Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I'm really sorry my fellow mates~

Salamu alaikum~
I've been thinking this following messages while I was studying for my final exams in PE..
and I hope that they'd read this someday.. I hope that this'll reach to them.. Somehow..
If they would be okay with my thoughts.. ;(

I would always think before or whenever I want to say something to someone..
;( Even though it's just a simple and maybe thoughtful one question..
;( This makes me a loser.. really.. ;(
Like a simple "Are you alright?"
I don't like to make misunderstandings..
They may not understand me after all..
But if it's for them to learn more english I'd be willing to do more..
If I could have been just a bit more approachable to them,..
Yes, Now I just admit everything.. I'm also the one who's at fault..
;( I'll try to make it up to you.. somehow..
I would never know if I won't try..
But then this second thoughts would tell me;
Why am I doing this again?.. ;(

You might think that I'm ignoring you.. No it's not..
I don't know why.. I really don't know why..
I don't want to be like this forever.. ;(
I'm really sorry for everything~ ;<

Well I dedicate this to my fellow mates in my Prep year 1st sem..
Hope you won't hate me forever~
I won't mind, maybe, but as long as I know what you think about me..
Please I am also wrong.. I admit that.. There's just something I don't understand
WHY I feel like this towards you guys..

Yes I see you in the hallway, Sorry for not greeting you with any smile,
shaking our hands, or a salam.. This is bad I know..
This is really getting a habit and I would really like for it to stop..
But then I would also like for some other times
not to see you.. you know.. There's this weird feeling in me
that keeps on telling me don't approach them~
But I would also feel that it would be good if we're just like,
how everything was like during my HS.. 
*sigh* everything's not as it was as before..
I miss those times!

Gotta review now~ >w<
Wish us luck... ;>>>

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