Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Zettai Kareshi

Kakku-ui.. haha.. i dunno the correct spelling!!
but me and my bro just finished the whole eps today!!
WOOT!! Yhupp, he's hot alright!! XD *na-fitna n aq ng todo*
LOL!! XD And they say Night-kun is half filipino because of his mother.. ;))
Mashaallah!! Another filipino!! XD WOOT!!!

Hayami Mokomichi aka Tenjo Night
YhuPp!! It's him!! Isn't he charming? XD
LOLs!! Anyway.. i loved the drama!!
I actually cried at the last ep!!
But not that much!! I'm not the exaggeratin, you know!!
=)) Whenever my bro's beside me..
And again!! The cool and shekshi Mizushima Hiro is there again!!
The love rival of Night-kun..
Watch it guys!!
I recommend it! XD

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