Friday, 13 September 2013

My sister's phone

Assalamu Alaikum~
Hey y'all! What's up? ^^
For today I fixed my sister's phone..
She recently got a new cp.. Nokia Lumia 620..
I didn't know you had to activate the child security
just so she can just install apps freely from the STORE!!
Gahd!! Why do they hafta make that option?
Android is much more better.. I dunno for iPhone.. hehe..
*I also need help*

They also recommended me to allow the Xbox Settings..
But I didn't do after that..

As soon as I had Fixed that problem...
The first thing I wanted to install in it was the WhatsApp..
*WhatsApp in Microsoft*
Then I can't recieve the confirmation number!! It's like, the hell!!
Why does this hafta happen?
But after a few tries, it sent.. haha..
*Got that problem too?*

I also searched for Samsung Note 2 settings about Access Points and Settings..
Well this is what I've done today.. In shaa Allah..
I am almost done with fixing those tiny errors for my Tutorials Tab.. (/_\)
I'm so sorry for the delaaay~ T^T

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