Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Searching On The Address Bar

Okay man! That was fixed!
I had this trouble that whenever I search through the address bar,
here in Mozilla Firefox, I go to the wrong search engine...
It's dumb.. I didn't like it! I don't like it! & I NEVER WILL!
I would always end up at this especially
here in OUR place it's hard (or not)
and irritating coz I searched it in English &
(sometimes "multi-language" not in the dictionary i know)
I want the results to be in English too!
Here in my, OUR, place.. Search one thing they give you ARABIC!
and if it's in ARABIC, it's in the RIGHT side!
MUCH! So I had the urge to fix it today!
Coz I had to search *there Over and OVER again!
*Of course I would search in the address bar
whenever I'm in a hurry.. YES, I know there's
a search engine but the first thing I always
see is the address bar.. ;)) 
 I dun wan to end it like that EVER again!
Fixed it at first with the useful about:config.
I thought that the keyword to fix everything
would be search.. So i typed in search..
Saw some multiple "problems"
I thought it would be..
Changed the babylon or conduit or whatevs to Google.
Nothing happened.. It wasn't that!
so then I searched for the solution!
I also hoped that the things I did didn't
alter the settings to a bad condition.. XD
I dun wan to meddle with the settings I dun know
what it'll do to my browser..
So there.. I am suppose to search & change ONLY
the  Keyword.URL.. But at my first try,
it didn't work.. coz I turned off the Internet Keyword Search.
then again.. searching...
& this made me enable my Internet Keyword Search again..
But I reset my Keyword.URL..
I tried to search through the address bar.
But it wasn't the search engine I wanted!
Now it's Babylon's turn to show!
Google is better! And I'm used to google..
So I thought it had to be a program!
I wanted to remove it!
So I managed my search engines I removed Babylon
and some other search engines i dun like!
Searched again in the address bar..
Okay I was really hoping it was gone already!
Back to Google!
But NOOO~ It's Yahoo!'s turn again!
LOL! I dunno what's in this laptop but I'm loving
it everytime I fix the problems i dun wan in it! XD
So I went to the Keyword.enabled
I thought, again, it had to be the boolean which is under type..
I really thought it was that!
I wanted to change it! But I can't find any results referring to that..
Only this! I didn't really read everything
but the main points can be seen from afar.. 
This link is pretty useful..
I used the google link for 
my default search engine
INSHAALLAH for good!
So I went again to check and see
what am I really missing out..
And BAM! it hit me.. lol not really..
I just went back from the pages I searched
to check again the steps one-by-one..
My keyword.URL..
I changed it! And FINALLY!

for a minute there I thought I already lost 'this' post..
thank goodness that auto-save is here! ^_^
just for typing this ♫ ♪ in here directly with your
keyboard would be a bad idea.. Trust me!
except for ♪ it won't do anything here.. ;))
So just use the copy-paste actions!

So yeah back to my topic! All's solved..
I hope this helped! Atleast I have something to share..
Don't I? ;)) Goodluck! ^_^

Here's another thing..
I solved another problem within
my cellphone.. I have this 2 GiG
Memory and as you all know..
You won't LITERALLY get 2 GiG
in the memory.. so I had to put those
messages and pictures here on my lappie,
The game that I downloaded before and
saved it in my memory card would always
irritate me seeing in my Gallery/Files.
If it is saved in your memory card you,
of course, will automatically see what you
have inside through the computer right?
But the game [angry bird]
isn't showing on my laptop..
But it would be on my cellphone..
I knew how to check it on my laptop.
It was hidden.. But I didn't hid the file..
Why would it show on my cellphone
but not on my computer??
It had to be a virus!
You of course would know it's obviously
*Ain't sure if 'twas a virus.
Just be precautions.. 
I deleted it! Formatted it!
And just to make sure,
I formatted it again on my cellphone!
So yeah.. Just a lil problem..
But it irritated me.. XD
So yeah!
Until my next chaos! >w<

A Keyboard Shortcut I learned today:
CTRL + 1 [from numerical pad/end] brings you at the very end of your draft page/working page..
i.e. when you are working on your composition here in blogger..
to make it easier to understand for me whenever you're making a new post
You can use this technique.. ;)

The links are just there within my message..
just so to let you know how it helped me & where I got these useful information! ^_^

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