Monday, 23 September 2013

Restore My Tabs

Assalamu Alaikum Guys~
How are you all?
Hope all's well and good!

I've been searching on how to restore my tabs in Google Chrome!
Whenever it would react.. or something like, just resets itself..
All the tabs I've been saving will be gone after I opened it..
Then the bookmark tab will be gone too..  Also my Speed Dial..
and those extensions.. and the theme..
That's why I don't put it back again.. >_<
Anyways.. The solution has been here all along..
I just didn't realize it would be just this easy..
Thanks to this blogsite..

But before I did this, I logged into my Gmail account..
Just to be sure I didn't loose anything..
Or it may be the caused why I lost all my tabs..
But it seems it wasn't.. hehe..
So yeah~

I just right click on the tab and saw Reopen Closed Window..
Or you can just click the shortcut keyboard.. Ctrl + Shift + T
And VIOLA! All the tabs are back!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

and if you're having the same as mine..
The Speed Dial.. You'll see the Recently Closed (Tabs) below..
And maybe you'll find your closed tabs there.. But I'm not sure with that though..
Oh and even though if you do not have the Speed Dial Extension..
The New Tab will still have that Recently Closed on the corner.. ^^

So yeah~ This is what I have done today..
Short and Fast.. I'm so sorry I haven't fixed the Tutorials Tab til now.. >w<
In shaa Allah will find time!! and my mood should be at it too~ haha!
TC and Good Night!!

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