Friday, 16 November 2012

Auto-Hide Navigation Bar

Assalamu alaikum!
>w< I know~ I haven't written my homework in ballpen and
I'm still here on this freaking net~ XD
Well I was really planning on blogging yesterday but..
I was busy with cleaning.. *was in the mood* HIMALA i know~ =)))
Tomorrow's the deadline for our Assignment..
*Seriously what's the difference between Assignment and Homework?
It's all done at home... hehehe.. I know the meaning.. ;P*
and you know what, our teacher just gave it this Wednesday..
We should atleast have a week to pass it to her like what
she did on our 1st Assignment but then again we're already late
or what she thinks.. *Please we're just Prep year, as you would say,
handle us with care* XD Coz there are some questions that
we haven't discussed in class and she's giving that? I mean come on!

So, what I really wanted to try out for today is
to test if the Auto-Hide the navigation bar here on blog
is really working? *testing*
While I'm testing, I wanna say something..
Now I'm already having the feeling that I CANNOT do anything I want..
or have the time I want to spend for my leisure times during
weekdays~ There's no more spending time on net..
But I always give, that's why school work..
or should I say.. College work is piling up..
The things I should do, should be done!!
I know I kept repeating this on my mind
but what do I get? Procrastinating?
LOL!! I can't separate for a while with this freaking net!
=)) Oh and one example?
Fixing my tumblr page!

With a little more of adjustment I can show off my tumblr
to anyone I know!! XD Except that.. I am still having lil troubles~
>w< that I shall fix! haha!!

That's what I've been busy with! I loved it!! =))
Also I've been learning a few things in Photoshop by myself..
Suprisingly.. Coz I wouldn't really give time to anything.. *not literally*
except when I don't have anything to do in College..
My FREE TIMES this semester are kind of not boring to me anymore..
*Testing is loading*
awww~ It's not yet working!!! >.< Still needs some work in this one..
Or am I the ONLY one who gets this?

Oh okay~ LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I got it!!
Thanks to Btemplates!
*Now my neck hurts~ Need to sleep! & I need to write down my
assignment right after this DX*
This is the only site..
I THINK.. that have helped me..
You know why?
It's because where you put it is important..
Or else it won't do anything..
Only Btemplates made my day..
*actually night XD hehehe*
Check out these sites;
Reasons to why I want you to check it out is:
  1. Where did they say should I put the code? Test it out.. It didn't work for me.. ;(
  2. And I just figured it out that  removing the navbar is one of TOS violation. idk what that is but I didn't even try to remove that thing.. good thing too~ >w< Oh and I just read the whole thing..
The 2nd site also said the correct place..
Why am I just scheming things? >w< This is annoying!
That's why it's always my fault..
Anyways! Since now that I'm done with that problem~
Sweetdreams and Goodnight in advance! XD

P.S. I've tried recording my voice with our Microphone..
That came with the English Time Kit..
That my mom bought~
I didn't know that THIS IS REALLY COOL!
AWESOME!! XD Soon I will also make
a Vlog.. but not showing my face..
I think.. haha~ Inshaallah! This will be on my waiting list! >w<

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