Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Exciting Day!!!

Assalamu alaikum!!!
Guess what~ Guess what~
Guess what happened today? XD
Haha.. it was one good experience!!!
I wasn't able to dream that this would come~~
Sitting in a class which I'm not a student in..
Haha.. it's just awesome!!! Usually they allow such..
But learning that they don't allow it here.. (in our college)
I was sad and didn't hoped it would happen EVER!!
So yeah.. hahaha... Soo my BEST friends kinda forced me to come to their class... XD
I was already having the feeling that I can join in with them ..
With a less feeling of "uncertainty"~ =))))
And so... I told them I'd ask a permission to the Ms.
And turns out I really did ask her!!! 
*I wouldn't normally do anything as simple as that coz I'm also a scaredy-cat*
Btw, she's also my ms. in math... so no worries.. XD
I already got to know her since I was in the first semester..
*Meaning during my Prep year and 1st sem..*
And so she allowed me!!! XD and told me not to talk to them.. XD
But it was more like telling me not to be noisy okay? Haha..
Yeah somehow the feeling or experience was sooo F-U-N!!!! ♥♥♥
Doing nothing in the class.. just watching my friends write... XD
Their math was realllllyyy easy... for now..
Coz it was only a review on our previous lessons last year.. haha..
And so Zubaidah said... "Just like the old times!"
We used to be together in math class!!!
Now I'm missing it more!!! T^T
Now on the second thing... XD
We're finally going to do something in Computer Club!!!
Everything's soo MashaAllah!!! Haha..
Just soo good!! (●´∀`●)
Now I am also starting to participate in the club!! And InshaAllah it'll continue that way..
But not that it would make me busy to the max!!! NO!! Hahaha..
But hey, we have already started serving our community! Right?
So InshaAllah let's all just pray that everything will go fine!!  (`・ω・´)
And yeah I am in the process of I-should-be-doing-the-project NOW!!
TC and God Bless!!
Take care and miss y'all~
P.S. These were all my first time experiencing!!! (*≧▽≦)/
Sooo happeeeh!! Haha.. XD
I'm so sorry for the delay on the Tutorials Tab.. ╯﹏╰

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