Saturday, 21 April 2012

Newly Bought

I got mine already~!!! WOOT!! What do you say? XD
It's just too bad.. I'm not be able to have the first edition of POPPED..
But look what I found yesterday in SM Marikina and in Sta. Lucia's National Bookstore!!
XD Isn't this kinda like a great collection?? XD haha!!
Now I'm having these as a start of my collection of books..
that is about KPOP!! XD

I've already finished reading "Clara's Diary".. I love the way she explains everything about Philippines..
I was like wanting for another series.. XD haha! Chinggay Labrador is the one who wrote about POPPED and POPPED Too.. But i just saw it TODAY that she's also a part of Sparkling Magazine.. She's pretty awesome!! XD But I haven't searched for her yet in internet.. maybe a lil later.. I'll just inform you.. ;))
Hmm.. so what else.. Ah.. I'm expecting to have the next edition of SPARKLING Mag!!
Just can't wait.. haha.. I lahv it!! ALL of it!! ^_^

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