Sunday, 12 August 2012

Qur'an MP3

Salamu alaikum~
Once again my dear readers!
I've found a very useful and cute link..
For those who love to hear other Qari or reciters..
There's alot of reciters and you can even download them!! ^_^
This is soooo much fun sharing it to you!
It means a lot...I dunno why but I just feel it..
Know what, if I could only not use my
laptop to listen Qur'an I would have already done that..
But I kept on procrastinating or forgetting that I should
listen on the cassette.. I feel that it's more cuter and easier for me,
especially during Ramadan.. But I'm sorry I just found this out today..
*about the link*  Coz I really dun wan *PRAMIS*
to go online during Ramadan.. You know, like being hiatus
for every Ramadan.. >.< So I can gain more knowledge
through the books here at home.. Instead of going online and do
useless and reward-less things..  I hope you're in the same
page as me.. Coz if you are, well MASHAALLAH!
We understand each other..
Everytime I go online it's like; Oh i saw something better check it out..
Oh my i forgot to search that.. Oh yeah i would love to watch that!
sort of those things so it's like HOW CAN I EVER STOP?
LOL! it's like i'm going no where if i don't stop this..
especially when it comes to music!
They're making me addict!
It's not that I don't want!
It's the matter of my life, my death and my hereafter!
I really don't know that ayat..
But inshaallah whenever I find it,
I'll share and update you guyz and gals.. ;))
Please Pray..
Don't forget to pray!
Pray on time!
Yes, I don't pray on time but
here's ONE TIP,
whenever you have chances do it!
So whenever you do it..
You'll get used to it then
who knows you're already praying on time everyday!
For me, I need a reminder
Call me! Loljk!
Kk.. that's all folks!
I hope I shared something of you might use/need.. ;)
Happy Ramadan!
May Allah accept our fastings and prayers this ramadan!
Eid's almost near! ^O^

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