Monday, 29 September 2014

Upgrades on Anime

Assalamu 'alaikum warah matullahi wa barakatuh~

How are you all?
I have another ranting or just wanna express my opinions somewhere~
and I think I might have mentioned these on my previous post(s).. ¤
and u know people's way of thinking change..
So don't go and stay what they said on the past..
*coz past is past, please look forward to the future* ;P

I only appreciate good animations.. good arts..
So I usually judge the cover by it's books whenever it comes to anime~ ^^" Gome!
But hey, if I find the story is interesting I might as well continue it daro?
and I'm seriously in love with shoujo types.. and I like those with adventures too..
Mystery, Shounen, Comedy too of course, Action, Supernatural..
So if you have anything to recommend PLEASE SAY SO!! ♥u♥

I might not be using the correct terms of Japanese in my posts, coz honestly I haven't continued studying Japanese.. So gomenne and please correct me if I did say them differently and weirdly.. ahaha.. (Am an open person) ^_~
Also one reason is that I'm still into Korean language.. So I would always mix up stuff between Jap and Kor.. ^^" soo sorreh for that! ;D

Currently watching Prince of Tennis &
Just finished Kaichou wa Maid Sama
~ T^T

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