Saturday, 9 June 2012

Barajou no Kiss

So far so goooood that I don't want that thrill to stop!! ;((
I'll be waiting for the Punishment 34~
Hmm.. I can't explain but i like it if the couples are:
Kaede x Anis
Mutsuki x Anis
LOL! I love it! sometimes it would really be a bother to sometimes why does it have to be 4 of them!
Anyways, I would've always dreamt of having someone beside me fantasizing them too..
reading the same manga.. hmm.. It's just that i dun know anyone yet, for now..
But if I ever meet someone in the future it would really make me the HAPPIEST ghurl ever~!
thee HAPPIEST! Keep that in mind.. lol!
so now.. I saw this cute site..
I guess I should start sharing than being way too greedy.. ;D XD

This the introduction.. Curious? Read 'em...
Be sure to tell me who's the one you like best for being Anis-sama's Knight.. ;))
But now it's not yet finished so... hmmm... Let's just see who's the best by voting.. XD ;DD
Kk.. Ja-na!

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