Sunday, 19 August 2012

Troubles with Nokia C1-01

Salamu alaikum..
My friend, cousin, just got her new cp..
Nokia C1-01.. She bought it for her Roaming..
Globe.. Philippine's SIM...
And she asked me 'how do you go online with this?'
I actually didn't know.. since I didn't own or had it before.. 
So I searched.. I can't find.. Please if anyone of you know..
Share.. How do you go online?
I already put it on AlJawal Net..
But it's still not working.. >-<
And also I don't know how to check the balance if it's in roaming mode,
and what's the mobile link for FB, Youtube?
Coz if I just type in the link like
it might take time to load..
But if it doesn't and it just automatically goes
to it mobile website it's better! ;D
Hope you get me.. hehe..

Also one more thing.. I just got used to Globe's service between 2011 & 2012
Now that I've came back here, I dunno how to activate the roaming.. ;D
So Please help!
Mga Kabayan!
Maraming salamat~

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