Saturday, 21 April 2012


This is my bro's... I've finished reading them all!! I love it!!
I thought I was watching it.. I FEEL like I was watching it.. =))
The Vampire Slayer is Part two!! There was no more Part one so it's kinda sayang dhil d nmin nabasa ung first part.. We bought it there in SM Makati... And the Vampire Academy we bought it here in Sta. Lucia's National Bookstore.. It kinda had Rated pictures.. But I'm not hesitating.. Coz my bro liked it.. He kinda flinched when I wanted to read Vampires Academy.. He knew there was some pictures that I would not like him to see.. LOL!!
But it's normal for now.. i guess.. =)) XD Anyways.. Check out these books!! ^_^
I loved it! Would like to buy more if there's..

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