Wednesday, 5 October 2011


After praying, Dhuhr and Asr.. *juz now*
Found the solution for those who are having a hard time on what to do or for other words; problematic.
*like me* After praying I found out that my mind is in total PEACE!! Ma shaa Allah!!
But now that I'm listening in music.. *I should really stop also. Especially when it comes to pop, rock? and kpop* I'm not saying KPOP is bad but I LOVE it that's why i'm kept on doing it.. :|
I should be doing other things but because of FB and music.. This is also called as procrastinating.. >.<
That's all for now.. Oh and i found a page in FB.. That i'm totally related to that topic..
It's 'Looking through some old things and you suddenly smile' something like that.. XD

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