Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bath Time!

Salamu alaikum~!
haha! Whatta good day to give our CATS a bath! XD

I gave my kitten a bath first.. So i didn't have any proof to show you so I'll just show you the result after that!

That's him! He was soo noisy.. Coz I gave him a cold bath! XD I teach him a lesson for playing with those hanging clothes he tried to ruin.. XD but it's not also that.. they also needed to take bath! LOL! XD

Then our lovely and FLUFFFY3x, kitten! both of them are orange but different mothers.. and also Neko is only orange with sum stripes.. Mine,Snow Syu, has white boots.. It's not clear on the pic but if you saw my previous post it's Snow Syu.. ;) Neko's obedient.. but mine's the opposite~
And so their father didn't took a bath yet.. lol! /wanted to post these first haha
I will be the one who'll be giving him a bath! LOL! XD can't wait to splash him with water! haha!

This is our Mingkay~ He's the father!
Our kittens didn't inherit his being long-haired-ness!
But we still love them! hehe..

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