you all?
Just a quick post once again!
I found out this new extension in GC..
It looks amazing and quick..

Checker Plus for Gmail
I saw it when I opened my gmail acc here in my laptop..
It suggested me to install this..
I think it's appropriate for me coz I really dun mind all my emails..
Unless someone or something will make me remember it..
So you get to see how many UNREAD emails you have
beside the Settings Button of GC..
You can get to view ur email even
though your not on the Mail Box..
Also on the Notification Bar, on the taskbar..
It'll pop out a window saying you have a new mail?
Idk.. It just pops up.. haha.. Well it's the first time I've encountered..
Will talk more about it later on how AMAZING it is.. *or not* :)>-

Oh and they added something new on the bookmarks bar..
The Apps.. It looks efficient.. But I don't really have any apps..
What I have are loads of BOOKMARKS!! =))

Well Enjoy Your NIGHT! =))
IN DREAM LAND!! hahaha.. ;P
Till next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Monday, 23 September 2013

Restore My Tabs

Assalamu Alaikum Guys~
How are you all?
Hope all's well and good!

I've been searching on how to restore my tabs in Google Chrome!
Whenever it would react.. or something like, just resets itself..
All the tabs I've been saving will be gone after I opened it..
Then the bookmark tab will be gone too..  Also my Speed Dial..
and those extensions.. and the theme..
That's why I don't put it back again.. >_<
Anyways.. The solution has been here all along..
I just didn't realize it would be just this easy..
Thanks to this blogsite..

But before I did this, I logged into my Gmail account..
Just to be sure I didn't loose anything..
Or it may be the caused why I lost all my tabs..
But it seems it wasn't.. hehe..
So yeah~

I just right click on the tab and saw Reopen Closed Window..
Or you can just click the shortcut keyboard.. Ctrl + Shift + T
And VIOLA! All the tabs are back!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

and if you're having the same as mine..
The Speed Dial.. You'll see the Recently Closed (Tabs) below..
And maybe you'll find your closed tabs there.. But I'm not sure with that though..
Oh and even though if you do not have the Speed Dial Extension..
The New Tab will still have that Recently Closed on the corner.. ^^

So yeah~ This is what I have done today..
Short and Fast.. I'm so sorry I haven't fixed the Tutorials Tab til now.. >w<
In shaa Allah will find time!! and my mood should be at it too~ haha!
TC and Good Night!!

Friday, 13 September 2013


Well I might as well tell you a little of what happened today..
Guess what I did......... I cut my hair once again!!
And I was like planning on going with the Side-Swept bangs!!
But it turned out to be STRAIGHT FULL BANGS!!
I didn't want to have this look again!!! GAHD!!
Once my friend in college told me I looked like JanDi...
AND now even my sis told me that.. =))
I told her our looks are totally different..
I can't tell whether it's for real or not.. haha..
But both of them said I looked nice in it..
Oh well.. BUT STILL I wanted to have side swept bangs FOR SOO LONG now!!
and I have to wait for another 2 months at least? For it to grow long again..

And yeah.. Oh and I got shot today.. =))
The last time I got an injection was like when was it???
I forgot.. haha.. Before injecting the needle on me I can already feel
HOW it would pierce through my skin.. XD =))) Like ridiculously thinking about it..
But then after getting it.. *my siblings also got it* I realized that the needle our mom
poked in was ONLY ONE INCH LONG!! Ahahaha!!
I was soooo worried (more like scared) that it would hurt me..
But in the end it was just like they said..
It's just a bite of an ant to you.. XD
And yeah.. This is all for today..
I also need to learn PHYSICS soo hard..
Because our ms. isn't that kind to us.. T^T
I seriously want you back, Ms. Saadia!!
You're much more better understanding person than THAT ms..
Hmmph!! Kung pwede lng magpalit ng teacher gagawin ko na NGAYON!!
Just sadly that I can't choose the time I want..
or even know the ms before choosing the section I want to be in..
I think this has been the worst schedule I've gotten from this college YET! haha..

*sorry for the rant* ಠ_ಠ 

My sister's phone

Assalamu Alaikum~
Hey y'all! What's up? ^^
For today I fixed my sister's phone..
She recently got a new cp.. Nokia Lumia 620..
I didn't know you had to activate the child security
just so she can just install apps freely from the STORE!!
Gahd!! Why do they hafta make that option?
Android is much more better.. I dunno for iPhone.. hehe..
*I also need help*

They also recommended me to allow the Xbox Settings..
But I didn't do after that..

As soon as I had Fixed that problem...
The first thing I wanted to install in it was the WhatsApp..
*WhatsApp in Microsoft*
Then I can't recieve the confirmation number!! It's like, the hell!!
Why does this hafta happen?
But after a few tries, it sent.. haha..
*Got that problem too?*

I also searched for Samsung Note 2 settings about Access Points and Settings..
Well this is what I've done today.. In shaa Allah..
I am almost done with fixing those tiny errors for my Tutorials Tab.. (/_\)
I'm so sorry for the delaaay~ T^T

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Exciting Day!!!

Assalamu alaikum!!!
Guess what~ Guess what~
Guess what happened today? XD
Haha.. it was one good experience!!!
I wasn't able to dream that this would come~~
Sitting in a class which I'm not a student in..
Haha.. it's just awesome!!! Usually they allow such..
But learning that they don't allow it here.. (in our college)
I was sad and didn't hoped it would happen EVER!!
So yeah.. hahaha... Soo my BEST friends kinda forced me to come to their class... XD
I was already having the feeling that I can join in with them ..
With a less feeling of "uncertainty"~ =))))
And so... I told them I'd ask a permission to the Ms.
And turns out I really did ask her!!! 
*I wouldn't normally do anything as simple as that coz I'm also a scaredy-cat*
Btw, she's also my ms. in math... so no worries.. XD
I already got to know her since I was in the first semester..
*Meaning during my Prep year and 1st sem..*
And so she allowed me!!! XD and told me not to talk to them.. XD
But it was more like telling me not to be noisy okay? Haha..
Yeah somehow the feeling or experience was sooo F-U-N!!!! ♥♥♥
Doing nothing in the class.. just watching my friends write... XD
Their math was realllllyyy easy... for now..
Coz it was only a review on our previous lessons last year.. haha..
And so Zubaidah said... "Just like the old times!"
We used to be together in math class!!!
Now I'm missing it more!!! T^T
Now on the second thing... XD
We're finally going to do something in Computer Club!!!
Everything's soo MashaAllah!!! Haha..
Just soo good!! (●´∀`●)
Now I am also starting to participate in the club!! And InshaAllah it'll continue that way..
But not that it would make me busy to the max!!! NO!! Hahaha..
But hey, we have already started serving our community! Right?
So InshaAllah let's all just pray that everything will go fine!!  (`・ω・´)
And yeah I am in the process of I-should-be-doing-the-project NOW!!
TC and God Bless!!
Take care and miss y'all~
P.S. These were all my first time experiencing!!! (*≧▽≦)/
Sooo happeeeh!! Haha.. XD
I'm so sorry for the delay on the Tutorials Tab.. ╯﹏╰

Saturday, 7 September 2013


My purpose of having twitter...
Is to share some of my feelings online?
Talk to friends? But because I seldomly go online there, no one talks to me...
And also even though I really want to converse with you guys..
I'd love too.. but yeah the only thing that's keeping me from doing that is that...
I don't go there every time... I mean seriously..
;D If only someone mentions me.. I'd be gladly going online.... what's this?
Twitter is starting to piss me off now too? ( ̄^ ̄)

Back to School~

Assalamu Alaikum~ and how are you?
Wow!! Gosh!! Sorry I was intending to write a post here like two days ago~
But because of stuff.. I forgot and now I don't think I might say a lot now..
So sorry about that~ Well it's because you know everything's going to be busy now..

So let's talk about my first week in COLLEGE!!
UWAAAAH~!! =)))
It was hella FUN!! Seeing all those people once again!!
Esp Reni-san!! XD Can't wait to talk to you more this sem~!
Inshaallah I hope so that we can get to know each other more!!
And also Marya!! hehe.. ^w^

So first of, the schedules!!
I didn't know I had to apply to the sections myself coz I thought they're the ones
who's going to do it for me.. lol! but yeah right now, I am satisfied with my schedule!!
Alhamdulillah.. Even though we get this 4-5 hours of free time!!
I might as well do something useful inshaallah!!
But because of that.. 1st day... It's okay.. because I think no one really went to the classes!!
also I went home early coz I don't want to wait till the afternoon..
2nd day.. I intended on going to check if the Ms. is there on the first class..
But because of "STUFF" I didn't get to go and check.. But I just checked the room anyways..
After finished doing that stuff! haha.. I saw my ol' fren~ Kholoud!! ^u^
(Old friend as in like I just met her but because she's the only person I know so far in our class)
We spent the whole day together!! It was like a miracle!! X3
It was SOOO FUN getting to know each other.. haha..
But also boring coz we had to wait for our last subject of the day..
Those long 5 hours now seemed like short to me.. haha..
3rd day... I came kinda late~ But I met some of my peeps in that class too..
Told me we'll just have that class the next day.. as in like tomorrow~
So yeah those were like 3 consecutive classes so 3 HOURS!
and another free hours... Waiting and bored~ and after reaching for the next subject..
The Ms. didn't appear and so another FREE TIME!!! till Math time..
GAHD!! It was kinda irritating coz all we had to do was wait and can't do anything we want..
I wanted to play badminton but I can't.. coz the Ms. didn't put out those rackets out yet~
And so.. 4th day~ FINALLY MY FRIENDS CAME!!! =)))
I was like sooo ENERGETIC at this day.. surprisingly!! *HIMALA tlga*
It's like I chatted sooo much with everyone!! ahaha..
And yeah I met those other people whom I haven't seen since last sem..
5th Day.. Well.. I lost the sugar power so haha.. I thought I might as well
be talkative today.. but no... XD

This has been the Summary of my 1st Week in college!!
NOW I can finally call myself "I AM OFFICIALLY IN COLLEGE"
coz I'm already starting on my COURSE that I've always wanted to be good at!!
But sadly it isn't IT(Information Technology)~ I really wanted to take that soo badly!!
But again!! Nothing's impossible.. In shaa Allah! I'll be praying for that too!! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Okay then~ Might say my farewells now..
Might update if I remember something I MUST share you guys! haha..
TC! Please include me in your prayers too~ >3<

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sleep Deprived!! [The 300th Post]

Na! From now on I'm gonna sleep very early na tlga... 
maybe like 10pm? I'm really feeling sleepy ~~~ *yawn*
Gosh!!! If only this was still Ramadan... I can go on... 
but after waking up then straight to bath like I did today..
Whew!! That really made me even more sleepier!!! >w<
We really need someone to pick and drive is to school... T^T
If only my bro would do it...
He acts like a girl!!!!!!! Soo irritating!!!

Update: 9/6/2013
I'm still on the process of fixing the links~
Still half way there.. InshaAllah might finish it all tomorrow?
Who knows~ We gonna be busy with a lot of stuff!

I actually went all the way and checked each one!
어떻게? There are lots of Images and Vids that were already gone~
So it's like.. When you read my old posts..
"Owkaay~ What am I supposed to see here? >_>"
haha.. I dun even remember what were those pictures..
If only I uploaded them.. instead of getting the URL..
Oh and I guess for some I won't be adding tags on the old posts! Probably~
Also I think I'll be changing the Tutorial Tab into a Troubleshoot Corner~
With some tutorials on the side~ XD