Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Square Papers

Salamu alaikum guys!
I have these "excess" square papers..
that I bought and are in 4x4 inches small..
So I guess, I have no need for them but I
just don't know where to use them..
I saw these origami folds that I can use for them
but mine are just too small to use.. >.<
But I did try to make this on the 4x4 inches paper;
I dunno what this is called but I like THIS style.. ^w^
It's so cute and small but it's not like i'm making all of those
paper only for this right? So I would like it to be a cute collections of lucky star but those are just made with a long strip of paper..
I searched for origami techniques that would start out as a square paper.. 3D origami can be done with it, only it's piece is rectangular paper.. So if I fold my 4x4 paper I'll be having a much smaller and cuter,
3D origami, triangle piece.. Well I'll give it a try... Here are some links I found for Origami folds!

Here's what I think of these websites:

  1. This is for the nerdy-nerd origami addicts! JOKE! I'm one of them too.. but not really.. So I'll just have to say that this is for those who likes a challenging quest this website's for you.. ;) Goodluck!
  2. Collection of different Origami stars.. Who wouldn't love this? especially the lucky 3D star? They're so cute!
  3. I actually tried this! and on my first try.. I ended up with a half-cut pentagon.. I actually went the wrong way in cutting it.. >.< But then on my second try YES! I finally got it! XD But it wasn't equal on all sides.. I had the one part of the star smaller than the others.. So yeah..
  4. Well in this case.. My 4x4 paper wouldn't make it through those process.. kidding.. Haven't tried it yet.. I have to cut it in half to have those pieces again.. like in 3D origami..
  5. I haven't tried it too.. But I'll just update this post later.. Inshaallah! ;)
  6. I think this is the basic in Origami folding.. It wouldn't be a cute display.. ;DD XD
  7. OMG! A small cute crane for me? lol! I haven't tried it too.. And I know it'll be hard folding in a 4x4 paper.. 
  8. A heart! These would be sooo CUTE to look at! especially that I have pink,blue, green, and orange papers.. XD I'll try these too.. ;D
  9. Same! didn't tried it... yet~ 
So I only tried 2 from the things I told you.. >.< The one in the picture and the pentagon thing.. >.< It's still early in the morning.. And today I need to review.. Just incase I might forget something that I must NOT need to forget.. XD Inshaallah wish me luck! ;)) And Godbless!
Hope you like my post for today!

Okay I've already tried some of those.. Now I'm already having a collections of miniatures.. XD Okay let's start with the crane! It's still noticeable and adorably CUTE! XD I still managed to do it! ;)) The 2 hearts.. Yeah! but I don't know how it works for the heart with a pocket.. I think I did something wrong but it's okay.. I managed.. The shuriken.. Done it 2 times.. but not with this tutorial.. I kind of lost when I was about to combine the two.. So here's the link that'll make it more easier for you to understand.. The reason I did it two times was that the color of the paper on my first try was inside.. XD And last was the box.. So cute! and adorable! But what can I put inside? an air? XD LOL! if possible.. okay.. That's all!

P.S. A video on how to fold a perfectly square paper out of a scratch or has a bad edges.. 

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