Sunday, 15 April 2012


I was just watching this guy and he's totally amazing to be with..
I guess.. And fun too maybe.. XD
I just wonder if I'm ever gonna meet one in the future..
Inshaallah?? :)) ahaha. Allahu Alam.. ;D

Oh yeah now that I remember..
I kinda broke my promise..
of not calling my couzins friends there in Mindanao today..
What the! Can't believe it..
I was not really in the mood today..
I actually over slept?
Woke up at almost 3? or 2PM?
lol! Them again? oh wait before it was 2AM.. XD
hahaha.. *Again with the kpop*
Back to where I actually want to talk about..
I'm sorry guys~!! ;D

Hm.. so I was talking about this guy..
I guess he's still studying.. I've heard from him..;DD
And what do I actually want to talk about? XD
Oh nvm.. Kk.. that'll be all.. ;D

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