Saturday, 14 April 2012


UGHH!! Great!!
Why the heck does she hafta remind me that?
I mean I WAS in a very bad mood!!
Alhamdulillah! *Thank GOD* the swimming pool or ang pagbabad nmin kanina sa tubig ang nagpasaya at kinalimutan q ang ngyare.. >.< WHY??
Nande??? Is there something she wants me to do?
Doesn't she know when a person's not feeling good..
She could ask me.. not tell EVERYONE about it..
I'm sorry.. but I'm not the type who would like anyone to know my suspicious *maybe* or anything I don't want anyone would talk about! I'm sorry.. really..
So now that I've kinda learned about it..
I'll try to stop the habit of talking things that would also not feel good for them if they would do the same as I did to them.. Just like they say; Don't do unto others what you don't want others do unto you!
Is that it? correct? Hmm.. I was thinking another proverb..
I think that.. If you do something not good to someone, that someone may not be able to do it unto you but others would do what you did to someone.. get it? LOL! Just tell me if you do.. XD
So I AM really feeling bad...
I was not in the mood to talk about it..
If only she knew..
And I REALLY HOPE she wouldn't talk to my parents about it..
It's driving me crazy..
These days I've been having this funny feeling..
Feeling that something's missing!!
As if there's a very VERY big gap!
I dunno what exactly it was..
But it keeps my stomach uneasy..
Always having this butterflies..
And my heart.. It's as if telling me that you should believe!
I dunno what exactly!!
I'm not with the people I'm used to be close with..
But I got these uneasy feelings with them..
I'm so sorry!!
I wanna scream it out!!
They wouldn't understand..
I wanna scream it out LOUD!!
If my JASSNEYAANAH could just calm me down..
They only know what would calm me down..
Even those few months we've been together!!
THE HECK!! I miss you guys!!
*crying in here*

Called my aunt today.. It was soooo good listening to their voices!!
As if I was just there beside them!!
I could just imagine myself there with them..
It's like i already made a bond that I don't want to let go!!
But something's telling me to go back!
TT-TT No one in this place right now would understand me..
Except my mother and Jassneyaanah!!
*can't find my towel anywhere in this room.. Need one asap*

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