Wednesday, 25 April 2012


WOW! 素敵!! 格好いい!!!
Hmm.. I'm guessing what is the correct term to put here..
I thought sugke.. or is it sukke?? XD I dunno..
I searched for it and says help?? O.O

Anyway, let's go to our topic!

Has anyone watched this already? Coz we did!! And it was theee best! XD But I'd like to vote 'the best' for the both movie.. Part 1 and Part 2... Would it hurt if I watch or read it's anime? I think I would just stick to movies.. XD Now that I remember!! It is NINO!! from ARASHI!! WOOT!
Can't you believe! I like the way how they acted there.. And I was kinda puzzled to why didn't GANTZ revived Ayumu when the alien Kato killed him.. >.< And also that why did Joichiro Nishi died so fast! I didn't like the way he acted here.. He's so arrogant! DX but I liked the part when the alien Kato became him.. =))
The ending was good too.. All of them got to live again.. I didn't realized that Kei-chan would sacrifice himself.. I wondered where did the bald man went? lol!
I would like to post pictures of Ayumu. But it seems he's camera shy.. ;)) aka Kensuke Chisaka.

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