Monday, 27 August 2012


Salamu alaikum!
Imma continuing watching Shugo Chara Doki!
Already in episode 58... Season 2 Episode 7..
I have finished watching those parts but it was long time ago..
and I would like to watch them again! Be dazzled! XD
Already downloading Season 3 but there are no seeders.. TT-TT
I'll try to seed it after I download it... Inshaallah..
*that is if I downloaded it*
Oh gahd! >.< i hope leechers are also seeders.. >.<
I was searching for shugo chara tamago..
Here are some I've found..

isn't it amazing? by DazyCat in devianart

I would like to make a felt out of these templates.. XD
Someday.. inshaallah~


I also bought a cellphone charm..
Only 1.. TT^TT
Ran's tamago!
Better of having than none ayt? XD
Kk.. Till next time again! ^_^

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